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  1. Are the chips on these unlicensed games mask rom or eprom?
  2. Or if you have a heat gun, you could just heat the solder
  3. If you ever use Brasso on pins, be extremely sure that all of it gets removed with multiple alcohol cleanings. Like at least 5 additional alcohol cleanings. The Brasso will appear to be all gone, but there’s always a little bit more on there. You might also want to try using the cotton swab dry a few times because sometimes the wetted cotton swabs won’t pick up that last little bit of Brasso.
  4. I also think it’s a great game. However, I still prefer Super Metroid. I am playing through it again to see if it was nostalgia or truly great game design. So far I am observing that Super Metroid is just simply a smash hit from all angles. As you stated, the environments in Super Metroid are much more memorable. I think part of it was that the environments in Super Metroid were more ‘natural’. In Dread they tried to make everything a composite of nature and a rustic colony. This was especially a bummer in the water world, I was hoping for an open water world, but it seemed to much like you were in a giant aquarium, just like Metroid Fusion. Another big one was the music. The music in Dread was basically ambient sound.. music is SOOOO mportant to the experience in a game, I am surprised they chose to go this route, especially considering that they were probably referring directly to Super Metroid as a blueprint. Super Metroid probably gets a lot more love than is due to it and probably more than people are even aware due to its masterpiece soundtrack. I still like Metroid Dread lot, and I think these things don’t take away from it too much. And honestly if they wanted to make this game really great they could probably just release some DLC update to improve a few things.
  5. Retranslated meaning it’s an unofficial repro made by some garage operation? Kind of like Timewalk games…?
  6. There ARE strict parental controls already. That’s why the kid friendly argument from Nintendo sounds hollow .
  7. I took probably 20 tries before I could beat the last boss. Now I can beat him pretty much flawlessly
  8. I think it’s technically still accurate with or without the expansion since N64 and Genesis are still considered classic games. Also it would be a more closer to apples to apples comparison to do the expansion pack rather than the $20 option considering the volume of games available on the Sony and XBox service. I don’t like being negative about this, but I don’t think it’s just me or even a small faction being unfair. If you just search for ‘Switch online’ everything has a negative slant to it.When there’s a large portion of the intended audience that find the service indigestible, it’s time for Nintendo to recalibrate
  9. Do you think it still has room to grow? Is it going to be a new platform with a huge following, or is it just a publicity stunt that will get abandoned?
  10. Ha I wasn’t aware of these things. In his defense, cocaine and heroine were probably not illegal in his day. I’d have to say though he must have been a real douchebag if he really blamed the children. The quote still sounds good though
  11. This was a game we rented as kids. Normally we would play rentals endlessly for the 3-4 days that we had them. Superman 64, we gave maybe 2 hours and decided we’d return the game early
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