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  1. Any love for the Tandy Color Computer 3? No? I’ll just see myself out...
  2. Guerrilla War (Oval Seal) Box: NES-GW USA (90726) Cart: NES-GW USA Manual: NES-GW USA (90727) Nintendo Power advert: PMG-QU-USA Smooth Black Dust Cover
  3. My wife is a duel citizen of Taiwan and UK, and so are my two kids. I'm just straight British, I couldn't get Taiwanese citizenship unless I gave that up, so I'm just gonna stick with that. Anyway, I think citizenship is stupid, I think people should be allowed to live wherever they want, as long as they pay their way.
  4. Kind of a necro-bump here but I’ve had luck with searching hashtags on Instagram. I purchased an item there that I’ve literally never seen on eBay. I searched the hashtag, found a pic, messaged the poster, made the purchase.
  5. I'm a week late, I had planned to post a week ago and never did, so now you are all getting bombarded, sorry. Finally found a complete Sonic Rush Adventure for $15 on FB Marketplace, didn't post it to my hunting thread though because it's a tiny bit water damaged and I'm not happy about that. Also finally picked up a sealed Pac Man Vs. for more than I could have years ago but whatever. Also picked up my first proto for one of my favorite Game Boy gems. Two more NP's toward the set... Collector friend of mine gave me this Wii bundle for free, he said he had it on eBay
  6. Woo. The first book had been chosen. The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. This will be discussion thread for the book. However I did ask before you write something please label your post with like the chapter or page number your on so that way if someone isn't that far yet they can easily avoid the post. Or just use the spoiler function. Post can be about what you did or didn't like, something that caught your attention in the story, etc.. this isn't highschool literature class, you won't be failed for not being complex enough. Current goal is t
  7. -ish? If I could find one (at a semi-reasonable price), I'm sure I would, lol. I've got a CoCo 2 that I enjoy occasionally, but there are a lot of CoCo 3 exclusive titles (including the two you pictured) that I've got on cartridge but haven't ever gotten to play due to not being able to lay hands on the system.
  8. Blinking light win https://www.arcadeworks.net/products/blw
  9. The damn Marlins are hard to catch. They keep jumping.
  10. That poor SNK game. For the record, I have no known inserts for all SNK games. Even a game like Crystalis only comes with the cartridge, manual, nintendo power insert, dust sleeve, plastic bag, and styrofoam insert.
  11. gb/a games: Also, still catching up on missing manuals: Lastly, two gcn games, both complete. The Canadian release of fzero gx I got for 28 GBP shipped I'm pretty sure this is the first time I get something for significantly less then the ebay going price.
  12. I’m not disputing the significant rise in popularity of games and as a form of potential investment. What I’m disputing is you’re equating the current market of video games to that of the speculation of other collectibles of yesteryear. Other markets have established themselves over decades, whereas video games retro market is nowhere near established. Also, your examples of established markets going 3 times more over several years of time lapse...this isn’t quite the same as what we’re seeing on HA auctions with prices jumping 10x to up to 50x of past values/sales. This is too much of a
  13. Deal! But are they already butchered or? Haven't had venison in years.
  14. No one biting on this yet? After the last one just sold for 50 grand? Fine, I'll do it! 50 bucks @fcgamer, and I'll take the fuggin Moonwalker in the background too!
  15. It's a good business model. Charge for different tiers of service, then send people back their games whenever you want anyway, lol.
  16. One of my favorite beers ever. I have one left saved.
  17. If it's weird then we are both weird
  18. Grabbed this with the Xbox stuff last time around, somehow missed it when emptying my backpack. WWiU Shitty kid's toy, but for $0.42, why not? Interestingly enough, it only arrived at the shop two days before I scored it.
  19. Day 31: The Best Picks for Each Day Day 1: [NES] [1989] Monster Party - Prologue - AstralSoul Day 2: [Atari 800] [1984] Ballblazer - Theme: Song of the Grid - rdrunner Day 3: [Gamecube] [2001] Super Monkey Ball - Alternate Main Menu - rdrunner Day 4: [Genesis] [1994] Castlevania: Bloodlines - Iron Blue Intention (Stage 4)- nesmaster14 Day 5: [PC] [2011] Terraria - Jungle - ZeldaFreak Day 6: [SNES] [1995] Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time - koifish Day 7: [Dreamcast] [2001] Sonic Adventure 2 - That's The Way I Like It (Metal Harbor) - AverageOliver98 Day 8: [SNES] [1994] Rex Ronan - Flyi
  20. I was planning to move on to super sprint tonight, but with all these big marlin catches, I may have to try for 1000 lber. I havent used a front loader in a long time, but I seem to remember having to press the game down to get it to work. How did you do that?
  21. So other than the cover of the clamshell, is there any actual difference between these releases? The cart and manual look to be exact. I'm just curious how one would know if they're buying the original or Sega Classics in a cart only situation, or maybe someone swapped the box at some point, etc... Is the PCB different? Sega Classics https://i.imgur.com/5X6eRvc.png OG https://i.imgur.com/oorQpl4.png
  22. Nice to see a proper Marlin on the board! Where’s Skinny’s @docile tapeworm I know you ain’t bringing back some lame ass shark.
  23. The US military literally trained their soldiers to hide the fact that they are American. They didn't out right say it but if you don't visually claim to be American then you claim to be Canadian and slap the maple leaf flag on your backpack/luggage. I'm from the Midwest so I can totally pass as a polite Canadian. I have no issue with dual citizenship. Especially if the new citizenship is for the place you currently live. Too many Americans believe US citizenship has to be earned yet vast majority just happen to be born in America and never server in a public service role. YET there ar
  24. All right, this is the best I'm going to do. @dvertov got me by a pound, I see.
  25. @spacepup‘s question totally reminds of when my wife and I first started dating. It was back when all the physical book stores were actively shuttering and we used to go around seeing what we could find. Pick up this beautiful hard cover faux leather Hitchhikers Guide compendium on the cheap. At some point she loaned it out and it was never heard from again. Haven’t been able to find an adequate replacement since.
  26. Oooooh I gotcha. Yea I don't think there is majorly different release. I tend to see the biggest difference with longer books, this one is fairly short.... ish lol
  27. Hello Video Game Sage. My name is Aetius. I joined today. Someone I spoke to online said this site is a good place for people like me. I am recently retired but worked for a long time in the game industry. I setup a twitter and archive.org account to share things from my days in the industry. I will try post something once a week to have a schedule. If people prefer I can post links to items here also. This is the twitter if anyone wants it https://mobile.twitter.com/aetiusforreal And this is the archive.org https://archive.org/details/@aetius_for_rea
  28. Yeah we can't always trust eBay sold listings to equate to transactions that have gone through to an actual buyer. So many sellers "buy" their own game just to relist it endlessly or bidders make some bs excuse that they didn't mean to bid. How much consideration do you put on market manipulation tactics and illegitimate buyers like these and beyond? Not sure what kind of measures could even prevent counting fake sales retroactively, maybe somehow tracking the sales for "seller has relisted this item" kind of activity but maybe some items would be relisted without that function too.
  29. It’s dangerous to compare the market of video games being the same trend as art/coins/comics. The rarities and high end prices are generally agreed upon by veteran collectors in those realms of collecting. With the current bids on game items on HA, who are the veteran collectors that are in agreement that this is a fair reflection of the game collecting market?
  30. You're confusing regular people's beat up loose cart collections with WATA graded 9.8+++++ first print edition of [Insert first game in very popular franchise here] primo games...
  31. Hey that WWiu would be far more fun than an original at this point, and the menu responds a lot faster and smoother as well.
  32. Not dinner per day but it's a blueberry, raspberry, and apple vegan crumble. Which has almonds, pecans, and walnuts in it. Idk if I can wait for it to cool off.
  33. Nice! thanks so much. Mystery solved. I actually have Race with Ryan Deluxe as a seperate release - does it use the same icon/save? (my deluxe is probably still sealed lol). Just tested it: Same Save... original 1.0.0 updates to 1.0.4 on Road Trip... moving to rereleases haha Also, if you don't mind @Mr. CIB , can you snap a quick pick of the spine for Mario + Rabbids Gold?
  34. I obviously agree with most of what you say, but I have to point out that I feel you are off base with your comments about the PS4. If you didn't care for the PS3 generation because of the number of FPS's and sandbox games, that's understandable, but the PS4 seems to have avoided that. The PS4 generation has exploded with more indie games than anything before it. There are so many different and unique games on that console. I've said it before, but I consider the PS4 to be one of the greatest consoles of all time because it has one of the most unique libraries of all time. I own several hu
  35. During bad times, whether it be angry or sad. My go to is Fight Night. Been playing lots of Fight Night lately.
  36. Is it weird that I actually have some nostalgia for those types of toys?
  37. OK, I started Bases Loaded 4. Was anybody else working on this? If not, I'll keep going through this slog.
  38. I have a very large collection,but these items are my most prized in my collection..
  39. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy this movie. Ack ack ack! 10/10
  40. I went back, had to, a few things just bugged me and thankfully it was still there. Another $25 for these, so there goes the $25 I saved yesterday (hah.) They're all new. RT2 though you can see it blown open, the sticker seal got so crusty and crispy it cracked open. Inside though the game is still in the cardboard mount with shrinkwrap around it, no way anyone could slide it out without breaking the box in some obvious way. The RTS and railroad sims are personal favorites of mine from 20 years ago. I hope I can find a way to get them to work on my PC, I know gog has RT2 upgraded, but th
  41. Thank you to all those who participated in the 31-Day Video Game Music Challenge 3. If you'd like to know where any of the assets used in the banners came from, just ask(spoiler: its either 'The Spriters Resource', some random website, or homemade).
  42. Ceci n'est pas une Axelay
  43. Only thing better then finding my lost copy of loz:ww? ... Finding my old memory card with all the save files inside: I'm most happy about 212 trophies in the ssbm save file from 2008. Now I'm going for all of them, and finish what I started more then a decade ago.
  44. Not sure if we crashed to avoid the Space Bandicoot or because we hit the Space Bandicoot Crossing sign. Also, obligatory meme phrase .
  45. I cleared Robocco Wars [Famicom] a few days ago! It's a platformer / shooter hybrid, and I feel like it mixes the genres better than Xexyz [NES]. The shooter sections are the better half, though, since the momentum-physics of the platforming is awkward. @Sumez put this game on my radar last year, and I'm so glad I got myself a copy, because it's probably in my top 10 8-bit Nintendo games now. (Also the fact that you play as a train-based mech is the best thing ever haha). -CasualCart
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