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  1. selling some stuff to fund something important to me. sealed games are up for auction along with my bbwvcii cart. prices are high for ebay lowballers, of course open to offers on everything not at auction. Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II 2 - HOLY GRAIL Sega Genesis RARE | eBay and u can see the rest on my page. open to all offers. no trades atm. thanks!
  2. Damn nice. Is yours ntsc? That rom is dumped too so if yours isn't that may help.
  3. Sega genesis prototype for Sonic 1 sold for 13k yesterday. It's a PAL copy I beleive. I didn't think itd get this pricey. Important forsure but wow. But I'm not sure that it's been paid either...
  4. Sega collector here! Looking to purchase any non sport sample demo prototypes. No loose boards plz. unless u have good titles. I like a unique shell and label. Open to most titles. Plz reply or send dm. Also open to Blockbuster world videogame championship ii memorabilia
  5. I have the ecco new leaf for sale on eBay much cheaper than others. I also have an aladdin new leaf cart not listed. Im only willing to trade for sega proto demo sample carts or cash. Also have some n64 and a snes proto if neone has genesis protos for trade PM me
  6. Nice. I almost got that one as well. Only dredd promo ive seen with the back art. I got the other boxed copy that was for sale a month or so earlier. Nice snag.
  7. Hes nashvillearcade on ebay, and has cib stadium events for sale on there so hes easy to find... his prices are also hard to find lol
  8. Your wife seemed like a nice sweet woman. You were/are a lucky man!!! She would be proud! And that collection is jaw dropping, i recognize you from an outback joey cart video u did last year. Years ago i saw some original outback joey artwork or cells.. do u own them?
  9. 2 of my babies. Got the dredd cart/case recently. Almost got the lose cart a few times but glad i waited for the one in this condition. Someome else post some sega grails plzzz..
  10. Hey all. Funkatron here, was registered at SA and NA. So sad to see all that beautiful info wiped away... Google searches for needed info will never be the same!!!! I was a regular lurker but posted a few times. I have nes.n64.snes. genesis. All my fav games for all the systems. Now i just collect cool unique genesis demo carts. Please dm me if u have any for sale. Had all the genesis grails but recently sold my outback joey for 2800. Always wanted to play it but never found a controller, and passed up a few good chances on cib. Anyways glad some of you guys moved here, honestly dos
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