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  1. A friend of mine has an really dirty original Gameboy with a broken screen and a Gameboy color in better physical shape but no sound and the buttons do not respond. He said he knows they are not worth much, but was wondering what I thought a fair price was for them. Is offering him $10 for both a lowball offer? He is a very good friend and I really want to be fair in the deal. Most people wouldn't buy them but I refurbish old consoles and want to get to learning how to do it on handhelds. What do you all think?
  2. My apologies. I probably should have been more specific. In my experience they "Just work". I can't speak for Xbox, because I'm a Playstation guy. However, I have not had a single issue with both my PS4's. I have heard of people having issues with PS4 updates and what-not, but this is something I have not run into with my systems. I have had far issues with my gaming PC than I have had with consoles. Granted, this is mostly on Microsoft's side with Windows Update breaking things on my machine. Everyone's experience is different.
  3. I agree and disagree with this. Having personal friends that are also collectors all around the country, I have determined this is a regional thing. Some parts of the country have dried up and others have not. Generally speaking, if you live a major metro area you are more likely to get good finds at thrift stores and garage/yard sales. I have friends that live in the Seattle and Baltimore areas and they are constantly sending me pics of good finds. Hell, I even get pics from my cousin (who is not a collector) in the SF Bay Area asking if something is a good deal when he stumbles across stuff
  4. Don't get me wrong, I know there are many benefits to being a PC Gamer. Technically speaking PC's are the best way to game. I personally have the reached the point that I just wanna sit on my couch and hit the power button on my controller and start playing. I tried Steam's "Big Picture Mode" and didn't care for the experience. It was very clunky. I even bought a Steam Link for it. I think the best way to play PC games is in a chair in front of a monitor. However, I do not care to play this way anymore. Also, I like the idea of paying $400-$500 for a console that I know will "Just work" for se
  5. I'm one the few people I know that was a hardcore PC gamer, but has decided to switch to console. Primarily because its just easier. Also, I prefer to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. I like the "Lean Back" experience and I can't get that from a PC.
  6. I thought the Ratchet and Clack Remake was really good and underrated. Probably the most fun I had playing a game this gen. I also have to give props to RE2 Remake like other people on here. I guess it was mostly remakes that did it for me this console cycle. To be clear its Remakes, not Remasters that did it for me. Still need to check out the MediEvil Remake.
  7. When it come to playing emulated vs. native games I could never tell a difference. I've heard of the input lag issue and the like, but have never experienced it myself. If the game plays fine to you, then you need not worry what is being done "under the hood" to give you your game experience.
  8. I have my Wii connected via component cables it it looks great on my HDTV.
  9. We just started getting Switches to put on the shelf at work. We have not had any on the shelf at work since April. I think the shortage is over. I work at Best Buy by the way.
  10. No inverted camera, and no way to swap it back. At least in Super Mario Sunshine, I haven't checked out the other two games yet. I personally hate inverted controls, I'm glad they got rid of it myself.
  11. As a Playstation guy, I died a little inside when I read this news. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are in my top five favorite game franchises of all time. It was nice playing those games, I sure will miss the sequels.
  12. I finally joined the world of the Nintendo Switch. I was also given two PS2 games that were sealed as a gift. I hate to say it, but I'm thinking about selling the PS2 games. I'm not a fan of the Persona series and I don't like to have sealed games in my collection.
  13. As an American, one this I love and think makes total sense is that European games and movies share the same rating system. I think we need a 100% overhaul on the rating systems in the US.
  14. As a seller, I would be worried if I put insurance on it to have the insurance claim denied because the item was delivered. I believe you can only claim the insurance if the item is lost, stolen, or broken while in the hands of the USPS.
  15. Yeah, I've been using it for years. I try and spread the word about how good it is when even the topic of cleaners comes up. Most people give you weird looks when you mention using WD40 as a plastics cleaner, but then they thank you later.
  16. I really wanted a Virtual Boy. Until I tried the Sears Kiosk and learned that 3D gives me a headache. I'm surprised most people I talk to don't have the same issue.
  17. Do you buy modern games with low print runs, for collecting purposes? Of all my friends that are collectors, I am the only one that specifically seeks out modern games with low print runs. I specifically seek out games that seem oddball and fun. I do play them but I am also "playing the long game" collector wise. Do any of you do the same thing?
  18. I do a cleanse with soap and water to get the basics off, then I use the cleaner hardly anyone knows about...WD40! After you soak it in WD40 for an hour or so give it another clean up with soap and water. I've restored super grimy controllers this way and it has never failed me.
  19. Sad to say, this is the only way I have ever beat it.
  20. I read the title and instantly thought Marble Madness. Then see it was used as an example. Lol.
  21. Mass Effect and Assassins Creed are the big ones for me. Never cared to play Mass Effect, and I always wanted to play Assassins Creed but wanted to start at the first game and make my way through the series. It is to the point right now where doing that with Assassins Creed just seems to daunting.
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