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  1. So we're about 1/3 of the way through the year. Let's take stock of how everyone is doing: @Reed Rothchild 9/20 This seems like I'm well on pace to complete my goal by the end of the year. Except most of the ultra-long games I have not yet touched. So by that note I'm probably well behind the pace I need. @Renmauzo2/25 The fact that he beat both of those games in 2020 does not bode well. Well, that and he's only beat 8% of his games. @TDIRunner 0/7 On the bright side, he only has 7 games left. @Richardhead ??/?? Very mysterious. @Deadeye 2/12 Not much pr
  2. WOO! As we go through updating the site to feel more like home, it made sense to create a new home page. This is the intro to who we are, what you can expect, and is an introduction to the four pillars of the community - Play, Collect, Create, and Buy/Sell. These are now represented by a team of characters beside the Sage, and we're really excited about them as we think they represent those pillars quite well! Another step on making the house a home. Note: The forums are now at https://www.videogamesage.com/forums, so if you've bookmarked VGS, you'd want to update t
  3. An appraisal service assigns value, not grades. But how about a snazzy certificate haha? (The tiny writing says "pacman certified". So you know it's legit.) -CasualCart
  4. 35 years ago, two awesome people banged, and then I was born. Not much else happened until Xmas '97, when I got an N64 and the next few years were pretty sweet. It's been a long downhill coast since then... Until today!!! N64 fullset ACHIEVED!!! These 12 games hastily purchased from eBay over the last month or so represent the final push I needed to take me over the edge to the full 243 (plus) PAL N64 cart only set. The PAL N64 set is basically the core of my collection, not only for my ongoing (and also almost complete) quest for the worldwide frankenset of N64, but indeed t
  5. These Lemmings original paintings created for the first Lemmings game box are my newest additions. Original video game cover artwork is truely unique and are my favorite things to own. It’s not every day you find the painted title, so to be able to frame both originals together is amazing.
  6. Excited to get NewLeaf for my Genesis collection. I think this is the second thing I've ever wanted where found copies actually crashed the the price to something I'm willing to pay. The first would be Caltron 6-in-1. Still waiting on 100 games that won't happen to, but it's cool to get something I once thought was basically un-gettable.
  7. Took those consoles I was trying to sell to the local game store and turned them into credit. Took the credit plus some cash and got these (they didn't have anything I have left for NES). Both Phantasy Stars are comple and in very good shape and have the extras.
  8. Great stuff guys !! Love seeing your pickups Picked up this one! ive been wanting that one sealed for a long time as a childhood favorite and so hard to come by from what ive seen
  9. Really impressed with the new graphics. Great job guys!
  10. I’ve added a few nes games, I’m almost at 400.. which I’m thinking will lead to me making a thread to chronicle the back half of the library!
  11. Tetris attack nfr off ebay $13+shipping (seller did not list nfr in title). Cool Funcoland snes holder to boot.
  12. Spot-on. Two shoulder buttons are great. Four face-buttons are great. But two shoulder buttons AND four face buttons is overkill for most games. That may be the case, but to be fair its major competitor sounded like robot-farts... -CasualCart
  13. Last week I received a package I had purchased from a well known prototype collector that contained more than 100 NES prototype chips. Many are Tengen, many are just random development builds and many are currently unknown. I created this thread to document my journey through discovering what's on the chips, as well as preserving them for the future. Here is the load of various chips from various NES development companies: Yes, there are a lot to go through. I spoke with the seller and he told me he got many of them from an ex-developer at Tengen and as I looked through the mark
  14. Well guys, as I'm getting close to finishing up my N64 set, I decided it's time to dig deep and suck some DDong: Pretty happy with these, as a first effort, imported directly from Japan. Paid quite a lot, but less than usual eBay so I'm not bankrupting myself. Three of these are sealed too, so I know what I'll be sending to @VideoGameGradersLLC for my first order! If anyone has any of the other four titles I'm missing, I AM on the lookout for those, especially in sealed condition where possible, but obviously I know that at least two of those games are bas
  15. My coolest stuff is all homebrew. So I'd go with our resident brew authority @Ferris Bueller.
  16. I collect so I can show off to a bunch of random dudes online
  17. Misprints seem to follow me to work
  18. Got some more games: And also got this Super Nintendo set. It was released by Gradiente here in Brazil for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. It came with Super Mario World and International Superstar Soccer Deluxe carts and with a gold controller. Sadly, my copy is missing the ISS Deluxe manual. There was also an outer sleeve for the box that I'm missing and will be really hard to find. I'll probably have to get another console for the sleeve but it's very hard to find
  19. Cool day for arrivals, the first is a bit of a dodo to my understanding which leaves me now with one left to find for this series. The other is a big set I bought from a person on FB which helped fill in some gaps. Long way to go on GB though!
  20. Dave, Nobody is biting. Please don’t apply your eastern view of morality into our western discussion, you just dont understand.
  21. Added a few cool pieces to the collection this week
  22. Ahhhhhhhhhh yeeaahhhhh. Thanks @imabadguy1
  23. I got lucky this past Saturday and got this. The store owner gave me a decent trade credit amount and used it to get this gem.
  24. I already seen a lot of impressive collection full of "hot items" anyway I decided to present myself to the community and show off my collection. Retro Hits Limited Konami-Square and Nintendo Hardware F4F Statue: Morrigan Statue: Catherine
  25. Holy crap I took a solid shot in the dark when I saw that gamestop had the xbox one dark souls trilogy pre-owned and actually got it for $44.99 and it came with the steelbook! All the disks are in great shape as well. A rare win from ole gamestop
  26. So I found some games at a yard sale... I ended up paying $1 each and bought over 60 games from the lady just bc I left like is should've gave her your money worth for hooking me up on the Pokemon front. I got Platinum too but it's cart only. And I FINALLY got to add some 3DS games to the collection
  27. Finally got the upgrade I was hunting for, took about 4 or 5 months. Very happy with this!
  28. My hunt for Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards is over!
  29. Some great local pickups recently. $45 for a complete super gameboy. I guess I’m collecting Japanese game boy now? $70 for these three. The chrono trigger looks like it was played maybe once and the Zelda and Yoshi’s Cookie are in great condition.
  30. This arrived today. And to be honest, it was smaller than I anticipated. In all cases, this is the "20th anniversary" variant of the second print. The difference between a first and second print turned out to be which GBA design they were promoting. Where as this one has the "Happy! Mario 20" on top and the game design on the bottom. Which is a better option for me when it comes to my collecting goals. And helps cover a small gap since I have decided to put up a few games and Pokémon cards up for sale. (Selling them here is pending.)
  31. Hey, it's me again. @ctrujil24 helped me secure 3 more NP issues toward the full set as well as a strategy guide that I thought I already had but didn't? And the funny thing is we started the trade on another site. Holy grail find right here only because it confirmed a variant that I wasn't sure existed: Paid more than I wanted to, to knock out 3 hard to find Wii U titles. Also had to go second-hand for Alliance Alive HD but at least the price wasn't outrageous. Can you believe this is the first guitar hero game I've ever owned? Never bothered to pick up
  32. But my real vote probably has to go to the Bandai WonderSwan. It doesn't get much better than that. -CasualCart
  33. Right place right time I guess. Game shelf at this thrift was bare except usual Wii Fit and crappy PS2 sport games 5 minutes earlier. Only passed it again because I was looking for my wife, but I guess it had been restocked in the meantime. Paid <$30 for this lot.
  34. This picture shows the other Lemmings pieces. The other game cover is Lemmings 2 Oh No More Lemmings! The Floater with the umbrella was used on packaging as well and advertising.
  35. The SNES has one redeeming feature, so I think it's definitely a 2/10. Here is its redeeming feature: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Contra III, Kirby 3, Kirby Super Star, Turtles in Time, Super Metroid, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Sparkster, Goof Troop, Romancing SaGa 1-3, Kirby's Avalanche, Mario All-Stars, The Firemen, Skyblazer, Super Bomberman 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, X-Men Mutant Apocalype, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, King of Dragons, Go Go Ackman, Earthbound, Final Fight 3, Mega Man X 1-3, Soul Blazer, Batman Returns, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Pocky & Rock 1+2, Dragon Quest 5 and 6, Sup
  36. Ah, shmuzzlers (shmup + puzzler). I just like to say "shmuzzler."
  37. Picked up my preorder of New Pokémon Snap for the Switch, EB Games gave out these magnetic photo frames with each order. Definitely gonna use it, it’s cute! Also got Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered for the Switch.
  38. Added a bunch of game gear stuff, I only intended to get 2 of these but I figured why not since they were right there. If I find one more game I'll be done with what I wanted on the system after a decade of hunting.. One day
  39. Not at that price. And it being wata graded means nothing to me as far as added value.
  40. Okay so finally, let's get down to the REAL reason I went to all this trouble, and it's the games I just fuggin LOVE! Now, obviously we all know about the first party Nintendo games that really set this system on fire, the Mario's, the Zelda's, the Pokemon's, etc. So I don't really think it's necessary to bore you with them. Instead we'll set the tone with these: What can I say, fuggin RAREWARE boyzzzzz!!! The absolute creme of the crop, and another top of the line product of the UK, just like yours truly! Personal favourites here, of course, Goldeneye and PD, Banjo Kazooie,
  41. Recently got this guy in for my misprint collection cost $7
  42. The one screw Zelda? It’s absolutely real. I have picture evidence:
  43. Chauvin's reactions and demeanor are disturbing. Both while he is killing a guy and while he is being found guilty of murder he just sits there stone-faced like an unfeeling robot.
  44. Obvious 10 I think. Maybe not the million percent best, more varied library of games, that's likely PS2, but it's the library I like most. It went from Popeye and SMB to Kirby's Adventure and Gimmick. What other console has genres that evolve as much as Popeye to Gimmick? Maybe Atari 2600 which went from <Platform genre doesn't exist> to Pitfall II? But that couldn't go as far for things like RPGs, shooters, and adventure games. It brought the d-pad to consoles. Oh my god, forget the dumbass joystick controllers of the past. Can you imagine the NES controller, the perfect icon of a
  45. I just got this one back from WATA!: SMB - production run #7, the only non-rev A without a hangtab
  46. My crowning set is my Dragon Quest/Warrior collection; I maintain keeping at least one CIB copy of every US released Dragon Quest game...even if it's getting a bit ridiculous with the DQXI releases. I don't collect label variants, though, I used to have two variants of DW1, but I sold the extra some years ago. I also have a Metric ton of DQ merchandise, most of which I'll spare you all here.
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