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  1. Hey, guys, I found the nerds!
  2. Come on, man. 10/10. Who is a legitimately better classic rock band?
  3. 9/10. Amazing library and a decent run worldwide.
  4. Chuck D - It's So Hard To See My Baseball Cards Move On https://twitter.com/i/status/1351176375651217409
  5. I remember watching SCUD missile attacks on the news, it was wild.
  6. I recall that Comix Zone and X-Men 2 for Genesis were a bit tricky for me as a kid.
  7. https://www.super70ssportsstore.com/products/tecmo-tee?_pos=2&_sid=396ecfa19&_ss=r
  8. Overrated AF. Axl Rose genuinely hates his own fans and don't forget "One in a Million". 2/10.
  9. Chemtrails Over The Country Club was supposed to drop in 2020, but it should be out fairly soon this year.
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