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  1. (Directed to Hybrid first) I need some infinite continues (not lives or health) code to practice through Operation Logic Bomb. Maybe its just a matter of tweaking the 9 lives code, not sure. Didn't work with me. I couldn't find anything. Here or anywhere else: https://gamehacking.org/game/43972
  2. Okay it's confirmed it is a glitch or just the code. it blacks out mid way through the 4th boss but the music remains. Can you do code that completes the rest but allows me to select stage 5? Or the other two I requested if possible. Thanks
  3. For some awful unknown reason the snes just froze at the fourth stage not due to the codes for sure. The levels are massive and grueling even for practice and infinite continues. Would it possible to attempt the following codes to get back to where I was: Start at at 4 last boss - completed all prior levels Start at stage 4 - completed all prior levels Start at stage 5 - completed all prior levels.
  4. There is a lot of good stuff, I find it hard to dismiss just because they are for pcs. Just wondering if there are any collectors in general for dos and amiga ,also since I'm looking for stuff, especially the boxed commander keen games.
  5. Can anyone make a lethal weapon snes infinite continues code? Thanks
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