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  1. Hey, guys, I found the nerds!
  2. Come on, man. 10/10. Who is a legitimately better classic rock band?
  3. 9/10. Amazing library and a decent run worldwide.
  4. Chuck D - It's So Hard To See My Baseball Cards Move On https://twitter.com/i/status/1351176375651217409
  5. I remember watching SCUD missile attacks on the news, it was wild.
  6. I recall that Comix Zone and X-Men 2 for Genesis were a bit tricky for me as a kid.
  7. https://www.super70ssportsstore.com/products/tecmo-tee?_pos=2&_sid=396ecfa19&_ss=r
  8. Overrated AF. Axl Rose genuinely hates his own fans and don't forget "One in a Million". 2/10.
  9. Chemtrails Over The Country Club was supposed to drop in 2020, but it should be out fairly soon this year.
  10. Not much here as the battle continues slowly, but I'm not deterred.
  11. Hah! That looks like it's worth a look.
  12. I'm always amazed by this kind of thing. Reminds me of Irene Triplett. https://www.squadronposters.com/irene-triplett-the-last-civil-war-beneficiary/
  13. I know #2021 personally and he's the goddamn worst.
  14. I really wanted to love this game. I bought it when it came out and was so excited to play it. Then I did play it and was immediately overwhelmed with the buttons/actions and the vastness of the map and all the quests and items. Such an awesome genre and so much potential but way too ambitious in scope. 2/10.
  15. 6/10 for me. Not bad, but probably overplayed. Sad ending for Dolores O'Riordan.
  16. Obscure/Rare Items gets my vote. I've been collecting for a long time, so I enjoy seeing stuff I haven't seen before or seen very few of.
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