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  1. snes bump there is a lot more but it wont let me upload more pics
  2. Seems like there is a market for something like a Beckett 10 grade. Why doesnt Beckett do video game grading?
  3. it makes sense because of the way the condition crosses over with the cash multiplier
  4. Bump. small NES group sold. re uploaded NES cart available pics. add n64 group
  5. ya none of it is really that rare so don't put it on a credit card for speculation. hopefully the buyers really wanted that item it must have been their favorite thing of all time to spend that kind of money
  6. the supply side is very low for sealed games like some in the single digits. sealed collectors are competing with all the collectors who want their favourite game in the best condtion and the way kids ripped into the nes games and lined up around the block. so over time there will only be more fans of mario and more damaged copies of sealed nes games. it's the dupe collectors that are really weird because they dont just want 2 copies they want all of them and i would just like the best condition cart and save money just me i guess
  7. i buy them because all the batteries and circuit boards have been exposed to oxygen so they aren't going to be here very much longer so what do you think the average collectors game life span is? 60 years? so not zero but 1 is me . definately want a 10/10 cart for all the good games out there so the fun thing about collecting sealed is if the price goes crazy just buy a cart lol
  8. yes, it hurts to think about the wasted money going to buyers premiums. I can work out a deal with a buyer on a forum and save them up to 20% unfortunately due to swiping only devices they would never be able to type video game sage . com
  9. I got it a long time ago and said "i'll never sell it" but after the 100k Mario HT sale I thought - should atleast get some offers. It's weird it's like if samson carts started selling back to back for 10k and you put your copy up on forums and social media and people start yelling at you 'the only way to get 10k is to put it on ebay and have it in a vga slide out case !!! and your label has a 1/100 cm tear only the no tears get 10x'''''
  10. it's rarer than a ht mario so what should I ask for it now that so many HT Mario examples have come up? I just want to match 1 of my items to a Heritage price. That's all i'm asking for but no where close. I get ebay price matching offers for the last 20 years
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