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  1. Some things showed up today, and one package from Japan that I've been really excited for and has been a long time coming so to speak! Steambot Chronicles was the last game on my PS2 'to get' list; oddly enough, I've had the harmonica pre-order bonus all this time but not the game 0_o? The real excitement came in the form of the Fei Fong Wong version of the Xenogears Square Millennium collection, which I've wanted to get since I learned about it back in '08. I got an amazing price on it, so it was finally time! Next, I got the Mario Golf N64 I've been thinking about trying to pick up for a while, Mario Party Advance that I finally got for a sweet price, and the Pokémon Coliseum bonus disc...again. I had this when it came out, and a co-worker I knew asked me about borrowing it so his son could get Jirachi. I lent it to him, but his son was so happy when I met him that I let him keep it. It put the boy over the moon, so I don't regret it, but I was thinking about it the other day when I saw croagunk post his grail item, and so here I am with the promo disc again! I've heard/read/seen enough about Fossil Fighters recently that I think I might have slept on these I decided to get all 3 and am excited to try them with my son and daughter whose interests' have been piqued. And finally, still discovering more of the Gameboy library, I saw Pyramids of Ra, saw it was a puzzle game and felt compelled to pull the trigger; then I looked up Altered Space and it reminded me of Imagesoft's other games (which I enjoy with all their quirkiness). Lastly, I found a pristine copy of Kirby's Star Stacker, and I was like, 'Kirby + Puyo Pop = sign me up'. I'm really loving exploring the Gameboy library, there's just treasure everywhere to be found! Well, that's about it for now. Thanks folks and good luck on the hunt!
  2. A very poorly done Mercari listing netted me this nice little CIB Gamecube bundle for $70 (including taxes/shipping). It seems like an OK deal...until you realize the Ultimate Spiderman is sealed!
  3. My weekend is going to be consumed so I probably should have had nothing to be too thrilled about. Earlier ago I was hungry in a drive thru as I was out doing stuff, bored fired up facebook, saw this ad which had been up bout 30min. 5 items listed, untested, original owner stored the things. A weird quiz wiz knockoff, a merlin, a ferrari remote control car and sadly they were all broken...car is a mystery the others rotted. Recovered a pretty neat Split Second handheld, but this here, that's what made the $25 risk worth it. (Very clean, no damage, battery cover/serial # on back intact.) I've enough of these over the years, never had this one except on G&W Gallery GB.
  4. Scored a CIB copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. It was $15 at a thrift store.
  5. My idea was that since so many Megaman X3s have messed up labels, and since collectors hate 1:1 replacement labels, we should make replacement cartridges larger so they’re obviously replacements. Then you could have a larger sized high quality label too. Neat in its own way, without pissing off collectors: Credit due to Buyatari for the X3 complete artwork
  6. Whats the turn around right now on wata? Might buy one and get it graded.
  7. Off-Road Challenge is done. I did not enjoy this one very much.
  8. I probably play Super Mario Land more than SMB. Better? Probably not but it's pretty quick and dirty and I don't mind the shooter levels.. mixes it up a bit. The slightly varied bosses are a nice touch too.
  9. The short version: Early SNES have a glossy Made in Japan label that is super tough. Later labels (mostly "Made in Mexico") just have a fragile paper label.
  10. Another example if you were interested, just finished up another portion of this blanket.
  11. I have to choose my original FF for the nostalgia factor :
  12. Our lil family has been having a rough week, we had to say goodbye to our oldest cat the other day, but here goes the gets. A mishmash of cheap boxed games, some have inserts. Need to get me some Gameboy box protectors. Got my hands on Castlevania and MegaMan 2 Someone sold off their nicely taken care of carts to the local so I tried to buy a couple of em. New super Mario DS guide from the thrift for .50c, happy to add more ps3 RPGs including Rune factory! I don't know why but i bought re4 Wii, waggle away. Grabbed TH ride for $4 with the dongle, just what I needed more big accessories. Finishing the week with xbox Got a nice price on metal slug 3, never seen ultimate beach soccer around here but another tick off the list. First to fight and advent rising display only building up that weird variant art collection. I hope everyone has a great week, hug ya babies
  13. Guess my Grail is my WATA graded factory sealed FFX. But this is the very rare black label variant with the Square-Enix logos instead of Squaresoft. There just seems to be very few of these produced and I rarely see them for sale in used condition, let alone new. Not sure if I will sell it. I won't show the grade now but luckily it graded v ery high.
  14. Yes, I am happy to say it ended up being purchased by a member here. No hassle transaction and the buyer was great to work with. I’ll let them disclose any additional details if they decide to.
  15. Don’t judge. Plenty of grown men here still playing games designed for little kids. $10 at Target. This thing is really cool. It’s shaped like a Gameboy with a cartridge stuck inside. If you push down the cartridge it plays a song. In total there are like 9 songs I think. 5 of them are ripoff versions of Nintendo songs: -Zelda Gameboy -Mario NES -Tetris Gameboy -Kirby Gameboy -Pokémon Gameboy I don’t recognize the other songs. You can even input the Konami code on this thing and it lights up to congratulate you.
  16. Long awaited package from Japan arrived today! Stars of the show, two more sealed 64DD games for the collection! Just two more (impossible) games needed till I have all ten! Also picked up some N64 boxes I was missing to upgrade some loose carts. Sin and Punishment is an absolutely ESSENTIAL purchase, went without that box way too long. Got a decent price on AI3 mahjong as well, that's not easy to find: Loose, empty DK64 big box? I mean why not! And, finally, a bit of an impulse purchase that I really had no business bidding on, and probably overpaid for, but hey it's awesome, cool and mine now, so I love it: With a copyright date of 1977 on the box, this is officially now the oldest item in my collection! A true antique, I guess lol!
  17. I will gladly play SML over the original SMB game. It's a short run and fairly easy, but the twist on SMB with the shooter levels/bomb turtles/etc. is awesome. And the music! I love the music in SML, can't get enough of the Chai Kingdom music. SML2 being a hybrid of SML and introducing some SMW elements was also a fun. The music for Space Zone 2 is one of my favorite pieces of music in a game. It's so good, its practically up there with "Street of Rage" music.
  18. Revenge of the Sith on GBA is remarkably very very well done for a knights of the round-ish style side scrolling combat brawler, plus has multiple paths and stages for either Obiwan or Anakin too. Has this big skill tree to unlock as well to increase unique powers both have.
  19. in the mid 90s nintendo went cheap arse on the label using wax coating which wears out. it wasnt till the mid 2000 they wen back to plastic coated
  20. From what I’ve seen there are two types of non-glossy labels. The paper ones and the plastic ones with ink that rubs off. Megaman X3 is the latter. I think a few other late releases use this kind of label, if I’m not mistakes, some notables are Final Fight 3, Metal Warriors, Space Megaforce
  21. SML is awesome. Though, I'm also the weirdo who thinks that SMB2 (USA) is the best of the three NES games, so...
  22. Poor quality label plus it's an awesome game so lots of handling
  23. I enjoyed Jedi Power Battles on PSX and Dreamcast.
  24. I will add Jedi Academy Jedi Fallen Order.
  25. Wife was at the store and sent me a pic of this beer. Feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen (the blocks/bushes/mushroom all looked identical in the pic). She didn't get it so I can't post a review but thought craft beer drinkers on VGS would be interested.
  26. Doing my best John Wayne impersonation: "That'll be the day..."
  27. I know we have a couple of female members here, but man, I always get a chuckle when a member on a forum of 99% males puts that kind of pc stuff in his posts...
  28. Ive been ridiculed for suggesting such a thing with shooters @Richardheadand probably that damn tapeworm. feel like I have permission this week. @the_wizard_666, this plays right into your tired hands. Take some cash from the overall leader
  29. Wild. The price is at $2k at the time if this posting. Goodwill obviously knows what they have since there’s a reserve. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/123623470?fbclid=IwAR3Z9UAXiJcgvysAaPxtxC1BNZsAcOpT6NDWxm1HNwrrta7AJt12cmUtaWI
  30. I’m keeping mine sealed, but never been one for getting things graded. You joke now, but just wait till 10 years from now... you’ll see
  31. Oh and by the way, 100$ Bet thats marketed to parents because they recognize the game boy design and music and buy it for their baby
  32. Hahah I usually feel this way about Gene Simmons/Kiss. Do I blame Gene for exploiting is fans or the fans that are dumb enough to buy every piece of merch?
  33. It's definitely one of the more unique cart labels for NES. I like that the games are so varied, cover-wise.
  34. I rented Gun.Smoke based on cover art alone and it's been one of my favorite games since.
  35. Very sorry for your loss Estil
  36. Trading a large bulk of an unwanted and/or expendable collection for one easy to manage, easy to secure, easy to flip collectible (by comparison) is a better deal IMO. Also, congrats on the sale @Xjwebb1982
  37. Just watched the 1989 Batman and starting Batman Returns. HBO Max > Netflix
  38. That's a complicated question, because if I'm getting a 50% discount on a game, I would always buy it since I could turn around and sell it for a profit (either right away, or probably down the line assuming prices don't crash). It looks like Hexyz Force sells for around $300, so I would buy it for $150. But if its market value was $150, I wouldn't pay that amount for it.
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