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  1. You try to keep it low profile, play low tier to hinder results, help with a tournament here and there and still end up in an esports article by the biggest media company of the country. FFS. https://globoesporte.globo.com/esports/noticia/20-jogadoras-profissionais-que-se-destacam-nos-esports.ghtml
  2. Finally after many long years of collecting service center memorabilia, I picked up the last binder that I was missing. Big thanks to Brian Parker (bunnyboy) for hooking me up with the last one I needed, the Advertising and promotions manual. Feels nice to finish this set! I still need the workbooks they used for training but I can take or leave those. Many of these binders are near impossible to find as Nintendo requested a lot of them back when the service centers closed, and many of them did not even need to order the binders, mainly if they did the power swap program, and they did not
  3. Hi All! Been a bit as I've been slammed with a million different things, but as many of you recall my most absolute favoritest thing to collect are prototypes and my favorite game series ever is Shining Force, with the second installment being my favorite. Many years ago, DreamTR put one up for sale in the old NA sales forum and I was fortunate enough to grab it, but alas it was a final version even though it had some quirks, namely that the save file was corrupted and the physical version was glitched to hell and crashed when it started up, though the rom was complete and playable j
  4. Alright - the most requested mashup. Hopefully this lives up to expectations haha. Home WAlone 2 -CasualCart
  5. @AverageOliver98 - I still can't get over how brilliant your idea was to turn the R-Type ship into Rudolph, since the Force-Pod is like a shiny nose. It's just so perfect, dude! Rudolph the R-Type Reindeer -CasualCart
  6. My Secret Santa was @fcgamer and he really hooked me up. I could tell he took a lot of time picking out these gifts because he shared his thoughts and some personal history of almost every piece he included. Thanks again Dave!
  7. My Secret Santa delivered. Copies of DW, Retrozone and RetroUSB sleeves, a poem for the collection, and a portrait of me by @CasualCart! I've been updating the unorthodox Dragon Warrior website again, so it's just a matter a time before I get the transcribed poem up over there. The real question is, did they all know I did a photo shoot last year with me sitting on a throne made of carts? I didn't think I'd made those public, yet. Hrm...
  8. Friday night I picked up my biggest game purchase ever: 389 CIB (there are 3 that doesn't have the manuals) games in total for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. There are duplicates that I'm gping to sell but there's a lot of great stuff that I didn't own. The price was very good as well. Bought it all from one collector. Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance The highlights for me: I never expected to get a copy of Shantae that looks this good. Space Marauder is really hard to find boxed and this one looks like new.
  9. Today we're announcing the release of two new systems to make transacting with others on VGS even more enjoyable: Classifieds and Feedback! In a nutshell, Classifieds gives you a new marketplace style section of the site to buy, sell, and trade for video games, related items, and other collectibles. Same idea as the existing subforums, but in more of a marketplace kind of style. Note that we're going to continue to support the subforum as a method of making deals with each other, and leave it up to you to use the system that feels right for you personally. That said, I think y
  10. I think I'll save Santa for a bit closer to Christmas, but I wanted to make sure Dr. Robotnik got a spot here - as Scrooge! Dr. Robotnik Scrooge -CasualCart
  11. I went with Luigi on this one. It's interesting that the end result doesn't have much of a likeness to either Luigi or the Grinch haha. It kind of became it's own entity, I guess... Grinch Luigi -CasualCart
  12. I've been showing this around on social for a couple days, but thought ya'll would like to see it This is an early painted cel of Link during the lifespan of the original Legend of Zelda game. So early in fact that it pre-dates Nintendo Power 1, as it is found on the last page of the Tips and Tactics guide. This might be the most historically significant piece I've ever held. I'm so excited to have found it!
  13. So in the early days I posted pictures of my game room but, it was lacking in the refinements. Since then things have been reconfigured, things added (pong table, first 4 figures, etc) and in general things just refined and cleaned up. In other words, I don't plan any further changes to it outside of anything that is added over time, so I figured i'd post it again. Many people from Nintendoage and Segaage had sold games that reside here now, over 12 years of effort. Eventually I'd like to take more pictures of my personal full sets but that's a pretty big undertaking, so only a few are present
  14. A year ago, I started putting together a chronological list of NOA products just for fun, to see what I'd learn. I ended up diving deep enough that the result was a list I believe to be more thorough than can be found in any one place. I recently polished it up into a more convenient format, and I'm sure there are some here that could make use of it, so I'll post a link. This information shouldn't be taken as absolutely definitive, and I'm always adjusting things when I learn more. I regret not keeping track of specific sources along the way; I used everything from ancient forum posts
  15. Can you believe I got this clean CIB copy of Castlevania II: Belmont's revenge off eBay for only $200 (after taxes/shipping!)??? I have been trying to get one for 3 years...but I've been outbid at least a half dozen times for $325-$400 copies...this has to be one of my best pick-ups so far this year...
  16. Merry Christmas everyone. The time has come so I'm just gonna get to the point! You've waited long enough for your gifts, open em up! As per the guess that santa thread, I am revealing myself to be everyone's favorite overweight yoshi, @SNESNESCUBE64. Thanks for everyone who participated, but unfortunately (or fortunately), nobody guessed it. As promised however, the money is going to be donated to Extra Lives! For those who have not received their gifts yet, just please be patient. USPS has been struggling all year and from what I understand some gifts are still in transit. HOWEVER,
  17. I love the candy cane idea, but I felt like it would be a crime not to use that for Earthworm Jim haha. Candy Cane Earthworm Jim -CasualCart
  18. @Bearcat-Doug wants Bowser, @twiztor wants Krampus, and @SpoonMan Abrams X wants OG Krampus Bowser. This can be arranged... Krampus Koopa -CasualCart
  19. I think this might have been a joke suggestion, but I created this atrocity anyway. On further reflection, Ralphie probably needs more wires and robot limbs haha. A Cyberpunk Christmas Story -CasualCart
  20. New to the site here... My CIB NTSC Gamecube collection I completed Summer 2019. I spend my free time enjoying it... have ripped all titles and now use a GCLoader to play them.
  21. Down to needing only 2 more games for a complete Famicom Disk System BOXED collection.
  22. So we're about 1/3 of the way through the year. Let's take stock of how everyone is doing: @Reed Rothchild 9/20 This seems like I'm well on pace to complete my goal by the end of the year. Except most of the ultra-long games I have not yet touched. So by that note I'm probably well behind the pace I need. @Renmauzo2/25 The fact that he beat both of those games in 2020 does not bode well. Well, that and he's only beat 8% of his games. @TDIRunner 0/7 On the bright side, he only has 7 games left. @Richardhead ??/?? Very mysterious. @Deadeye 2/12 Not much pr
  23. Put up some display cabinets last night, felt some pride
  24. The year was 2004 and I was watching Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows. They were advertising a contest to win a Nokia N-Gage QD with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. All you had to do was watch Adult Swim and call the number on the screen when it appears. I called and won, gave them my info and a few weeks later it came in. I toyed around with it quite a bit, but never used it as a phone or experienced N-Gage Arena multiplayer. It was really about what you’d expect from a normal phone at the time, though one unique thing struck a chord with me: The ability to make ringtones in a sheet-music style way
  25. Abominable Donkey Kong! @Makar - I feel like this one worked out perfectly. I wish I could just turn every video game character into the abominable snowman haha. -CasualCart
  26. You probably shouldn't go. You might get recognized and mobbed for autographs.
  27. Finally snagged this one at a very fair price! Now I might as well finish up this set as I’m 80% done.
  28. I made a helpful diagram on collector behavior in 2020. It also works if you substitute 'Mario' for any well-known franchise and 'ebay' for Heritage Auctions... -CasualCart
  29. WOO! As we go through updating the site to feel more like home, it made sense to create a new home page. This is the intro to who we are, what you can expect, and is an introduction to the four pillars of the community - Play, Collect, Create, and Buy/Sell. These are now represented by a team of characters beside the Sage, and we're really excited about them as we think they represent those pillars quite well! Another step on making the house a home. Note: The forums are now at https://www.videogamesage.com/forums, so if you've bookmarked VGS, you'd want to update t
  30. A whole bunch of awesome stuff came in this week courtesy of this community and eBay. Big thanks to @jonebone, @dr_orangejuicer, and @Matthewnimmo. 32X set is coming along nicely, although still a ways to go on Sega CD and SMS.
  31. I'll call him PacKirbyPuff the Snowman. -CasualCart
  32. Happy Birthday VGS!!! -CasualCart
  33. Alright - I've got another doodle-thread on the menu for the 25 days of Christmas 2020. I can't guarantee I'll manage a new drawing every day because December is such a busy month for me, but I'm gunning for at least 12 days for sure. So here's the idea: Each day, I'll draw a game character as a classic Christmas persona. For example, here's Bub from Bubble Bobble as a Christmas gingerbread man... So please make suggestions for game characters to match with the following Christmas characters (and help me finish this list of Christmas characters, too): Santa, Frosty, Scrooge
  34. My secret santa was Drxandy He got me a sweet assortment of games. 4 nes games, two being a boxed nes and an uncommon unlicensed title and a solid n64 game. Also Pretty cool pokemon burger king toy brand new. Thanks andy
  35. I got @KokiriChild as my santa this year! He got me the last yoshi I needed to complete the yoshi rainbow! He also got me some neat first gen pokemon cards and a super cool hand-drawn card. Thank you so much, have a very merry christmas everyone!
  36. Well I already made a Rudolph, but a regular ol' Christmas reindeer is still on the table, so... Reindeer Duck Hunt Dog -CasualCart
  37. I almost forgot to post today - I'm crazy busy this week, but luckily I have a few drawings lined up from the past few days. @Aguy - The Battletoads as the Three Kings was a neat suggestion - if only they didn't look so sinister haha. The Three Wise-Battletoads -CasualCart
  38. Well, that's a wrap for this year's Ink-tober. A huge thanks to everyone who joined me this month with suggestions and comments and stuff - it's been a blast! -CasualCart
  39. @DefaultGen you are a fool for this one... instant classic!
  40. @Tanooki @Andy_Bogomil @peg @Splain @spacepup @JamesRobot @bronzeshield @Space Jockey @Kguillemette @Daniel_Doyce @a3quit4s @ICrappedMyPants @scaryice @Matchbook @Shmup @KokiriChild @ALTQQ @jonebone @Ausden @AstralSoul @Gaia Gensouki @doner24 @Foochie776 @guillavoie @glazball @profholt82 @TheBiRD
  41. The deed is done! That is until the atooi collectors edition arrives lol
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