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  1. There’s a bunch of weird games with little or no physical release. I couldn’t find the lovely “Saturn Smash Bootleg Edition” (which is actually made with permission), but did find @JamesRobot’s one of a kind work of art version of the game. Stuff like that is very cool and very legal.
  2. I don't know about anyone else over the past day... Also iOS Safari bugs: The 4 images get super squished on an iPad screen when you scroll down and the submenus don't work (e.g. I can't go to Browse > Forum, the submenu just disappears). Everywhere else on the site it works. I know I'm not supposed to use the site horizontally on mobile, but me and ZF are peas in a pod.
  3. If you think this is a game worth playing then go ahead and put me down. As for you giving out games for free so they can be played....
  4. I bought a Jaguar at KB Toys for $30 when they were liquidating them. I played Cybermorph once and sold it on eBay about a week later at a profit. Yes, I realize my avatar is ironic.
  5. Thanks a lot @fcgamer. Very cool and generous and I suspect the slightest bit evil Excuse me for what follows. https://i.imgur.com/ijkZ7TQ.mp4 Sweet haul. The grape chews were pretty good. And the boy really liked the choco pie.
  6. This is actually my pre-dinner while my wife sleeps. Steak with Montreal Steakhouse style seasoning.
  7. Why not partner up with homebrewers or someone who are making legit products for the NES, rather than trying to pass off illegal bootlegs for profit? Cartridge production is one of the biggest obstacles in making releases for the NES, so using those skills for mutual benefit sounds like a better solution to me than going for the black market.
  8. 9.5 / 10 Only thing holding it back from a 10 is the fact that PS2 is the GOAT. I can’t say anything about this console that hasn’t been said already. It’s Nintendo’s 2D masterpiece...no, actually it’s the 2D masterpiece of gaming history.
  9. There is also that seller's good buddy Leg Picture Guy: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/402831326891 who's been trying to sell that for weeks as well. I think he started at $15k. I don't know in what kind of universe you want someone to fork over $15k for your vidya game and you can't even be arsed to upgrade from a single leg pic.
  10. So we've been voting on game consoles based on our knee-jerk reactions basically, as seen in the poll threads. I don't like SNES/SFC, and see it as a "pretty" Famicom/NES; @OptOut has a personal vendetta against the PS, and the list goes on. I'd be curious to examine consoles in a slightly less knee-jerk reaction sort of way though. For example: Console A has a library of three games, and each of them is deemed to be mediocre. Console B has a library of three games, one is great, one mediocre, one is bad. Both consoles should be considered equal, when their libraries are averaged, th
  11. I'm going to have to pass on this one. I've got calculator on PC. (PC Master Race FTW)
  12. I just bought a ds, so ill throw my hat in the ring.....
  13. Hi all, This round is Opened It's a new year and I've received a lot of good extra games that should be enjoyed and not on some dusty shelf. so to kick this year's FREE. FREE. FREE round. I will start with a free drawing round. how this will work will be simple. for the next 72 hours you can submit your name for a drawing. Rules: Everyone likes rules. 1. You pay for mail cost. (you will email me "The click and ship form" from USPS. all items mail via small flat rate box.) insurance is up to you.... 2. Items will have an expropriation date. 1
  14. I know I had mentioned the other day I got Axelay but in that debate against insanely calling the SNES a 1/10 system post, but yeah I got that for $50 and loose and immaculate, and wow it was refreshing as I'd never played it before. Then we have the last couple of days and this. The WWF there was $15, the other two together were with the case too at $47. I don't feel the prices were bad, didn't light up a fire on them either but wow either way. WWF was at a local kind of friends pawn/resale shop, the other GB bits was today at a goodwill. Wasn't a fan, but when I realized DK was valu
  15. I really don't see why it wouldn't count. It was a massive upgrade in technology over the previous console and included all sorts of extra stuff that wasn't completely necessary. The Blue Ray player, the blue tooth connectivity, the memory card readers, the backward compatibility, even the start up music. Everything about it was meant to be luxurious. It was priced accordingly and it almost failed because of it. Lots of cuts had to be made to help bring the price down, most notably the backwards compatibility and memory card readers. In fact, if it wasn't a Sony console, I don't believe
  16. Not sure I wanna know what u had for dinner
  17. WOO! As we go through updating the site to feel more like home, it made sense to create a new home page. This is the intro to who we are, what you can expect, and is an introduction to the four pillars of the community - Play, Collect, Create, and Buy/Sell. These are now represented by a team of characters beside the Sage, and we're really excited about them as we think they represent those pillars quite well! Another step on making the house a home. Note: The forums are now at https://www.videogamesage.com/forums, so if you've bookmarked VGS, you'd want to update t
  18. I have both FX Unit Yuki and Mysterious Song. The voice "acting" they did in MS was a riot. And I don't mean that to diss on them. I loved it. @Air Gio you can edit a post and add stuff to it by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your post (I'm not sure how you do it on phone). Next time you want to post, but no one has responded to your previous post, just edit your old post.
  19. Yeaaaahhhhh... I'll give a game 3 hours tops to appeal to me. TOPS.
  20. Doge always moves with the whale wallets. If you're looking at the charts of doge and not the whale wallet activity, you're doing it wrong. When the whale wallet sell a big chunk, everyone sells a big chunk. When they buy, everyone buys. It's bc 60% of doge is in less than 15 wallets. Follow the whales on that one or get out the water.
  21. Back in the day, I used to be half decent at this game and used to play the hell out of it. I wish I had enough free time next week to tackle it again.
  22. Figured it out! Turns out I wasn't supposed to go to 65,000,000 BC yet lol. Nothing made sense and it seemed like the monsters were all at the right amount of strength. Shrug, got some grinding in I guess. Now I'm at that part where I have to do a thing and fight a dude.
  23. Maybe worth a try if it dips, but it's up almost 9% right now.
  24. Tax. You transfer a high value item across an international border, someone wants a piece. (Also customs does occasionally open sealed items, at least there are horror stories...) edit: if you just meant "why not just leave it in one place and transfer notional ownership for speculation purposes?", sure, I agree - that's sorta what I meant, as the flipper why bother shipping it to Canada in the first place, just get HA to stick it in a warehouse or something
  25. Hah. I thought about some other directions we could take this, including a hard rock/metal bracket, but I'm not sure how feasible they are. Especially without a lot of overlap from the weekly artists. I will say I already have another 64 pop songs lined up, if that's where it goes.
  26. For this round I have a cart only of Dokapon Journey the round works like this... signup here if you want to be in on the free game. This open entry time will be 72 hours starting from this post time. See rules in first post. The winner will be PM and will have 48 hours to comply to rule 1. failure to respond and you will loose the item, and new round will be started. Start time 5/11/2021 12:00am End Time 5/14/2021 12:00 am Any questions please pm me.
  27. Air Fortress is done. Some decent parts and some annoyances. Overall I'm not a big fan. At least the end of the second loop was much easier than the end of the first.
  28. My uncle was in the navy and worked on a sub around the time it came out. When he got out of the service we would sit and play that game for hours. Honestly I loved that game. Still do. I also understand I am in the extreme minority though
  29. I personally never felt the US SNES was ugly until I discovered the look of the European and Japanese versions, and that didn't happen until was an adult. I guess ignorance was bliss, but regardless, I still thought it looked good.
  30. Lol, I almost commented on that one myself.
  31. What I don't understand is why all these people called Manuel are allowing themselves to be sold with video games Aren't there laws against that sort of thing these days?
  32. Well the market is definitely off the rails these days as a whole that’s for sure, kind of sad actually.
  33. I see many comments saying that the ratio of good vs bad games in the SNES library is suboptimal. The same could be said of the Atari 2600, the PS2, the Wii, the DS/3DS and GBA before it. And let's not forget home computers while we're at it. When a console has such an important install base, shovelware comes with the territory and I really can't see why people would make that argument at all. There's just no way around it. And why do these consoles have such a huge penetration rate to begin with? Because the library contains a wide selection of some of the best games ever made. An
  34. Never mind, it’s still up. Here’s the Atari Jaguar fan site that is frozen in time: https://www.angelfire.com/fl/JagCat64/JagRealm.html
  35. Found these games a few years back at my Mom's house. Must have been games my brothers and I never opened and played. Got 2 of them graded last year and the Donkey Kong only got back this year (Chose the slowest Wata option and well, you know how it goes). Probably going to send them to Heritage or list on Ebay or something. My brother came across a sealed Mega Man 6 he never opened, so at some point I might send that in.
  36. I already seen a lot of impressive collection full of "hot items" anyway I decided to present myself to the community and show off my collection. Retro Hits Limited Konami-Square and Nintendo Hardware F4F Statue: Morrigan Statue: Catherine
  37. Hori Arcade Stick collection + others:
  38. Disgaea Collection: Senran Kagura Collection: Project Zero/Fatal Frame Collection: Fire Emblem Collection: Dragon Quest Collection: Kingdom Hearts Collection: Shadow Hearts collection: Marl's Kingdom collection: Valis Collection: Valkyrie profile collection: Suikoden collection: Wild Arms collection: Eternal Arcadia: Xenosaga/Xenoblade collection:
  39. Thanks! Hardware Nintendo: Hardware Sony Psp-Ps Vita collection
  40. Thanks guys! ^^ Article about me and my video games collection published in the italian magazine " Game Republic 126" I think out of all my limited/collector's edition stuff probably Pokemon World Championship 2009/2010 console are my favourite items .
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