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  1. 35 years ago, two awesome people banged, and then I was born. Not much else happened until Xmas '97, when I got an N64 and the next few years were pretty sweet. It's been a long downhill coast since then... Until today!!! N64 fullset ACHIEVED!!! These 12 games hastily purchased from eBay over the last month or so represent the final push I needed to take me over the edge to the full 243 (plus) PAL N64 cart only set. The PAL N64 set is basically the core of my collection, not only for my ongoing (and also almost complete) quest for the worldwide frankenset of N64, but indeed t
  2. An appraisal service assigns value, not grades. But how about a snazzy certificate haha? (The tiny writing says "pacman certified". So you know it's legit.) -CasualCart
  3. These Lemmings original paintings created for the first Lemmings game box are my newest additions. Original video game cover artwork is truely unique and are my favorite things to own. It’s not every day you find the painted title, so to be able to frame both originals together is amazing.
  4. Spot-on. Two shoulder buttons are great. Four face-buttons are great. But two shoulder buttons AND four face buttons is overkill for most games. That may be the case, but to be fair its major competitor sounded like robot-farts... -CasualCart
  5. My coolest stuff is all homebrew. So I'd go with our resident brew authority @Ferris Bueller.
  6. I got lucky this past Saturday and got this. The store owner gave me a decent trade credit amount and used it to get this gem.
  7. Tetris attack nfr off ebay $13+shipping (seller did not list nfr in title). Cool Funcoland snes holder to boot.
  8. The SNES has one redeeming feature, so I think it's definitely a 2/10. Here is its redeeming feature: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Contra III, Kirby 3, Kirby Super Star, Turtles in Time, Super Metroid, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Sparkster, Goof Troop, Romancing SaGa 1-3, Kirby's Avalanche, Mario All-Stars, The Firemen, Skyblazer, Super Bomberman 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, X-Men Mutant Apocalype, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, King of Dragons, Go Go Ackman, Earthbound, Final Fight 3, Mega Man X 1-3, Soul Blazer, Batman Returns, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Pocky & Rock 1+2, Dragon Quest 5 and 6, Sup
  9. Ah, shmuzzlers (shmup + puzzler). I just like to say "shmuzzler."
  10. Picked up my preorder of New Pokémon Snap for the Switch, EB Games gave out these magnetic photo frames with each order. Definitely gonna use it, it’s cute! Also got Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered for the Switch.
  11. Added a bunch of game gear stuff, I only intended to get 2 of these but I figured why not since they were right there. If I find one more game I'll be done with what I wanted on the system after a decade of hunting.. One day
  12. Not at that price. And it being wata graded means nothing to me as far as added value.
  13. Okay so finally, let's get down to the REAL reason I went to all this trouble, and it's the games I just fuggin LOVE! Now, obviously we all know about the first party Nintendo games that really set this system on fire, the Mario's, the Zelda's, the Pokemon's, etc. So I don't really think it's necessary to bore you with them. Instead we'll set the tone with these: What can I say, fuggin RAREWARE boyzzzzz!!! The absolute creme of the crop, and another top of the line product of the UK, just like yours truly! Personal favourites here, of course, Goldeneye and PD, Banjo Kazooie,
  14. Fair point Reed, but my primitive brain just can't make sense of all those buttons. This is what I see when I pick up a 6-button control pad... -CasualCart
  15. I know I used to, just got to a point where I got fed up with the odd extra failures adding up a cap kit wouldn't deal with. Just not seen people selling original blue shells so I was curious if some were after those things. Oh and by the way that FF1 I have, it's one of those famous misprint floating i on the back things.
  16. The stored up games in my US box showed up today; boy, have I been pumped for this batch of stuff! I've been playing Picross 3D before bed, while waiting in the car, after breakfast...I just love Picross. It started because I've been trying to find a complete copy of Mario's Picross for Game Boy which has been...less than fruitful, so I decided to go back to Picross on the DS in the meantime. That's when I realized I no longer had it because my son lost it as a toddler, and I never got around to buying another copy. I still have 3D, so I've been playing that instead; getting Picross DS ag
  17. Well, I gave the NES and PS1 and Genesis all 9s. And I'll most likely give the PS2 a 9 as well. Those are all some of the greatest consoles of all time. But I prefer SNES over all of them. *everyone gasps in surprise* ...so I give it a 9.5, rounded down to a 9
  18. This picture shows the other Lemmings pieces. The other game cover is Lemmings 2 Oh No More Lemmings! The Floater with the umbrella was used on packaging as well and advertising.
  19. Just got my j&j. I was just in the middle of grocery shopping and an announcement came up saying they had some extra vaccine if anyone wanted some. Last month they were super hard to get. Today it was literally an impulse while I was putting bread in my cart. And now im done!
  20. Looks like I got lucky. The underlay is wrecked, but the game otherwise looks to be no worse for the wear. I have been kicking around the idea of replacing the glass and underlay anyway as they were showing their age, so I guess this just gives me the motivation.
  21. Can't take the poll. There is no 11/10 option. Well, I guess 10/10 is close enough so that's what I went with. Jokes aside this really is the definitive console experience in my eyes. I did give 10/10 to N64 (to much of many people's dismay) but I truly think SNES is arguably the best console of all time. It has everything. Shmups, platformers, action, racing, rpgs.. oh god does it have rpgs. Maybe not as numerous as, say PS2, but many of high quality, some are the best of all time. As great as the NES was, the SNES was exactly as it's name implied, it was literally a Super NES. It
  22. I'm the furthest I've gotten in one of games I am supposed to beat this year and two packages arrived. Looks like I've got to turn Vulgar off.
  23. Im drinking a lot of Busch Light next weekend.
  24. Dragon's Lair is done. I hated every bit of it and will never touch it again
  25. It's the greatest console sequel of all time, bar none. II honestly can't think of anything in my life where the leap from one generation to the next was as amazing as this. Is it better than the NES? Man I don't know, if I absolutely had to pick only one that I could play for the rest of my life it would be a tough choice, but I'd probably pick the NES? The NES has the better overall library, but the absolute best games on either system are most likely SNES games (FFIII, Super Metroid, LTTP, Contra III, etc vs the NES counterparts). And lets not forget that a massiv
  26. Unlicensed medical practitioner treating fever and chill symptoms with pills.
  27. this guy is a genius! XD probably the funniest listing ive seen from some one selling their 2 year old fart in a jar lol. yes that actually happened lol. and some one did buy it lol https://www.ebay.com/itm/333602476418?hash=item4dac41d182:g:l7wAAOSwmzxevbqO
  28. They’re the American dream. If you have acrylic sheets, a cringey generic army stencil font, a company name that sounds like a get rich quick scheme, 45 subgrades, 30k fake Instagram followers, and a dream, you too can make a grading company.
  29. While the Atari and NES are responsible for getting me obsessed with video games in the first place, the SNES is the little entertainment machine that ended up defining gaming for my tastes. It also has the distinction of being the first console I ever saved up for and bought for myself. A friend had gotten one within a couple weeks of launch and I played a little bit of SMW at his house. I had seen all the commercials and was dead-set that I had to have one of my own. Between allowance and odd-job money, I scrounged and patiently waited. Finally, after getting the extra cash I needed from gra
  30. Is SNES music perfect? No. Is it impressive for the time? Absolutely. Maybe it wasn't as impressive if you already had a super expensive PC with CD ROM drive and Roland sound card, but most of us did not. I'd never heard music of that quality in games before the SNES. Like orchestral music that actually sort of sounds like orchestral music and not an extremely crude FM synthesis approximation. The Genesis simply can't do anything like Final Fantasy II/IV or Super Castlevania IV at all, even though the audio chip does other stuff well (such as the dencey electronica of SOR2). I
  31. And here are the Battletoads rules for you all to start practising: Start at Ragnarok's Canyon Lose all your lives till you have 0 hearts. Once you have zero hearts, take a picture to prove you are starting with zero points. You can use a gamegenie code to start with 0 lives Using the gamegenie code puts you at disadvantage since one of the enemies won't take the other out while you are going for 0 lives. Play till you reach 4 extra lives or you lose a square of your energy bar You can get hit as long as that hit doesn't consume one or more squares of
  32. Today's snack is vegan lacy almond cookies. Debating on the chocolate drizzle. They are very yummy as is. Edit: okay added chocolate, we have reached whole new level of yum.
  33. Some CIB accessories: NES Max is so mint except for the corners, it felt fake to me at first. But its not!
  34. Reed 9/10 what the fuck. I guess playing 500 awful games has took it's toll.
  35. Continued from ^^^ One piece from eBay for $13 shipped wooo, the classic and yoga from the thrift for $5 together. Xbox time. Big box karaoke rev party, inside is nice with bag and twist ties on the mic Knocked out midnight club 3 and remix, really happy to find the bonus dvd bundle, also same deal with sonic riders. Punisher for $11 and minty, very happy with that one. Couple more ticks off the list, and snuck the jampack in there. Found another dvd remote for $2 with the battery back, yay. Finishing off the week, couple guides and variant art
  36. In all honesty, this is my favorite console with the N64 trailing by 1 point! Gamecube and NES right there as well. This is where the real rpg era was imo. Loved all the rpgs i ever played on the console, some of the first games I bought, still need a few though.
  37. I would argue that it DECREASES the value to me, as I'd have to crack the shell open just to play it.
  38. Yeah, I don't think I could forgive him for the simple fact that he chose the wrong-doer over the victim. If I had two friends and one was wronging the other and told me in confidence, I would tell her straight up that what she was doing was wrong and that I would be informing our mutual friend immediately to prevent him from being further wronged. Confidentiality be damned, I'm on the side of the victim, not the wrong-doer, all day, every day... Amen.
  39. If I won the mega lottery jackpot, I would want one of these, but even with $250m in the bank, I'd hunt around for one cheaper than that.
  40. Right, let's get down to it! I realize for most people here on VGS, the PAL N64 set is a bit of an unknown, so here I'll highlight some of the more notable intricacies and differences from the US set. The next post after this will be my favourite stuff. So anyway, first things first, the set is about 60 titles lighter than the US set. We're missing a FEW good games, like Dr. Mario, Ogre Battle, Indiana Jones, and Hey You Pikachu... But generally speaking the sets are very similar, almost all the games people ACTUALLY care about are here. There are, however a couple exclusives. Well.
  41. Hong Kong Mah Jong baby. It’s so rare, you’ll say it doesn’t count There are a couple ridiculous PAL games like Phantom Air Mission too. None of these will get you as many social media likes as a Stadium Events though, gotta get the games that get you clout, not just the rarest of course.
  42. Just beat legacy of the wizard. I've got a lot of opinions about this game... at first it seemed very surprising that nobody had beaten it for this thread yet because it honestly plays like it should've been a lot of people's favorite game growing up. I think it's a really fun game with a lot of elements people admire in other games. Honestly seems like metroid but better. There are some frustrating and janky parts, but overall quite good. In the end I had to repeat a few sections a bunch of times, but it was still enjoyable most of the time.
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