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  1. Are you telling me Trump ISN'T creepy touchy feely with girls/women? Do you ever get tired of defending this man? All the mental gymnastics you have to do all day long must get exhausting.
  2. Can we pause for a minute to talk about how annoying it is that some people constantly embed irrelevant videos in their posts? Especially in this thread. Like does anyone actually watch these, because I know I don't and I'm more likely to completely skip a post altogether if I see a stupid video attached.
  3. This makes no sense. By the same logic everyone should just disregard any of your opinions on China and the WHO.
  4. And you think you would be enjoying those things right now if the leader of your country was actively telling people to not listen to your country's medical experts warnings about what was coming and instead telling everyone it's no worse than the flu?
  5. I have an AVS and Super NT and they're both excellent systems and I definitely recommend them. Will probably be grabbing the Mega SG in the next few weeks as well because I've wanted to play some Genesis and my original console has been kind of spotty lately. That said I still typically play on CRT. It just feels more authentic to me and adds to the overall experience. But if I have friends or family over and we wanna play some old games I'm usually just doing it on a FPGA system for the convenience factor.
  6. They're selling it on their website now apparently, except now they want $60 for it. https://shop.cookingmamacookstar.com/
  7. 9/10 Animals and WYWH would both be in my top 15 albums of all time. Meddle is up there too. I never could get into the Barrett era though.
  8. My favorite part of this entire thread is when quest said this then proceeded to politicize the virus by saying the media and left are trying to destroy America so Trump won't win and they are purposely tanking the economy, the Democratic governor from VA is only ordering shut downs because he didn't want Republicans to be able to vote for Trump in a primary that was cancelled last year, and continues to downplay the virus when Trump finally admits this is a big deal and 200,000 Americans could die in the next two weeks from it after dismissing and attacking scientists and doctors and anyone with a brain for the past two months. It's like even an act of god is somehow a conspiracy by the left to overthrow Trump. It's nuts. I'm sure if there's a big snow storm on election day it was probably the Dems paying off the weather guys to try and suppress Trump voters from turning out to the polls. Everything is a conspiracy. It can't just be that Trump failed at something.
  9. Are you talking about the Republican primary that the Virginia Republican party cancelled last year?
  10. I think part of what made this plot point so dumb too is that it just... wasn't very exciting or interesting. Empire Strikes Back had a pretty good chunk of the middle of the movie dedicated to the Empire chasing the Millennium Falcon, but it's actually exciting because there's action and tension and actual plot development going on. In TLJ they're just going in a straight line at a snail's pace, and the First Order is just like "well, they're slightly too far away from us, so let's just keep following them for the next hour until they run out of fuel". It's easy for me to forgive something that might not make much sense if it's actually entertaining and fun, it's another when it doesn't make sense and it drags the pace of the movie into the gutter. I voted 3. I really don't like the movie and it's hard to think of anything (media wise) that has disappointed me as much as seeing it during the premiere. There's a lot I could say about why the movie isn't good, but it's already been discussed to death and I think people have already made up their minds on how they feel about it at this point so I'd just like to say Adam Driver was amazing in it (and in the entire trilogy). My favorite scene was the one with Yoda, that might be a high point of the trilogy for me honestly, along with the reveal of Luke at the end of TFA.
  11. If you can find the topic ID, you can just put it into gocollect's threads URL and it should work. Example: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=108517 Would be: https://connect.gocollect.com/discussion/108517
  12. I give it an 8. I enjoyed TFA a lot and look back on it fondly. However, I really didn't like TLJ, and even though I enjoyed TROS for what it was, I think the trilogy kind of fell apart after The Force Awakens. The first movie didn't need to do much, it just needed to introduce the characters and bring people back into the Star Wars Universe. The sequels had no cohesion and as a result the trilogy just feels really disjointed. It's a shame. I think if JJ wrote/directed all three and they actually knew where they were going with the story from the start it could have been a great trilogy. Instead we got a group of movies that had some really cool characters and scenes and plots but haphazardly slapped together.
  13. You can get that Slowpoke in the game now. It's in a train station and you battle/catch it after a short little cutscene, I think it's in one of the earlier towns.
  14. I think you might be misunderstanding. In the US, marriage (or rather being married) is recognized as a legal status. A lot of legal documents like tax paperwork will require you to put your marital status. It's completely separate from religious connotations of marriage. You can be married in a church and you would get your marriage certificate from the local government. Or you could be married outside of the church and still get the legal marriage certificate. The government doesn't really care what church is doing the wedding or what the ceremony entails. It's just a legal contract as far as the government is concerned. Each religion has its own requirements for what marriage means and what constitutes it. For example, from what I remember during my catholic school studies, the Catholic Church doesn't recognize marriages not performed by the Catholic Church as legitimate, even if they are between a man and a woman, even if they were done in another Christian (but non-Catholic) church. If I got married at the court house I am legally married, but it's not a marriage recognized by the church. And as Tulpa said they have the right to do that (even if it is shitty and dumb). But the debate isn't should churches allow gay people to be married in their church. The debate is should churches/religions be allowed to dictate what people outside of the church are allowed to do with their lives. And given the first amendment is about separation of church and state.... the answer seems pretty clear.
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