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  1. cant decided if i should give you a discount or charge more leaning towards discount
  2. N64 lot: varying conditions. no players choice only red labels 2100 shipped usa crus'n usa mario party 3 mario party 1 duck dodgers donkey kong 64 007 super mario 64 battletanx global assault army men sarges heroes zelda majora's mask star craft 64 beetle racing wf war zone (sealed?) lego racers nfl blitz harvest moon zelda ocarina ogre battle 64 goemon mario golf vigilante 8 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT --- NES lot:
  3. atwood at his picture tricks again
  4. maybe later if it doesnt sell quickly. i'd rather discount the lot than take out the rares and be left with the sports
  5. sold pending payment Varying conditions snes un squadron super ghoul's n ghosts nba jam killer instinct last action hero gradius iii mighty morphin power rangers soul blazer final fantasy iii total carnage return of the jedi taz mania mortal kombat donkey kong country 2 super mario world return to dinosaur island (custom game) rock n roll racing mario rpg donkey kong country 1 super punch out aladdin baseball simulator 1000 troy aikman football sim earth snes lot 1500 obo (price chart average price)
  6. 20k sounds like the right value. Can you go back to the market and get something just as good for 20k? not really hold on to it
  7. NES VGA Adventure island VGA 85+ Dr. Mario Canada Sticker Seal VGA 85 Duck Hunt VGA 70 REV-A Metal Gear VGA 70 Metal Storm, VGA 85 Super Pitfall (no rev a) VGA 90 Dragon Warrior 4 IV WATA 9.2 A SNES raw Tetris Dr Mario black label SNES VGA Act Raiser VGA 85+ Illusion of Gaia VGA 85+ Mario Fun With Numbers VGA 85+ NBA JAM VGA 85 Soul Blazer VGA 80 Bomberman 2 VGA 85+ Genesis raw Castllevania Bloodlines c
  8. Recent additions. Love the beat em ups ---- beat up
  9. you are looking for sealed dragon warrior 3 nes or gbc?
  10. i give the video a 10 out of 10 And say, don’t forget to pick up your free gift: a classic deluxe Custom designer luxury prestige high-quality premium select Gourmet pocket flashlight.
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