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  1. They just put up two more missions! I just completed one of them and am now all ready for the next round of pins!
  2. Been a while since I posted in here! I haven't been able to play a ton over the last few months (work is always awful around the holidays), but I do have two more games that can be added to the list! I got 3 stars in all of the workouts in Fitness Boxing, and I got 100% completion in Our World is Ended too! Hope to start beating more games again soon!
  3. The second pin set just got added to the site. It requires completing the mission for buying Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury as well as 14 other missions besides that one. I'm currently at 13/14 other missions... I don't own Splatoon and Cold Stone Creamery is not near me, so I am really hoping they add one more mission between now and 3D World.
  4. Yes it did! Canada Post had information on it, gave me an estimated date and had locations of where the package went and everything, although it ended up coming way sooner than it said anyway! I do live close to Nintendo of Canada, which is where mine were sent from, so that could be part of it too.
  5. The pins are here! I was shocked how fast they got here since I just got the shipping notification yesterday; didn't even take 24 hours! Here are some pics so you all can see what they look like! The box The pins themselves I think these turned out really neat, and they look fantastic in person! It's also worth noting that the packaging the box was in mentioned that this is pin set #1, so there will likely be at least one more.
  6. Interesting to see new missions go up. I've played Super Mario Bros. 35 and just waiting for that one to unlock (apparently it can take a week). I don't think Cold Stone is a thing in Canada so hopefully future rewards won't require that one to be completed.
  7. Ahhh I see. I just re-read his post and must have missed that line when I read it the first time. As for LRG games that are outstanding, I don't mind waiting for some of them since I have a massive backlog to work on and tend to combine a lot of games together to save on shipping, but I'm starting to get concerned about Forgotten Anne. Ordered that one at least 8 months ago and don't think there has been any sign of it coming soon.
  8. It does through the Pawsome Pack, which has both Cat Quest and Cat Quest II on the cart.
  9. Completed Super Mario 64 last night with all 120 stars!
  10. Currently working through Final Fantasy II. I really don't like the leveling system (trying to gain MP is awful), but I am really enjoying the story at least!
  11. This would easily be 'Splosion Man/Ms. 'Splosion Man for me. I met my wife through playing a random game of the online co-op of the first game, and then we decided that we liked each other enough to play the sequel together as well, where we ended up really bonding. I'm sure my life would look drastically different had I not played that game.
  12. I just watched this with my wife and enjoyed it! I haven't seen any video game documentaries before and found this one quite entertaining. Some parts of it like the Nintendo World Champions stuff was neat!
  13. What an amazing collection! Collection goals right there lol
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