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  1. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. Congratulations to @0xDEAFC0DE for taking the sports crown right from @bertsampson's hands on the last minute!
  2. Covid test result came out today. Luckily, I tested negative. So yeah, things have been... messy the last few days with that and three parallel projects running here.
  3. I haven't had time to post the final scoreboard yet. If all goes well, I will be able to do it tonight.
  4. In order to use a continue, you need to game over first so... HELL NO. You stop at your first game over.
  5. Hello and welcome, adventurers! I hope you are ready for a lunatic week of puzzling challenges here at our beloved Weekly Contest! For this week, our brave players tackle unlicensed waters on KRAZY KREATURES! Here's the insane rules they will have to follow. 1 player only Play on Easy difficulty Start on Level 1 Play until Game Over Take your picture on the Game Over screen Highest score wins GENRE: Puzzle The contest ends Sunday, 09/27/20 at 11 PM VGS time. Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture
  6. Contra is a lot of fun, but I much prefer playing it for low score than to max score.
  7. Yes. Only one loop. If you loop more than once, I will hunt you down.
  8. 1st 0xDEAFC0DE 284,772 2nd NESfiend 283,242 3rd Nicies 256,130 4th 8bitdontquit 231,954 5th Gaia Gensouki 174,278 6th Richardhead 132,084 7th bertsampson 100,278 8th mbd39 60,284 9th Tablew/chairs 7,161 10th Jicsan 4,396 11th Ausden
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, who is REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY for our VERY LAST round of games of this season of VIDEOGAME SAGE WEEKLY CONTEST? And what a better way to start it with some fast, icy action? Bring on Heavy Shreddin!!! Here's the rules our competitors will follow: Play till game over Highest score win Do note that if you beat the game, you have only a few seconds to take your picture You are not allowed to loop the game. Consequences for doing such could be cold. GENRE: Sports Special Bea rule: Icy puns will NOT BE TOLERATED!!! Th
  10. Fixed that and the double Mdb39 that also sneaked into the scoreboard. Fixing the geral and genre ones now.
  11. I will fix that tomorrow. I am having to deal with human stupidity here right now... at 11 pm. For something important that will happen tomorrow at 7 am. Fuck my life.
  12. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. The fight for the shooter crown is quite packed. @bertsampson currently leads the board with 32 points, @docile tapeworm holds the 2nd place with 30 points and @Gaia Gensouki is 3rd with 28 points. The fight for the crown is still open for our final round of competition!
  13. Final scoreboard posted. Congratulations to @Gloves for taking the win this week!
  14. I will post the final scoreboard tomorrow. It is a holiday here so I am getting really drunk right now.
  15. I do not see a picture of this score. PS. No fun allowed this week!
  16. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. The fight for the beat'em up crow is open with @Bearcat-Doug leading the ways with 34 points, @bertsampson right behind them with 33 points and @mbd39 just waiting to sweep their legs with 27 points.
  17. Final scoreboard posted. Congratulations to @0xDEAFC0DE for taking the win on this week, figuring out how to out karate @bertsampson and @NESfiend. Once more, thank you all for participating.
  18. It was actually Red who took me down there. He was more patient than me and killed less enemies on his run than I did on mine. It was SO BORING to just avoid everything and their mothers on the last levels to try to get to the bosses with the lowest score possible for each stage.
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