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  1. Here's my copy of Racing Gears Advance. It has a shiny / slick label. This is completely authentic. It is the only GBA cart I've seen with a slick finish. Are there any other GBA games with slick labels? I'm not interested in the Pokemon games. Those are more like foil. This label feels more like plastic than paper so maybe it's a different stock than standard GBA games.
  2. I don't use instagram, plus you can't lurk on instagram like you can on this forum. It requires registration to browse.
  3. I search room, titles only, everywhere, and get a few piddly results that show off a game room, but where is the pic-heavy thread, showing posts with those same Ikea Billy shelves plump full of vidyagame merch? I really prefer seeing people who take a different approach, but it's all good right? Games! I can delete this thread (I think) when I'm directed to the post everyone bookmarked.
  4. Stock, without mods, most 2600 jr's I've come across have a cleaner RF than any woody--heavy, light, 4-,6-. I'm not sure what each goes for, but I'd bet people value those less because they are not the image of a 2600 people see in their mind when they think of the 2600. I love the tiny thing. I don't like the 7800 much, and the worthwhile exclusives are expensive as expected since that market is even smaller. Tangent; for a while, the 5200 market was small too and prices were low. Now things are getting very expensive. The 7800 uses a proprietary plug which I have not seen in other elect
  5. In all carts I've seen, both Sunsoft and Data East have DMG-T6E-0 stamped on their ROM, so I guess there are no differences. I do notice the memory bank chips are different, but I'm not sure if that's factory-dependent. On a side note, I'd like to know when they officially stopped using the plastic trays. One of the first games I remember having cardboard is Kirby's Dreamland 2 and that is 95. Jurassic Park is 93 and it had plastic. I believe all Player's Choice have cardboard. Both my Natsume reprints of the Bubble Bobble games have cardboard trays and I believe both of those w
  6. Klonoa crashed hard when the Wii-make was announced then subsequently released. The PS1 version shot back up again afterwards--even before 2020 hit. This same sentiment was passed around for all those VC titles too. Oh, Earthbound will plummet because the title has a legitimate vendor for a ROM now. The same was said for Suikoden II when it hit PSN. There's a dip then a climb. People want the actual physical goods. What's a "shoot up dramatically" value, cuz? I mean, Nintendo printed tons of Mario 1, 2, and 3, yet they go for $10-$20. That's pretty good return for games that people w
  7. Ok, I'm glad other people are experiencing weirdness and it's not just my setup. Yes, I believe it has only started this past week, including today when I tried "dishonored 2" and got no completed listings, but without quotes returns 505. This is a very annoying bug as workarounds for titles on multiple PlayStation platforms or things on a specific Game Boy are really annoying to type or may be impossible without sweeping through a lot of irrelevant results.
  8. I've tested this on my phone and desktop. I've been having trouble getting any results on completed listings for the last few days / week, but the results are inconsistent. Sometimes I'll enter a search and I'll see a few results then a blue banner stating "Results matching fewer words" then results which match some or all of my keywords. I noticed this when searching ps2 nba live 07. I also have completed searches that show ZERO results for queries that return lots of relevant results when not checking the completed listings box. I noticed that if one of my keywords is in quote
  9. I'm arranging the sale of my sealed TumblePop for a CIB TumblePop; however, I want to make sure the CIB has everything, if indeed more than the manual was included with the game. I have recorded several CIBs for some time that lead me to believe the papers included are the manual, Nintendo Power subscription card, and probably a health and safety booklet. I attached images of some of the Data East release of the game, but if you have knowledge of the true CIB contents of the Sunsoft version, do share. While not pictured in my examples, I think I always got one of those health booklets abo
  10. I was blocked by culsam for asking about the 72 pin connectors the store was selling. I think he / she / it was afraid I would start a return rather than simply buying it. Sellers are on edge. If there's one thing I've learned from my experiences on ebay, the ball is mostly in the buyer's court.
  11. I have not done taxes for the 2020 year yet; however, in 2019 when taxes started being applied to things I sold on ebay, that tax hit my Paypal account and then was withdrawn later by ebay. You can see this if you export all transactions via CSV on Paypal. Using ebay's new managed system, I believe the tax doesn't get deposited in a payout since I have seen no withdraws from my linked bank account. I have to check. I still believe they report the gross as arch_8ngel corroborates below. This is something I was tempted stating out loud, but I wouldn't bank on it. Ta
  12. I bought one on launch day October 26, 2000. 30001 is the first model. It came in an all blue box with no slipcover. The only difference with later blue boxes released after launch are the games featured on the back. You can look at pictures around the net or on ebay to contrast against yours. Whether it matters is up to the buyer. Price. Look online. Subtract 15% and barter with your buyer from there. Condition matters too. If yours if scuffed up, taped, writing, has creases or holes, or damaged in any other way, you have to knock down the price.
  13. Refunds are for woosies People are so afraid to pay taxes. Never withhold. I get it. Some (Most?) people like to get a W2 and the work is done, but that refund being held by the government over the course of your income for the entire year can be invested in ventures that will bring in profit. I do agree that most people don't look at income from a yard / rummage sale as income they should report to the government so why they should report their online yard sales is the question that pops into mind. It's always been the way of the government to tax twice and one more for good measu
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