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  1. dam a DK 9.8 A++ and 007 9.6 A++ so jealous .... you a seller or collector? If you ever decide to sell let me know.
  2. IF everything else is perfect i would says Wata 9.0 A++ or VGA 85. Still a good grade man. Try to enjoy the piece bro. I have a few pieces like that i think the pictures make it worse then it really is.
  3. Good to hear you guys worked it out. I have tons of 85+ that i'm not happy with and have noticeable flaws . Comparing it to my games I do believe that game is 85+ if everything else is mint. Thats why now i try to get only 90 and up which isn't easy or cheap
  4. dame really out of my budget i was hoping all the rich folks spend there money on the ps1 prototype or something else Anyone else have any guess's....anyone think one will go under 5k
  5. Lets play the prediction game what do you guys thing these 2 games will sell for in the upcoming auction 1. Chrono trigger 9.0 A++ 2. Secret of Mana 9.8 A+
  6. ouch a 90 into a 9.2 i would not be happy to be honest. Do they give your old vga case back so you can send back to vga and get same grade can i ask why you crossed over
  7. Ya prices are crazy. Every game i want to buy everyone seems to want world record highest price ever paid. 90% is resellers buying high and selling even higher. Such a bad time for real collectors
  8. ok let me get this right a 9.2 can be 80 vga upto 85+ vga.....thats a big range what grades do most people here collect?
  9. Wata 9.2 A+ is equal to what VGA? i'm new collector and trying to collect 85+ gold and up so need to know. Thanks
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