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  1. Good cases haul. I just sold 2x Pokemon White, 1x Pokemon Black, and 1x Pokemon Diamond, on ebay for $100 plus shipping. If you ever come across an extra XC2: Torna case, let me know.
  2. Unlicensed medical practitioner treating fever and chill symptoms with pills.
  3. Aguy


    I have 2 Xbox One S console boxes (Battlefield V bundle, Minecraft bundle) I posted last year that never went claimed and still available by the way . If it's anything like those, they're 17"x12"x5" and 1.8 lbs. For reference, from SoCal to NYC, it's $3.45 media or $13.80 ground.
  4. We got it GameStop and played it over the weekend. It was fun in short bursts 30-45 minutes, but the points system still seems illogical. We got to level 2 on each stage up to the volcano before taking it back.
  5. I don't read much high fantasy but I thought this book was ok. I feel like the humor was really the only thing going for it. There didn't seem like there was any particular story structure or character development; it just seemed to be "this happened, and then this happened, and then...". That being said, I still kind of feel the allure of checking out the next book to see where, if anywhere, the story goes. And why are there so many naked people? Is it just a power fantasy thing?
  6. I know, just not as practical. I meant to go pick it mine up today but I had to finish a paper and didn't make it out in time. I only realized now my monthly $5 PUR coupon I was planning on using expired today. Darn you April and you lack of a 31st day!
  7. Bump in hopes for a vote to split the tie.
  8. I'd rather have one of those frames than the bonus poster Gamestop is giving.
  9. Ridge Racer is one of my favorite games on the PSP.
  10. This and Culdcept are two games that I really enjoy and wish I had more time to play but just do not have the time to commit. Maybe once school finishes up in a month. I still remember getting it from goHastings back in the day for $14.
  11. I'd like to nominate The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin for a future poll please.
  12. I sold a GC copy of Twilight Princess last week on ebay. The disc looks like it's been buffed before so it has a lot of light circular marks but I tested it on my Wii before sending it out and had no problems. A couple days later, the buyer wants to return it saying it boots to the title screen on his GC but errors out when trying to start a game. He sends it back, I put it in my Wii and of course it plays fine. TL;DR Does the GC have a shittier optical drive than the Wii or was it buyer's remorse? Listing pics: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154417283934
  13. For those interested, this is the untold story behind Warren G's biggest hit.
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