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  1. Hi there, I need a few manuals to complete a few games. If anyone has any on my list in great condition with no ripped or missing pages please shoot me a message! Manuals: Power Blade Shatterhand Clash at Demonhead Carts: Power Blade
  2. Bought Startropics 2 and he shipped it very fast and secure! Thanks again!
  3. Hi all! I'm looking to add few games to a small NES collection and seeing if anyone has any out there for sale! I'm preferably looking for CIB in very good to near mint condition (no rips on the top or bottom). If anyone has any on the list, just let me know! Also I'm not interested in any sealed games or graded games. Journey to Silius Skate or Die Elevator Action Metroid (Silver box) Kid Icarus Mike Tyson's Punch out Blaster Master Operation Wolf Gradius Duck Tales Astyanax Gyruss Marble Madness Solomons Key Adventure
  4. Nice!! How much do you want for a mario mania and Yoshis cookie?
  5. Hi everyone! I'm currently on the hunt for these Nintendo shelf danglers. If anyone in the group has one of these for sale in great condition, shoot me a message! Thanks!
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