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  1. I still have the entire collection. Have been distracted with work starting up again, etc. I’m not in a rush to move anything but i will post again on this site once i ramp back up. Currently fielding offers for the lot (minus Mario). If that doesn’t work out I’ll start to break up individually.
  2. Time Left: 12 hours and 20 minutes

    • For Sale/Offer
    • Conditions Vary (multiple items)

    I have a collection of boxed NES titles including black box and hangtabs. Considering selling as a lot or individually but am still working out individual prices. I figured I’d post here in case anyone was interested and then you can reach out with individual questions. The entire collection of photos is available here: NES Collection thanks, Matt

    No price specified

    , New Jersey - US

  3. Hello, I’m looking for an excellent to mint manual to match my Gloss sticker seal super Mario Bros. I plan to grade it and put it in the collection thanks
  4. Sure, take a look https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0PGWZuqDGrj7Zs
  5. Thanks i took your advice and posted in the “for offer” section
  6. Looking to pair a Mint quality manual with my gloss sticker Super Mario bros,
  7. @DefaultGen Right now I’m researching games individually and trying to determine what i have. People have begun to make offers on the entire lot (with the exception of Mario which I’m not seeking to sell at this time) which has been tempting. I actually do have a 100% rating on eBay.. I’m not new to selling in general, just new to retro games. My plan was to figure everything out then use a combo of eBay and marketplace/forums. You make a good point about plastic cases and I’ve already begun encasing them all
  8. If anyone is interested in seeing pics of the full collection feel free to message me. There are too many to post here so i have them in an album thanks
  9. Punch out is not a 5 screw or the While bullet variant that I’ve heard much about. It is in amazing condition and looks to have only been opened a few times
  10. Nothing repro here, they’ve been boxed away for about 15 years, i just recently came into possession when my mother-in-law had to move and needed space
  11. Much appreciated. While grading the entire lot would probably be financially impossible, i am considering grading a few titles. In the meantime i have an album of additional photos that i will continue to add to, and if anyone would like to see it , they can feel free to message me. Thanks
  12. Hello, I'm new to the forum and to collecting! I have around 50 CIB NES games in very good to excellent condition, all boxed. They were a part of my father-in-laws retro game collection and recently came into my possession. As I'm new to this, I'm having trouble evaluating the value of this collection as they sold eBay listings and pricechart information seems to be all over the map and I'm having trouble finding good comparisons for the quality of these boxes. Right now I'm not sure how many, if any, I plan on selling and am more looking for advice on how to evaluate, and what games might be of the most value. I already know that I have a 2nd edition Super Mario (gloss sticker) that is likely the most valuable of the bunch, however I do have about 20-30 other hangtab games, including 10 black box titles. I'll attach as many photos here as I can as well as a word document with a full list of items, but I can certainly send more as requested. Any information would be appreciated! NES game list.docx
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