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  1. Yes, double-ended with built-in definitely exists going into GBA as well. I wish the timeline was more clear haha but the inconsistencies are maddening. Thanks for clarifying your thoughts!
  2. Good on you for tackling inserts. It's a seriously daunting task without much info to go off of. I hope you can get it all figured out!
  3. I'm curious what basis you're using for the Crystal misprint being the 1st print? It's something I've also struggled to figure out but leaned more to the Non-misprint box being 1st due to the built-in holder. I'm curious to hear your thoughts! Otherwise, everything else you presented aligns with what I know as well. I will say, the Pokemon Blue "red" text box is absolutely more difficult to find. I wouldn't be surprised to see it take off with the HA crowd either, especially sealed.
  4. To echo Jone's response, just matters what you're going to do with the money after the sale. If you'd rather put it elsewhere, then yea, sell and redistribute the money. I usually just make sure I have a plan before I sell something of larger value.
  5. This is exactly what my game plan is so hopefully they don't discriminate the variations between those 2 sleeve types
  6. Haha, Christ. @austin532ill fire you a PM once I'm actually going through my CIBs that I'm going to send and maybe you could do a quick confirm for me if you have the time. Last thing I need is dumb IMP text on the back of a CIB for the damn sleeve haha.
  7. Is there any kind of uniformity I can take note of? Like are all matte/gloss stickers consistent vs later release black boxes? Or the years in which the red Nintendo sleeve was used?
  8. I want to send off CIB games for grading but I honestly don't know how to determine which sleeves were originally used for each game, outside of using eBay as I sort of guide. Does WATA mark it as IMP if you have say a red Nintendo sleeve when it should be a black one!?
  9. Brutal for the store that "specializes" in games to sell these as factory sealed....
  10. Best of luck on your journey! It has genuinely taken me 5+ years to track these down in mint condition.
  11. This really is the weirdest thing about CIB grading. The whole "Frankenstein-ing" together the nicest possible combination almost feels like cheating haha.
  12. You can just click on the bid history. This was an auction that had a "make offer" option. Someone offered $300 and the seller accepted. The initial listing was likely cancelled by the seller which is why is why it ended at $65 with no bidders.
  13. There was a small window during the black box sticker craze that people were hyping these up. Now, they are a cool variant but with little demand.
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