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  1. Turns out you're right, it does say that. Alright I'm gonna give it a shot.
  2. I took a stab at 3D Worldrunner, just to see what the lives/continues were like, since the game didn't look TOO tough. Then I realized that when you lose all your lives there are no continues and you start back at the beginning. So yeah...I gave up on that one. The beginning doesn't look too tough, and the bosses actually seem like...the easiest part of the game. But trying to get through so many levels of that chaos in 3 lives (plus whatever bonuses, if any, you can find) seemed like quite the task. Interestingly enough, I have also been considering Werewolf as well. I popped it in once
  3. HA will sell it for you for the low, low price of 35% of the sale value.
  4. Viewers of DSKoopa's stream on Twitch have been intentionally raising the price for a lark.
  5. And the final icing on the cake: I had made 2 physical carts of the game way-back-when, I just desoldered the EPROMS, wiped them, re-programmed them with my patched code, and soldered them back in. Feelsgoodman.
  6. Uh. How to make an IPS patch? Oh, also I found the problem with my codes above. The BNE was wrong because the instructions in Mesen weren't the same length as the ones I found online. Code 7 (LAYLLG) should be ZAYLLG and it seems to be working now.
  7. OK so I figured out a way to do it within the code and was working on making a long list of Game Genie codes to make the fixes, but the codes keep getting screwed up. Any advice on using Game Genie for this? I was going to put this code into an empty place in the ROM (B470 was filled with all FF so I figured it was unused) : CMP #$07 C9 07 BNE $B477 D0 03 LDA #$0B A9 0B STA $050F 8D 0F 05 JMP $AAB8 4C B8 AA And then I had to update AAB5 to use this code: JMP $B470 (4C 70 B4). Here are the codes I was trying to use, in order (first AAB5 changes then the oth
  8. Quick update, I've read a TON of code, lots of guides and references on the interwebs, and I've managed to come up with a Game Genie code which fixes this bug and doesn't seem to affect the behavior of the Lanmola noticeably (though I'm sure it affects them a little bit) and doesn't affect any other part of the gameplay that I've been able to find by wandering around the dungeon/world map a bit with some breakpoints on. I'd still like to try to find a fix which I can apply to the ROM to fix it more permanently, but this is still a big milestone, so I'm excited about that. Hopefully a
  9. Can the NT Mini Noir sell out already? How am I supposed to feel special for owning one if any idiot with a credit card can just buy one off the manufacturer's website?
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