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  1. I hope I'm not double posting anything, this has been a very busy week so I've had a hard time keeping track ha ha One of my LRG orders from a looooong time ago finally arrived: Made some random deals including picking up a first print BotW for Wii U: I asked on here if Oceanhorn was worth getting and someone told me to download the demo but then I found a decent deal on a used copy so here we are (still haven't played it though): Went to GameStop to return something (oh, you order something online and you don't get the pre-order bonus but they don't tell
  2. I did a slight modification to this area I posted a few days ago, I made the Pac-Man decor on the left longer and also added some new trinkets to the MM cabinet, figured why not
  3. 3 week trip in summer of 2000 for high school. Went to Trier, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich, and others. It was wonderful! I visited the grave of Bach, ate half chickens from street vendors every day, and had a family stay with a young man who had a marijuana plant growing in his bedroom. Fond memories!
  4. So I Stopped actually buying games (or even thinking about collecting- still played) for a year or so, and focused on other stuff. I actually finished my full NTSC-us set minus SE before I had stopped, too. I Trimmed down a lot of non-cart based stuff to focus my collection. hope @Reed Rothchildand @docile tapeworm enjoy some of those games. (And anyone else who I sold to, thanks) For the near future I am going to Get back into 3-screw/5screw, Revision and label art variants, and after that I will tackle unlicensed. Went on a bit of a spree after my PP account got stacked
  5. I got a couple CIBs off the list. The top of Kid Icarus is damaged and Pokemon Stadium shows some wear but I can't complain for the prices I got.
  6. You know from my time over there I really learned to appreciate a quality Pilsner just kept in a cool place. I think the warmer temperature brings out the flavors and I’m pretty sure that’s why the American paradigm is ice cold. It helps hide the fact that it tastes like shit.
  7. Grüß Gott! Ich habe gewohnt aus Augsburg von 1990 bis 1992. Pop was in the army a pulled a tour in Germany for a couple years in the early 90s. It was awesome. I went back in early 2000s for a couple of weeks. Love the food, the beer and the fests!
  8. 9/10, but I wouldn't give any home console 10/10 for that matter, so it's maximal. But granted, it's not for everyone. If you hate good games, the system is probably not for you.
  9. Another one bites the dust. Super Metroid down. I’ve started this game so many times over the years and then got distracted by another game. That’s why I thought it would be a perfect game for the backlog. Glad to have finally finished it. Not my favourite Metroid game but still a fantastic game overall.
  10. Liq didn't have my go to Extra Gold so I decided to try some (gasp) craft. Took me 15 minutes to choose the Upslope lager. It's aiight.
  11. I don't know if my idea is popular or not, but I don't monitor stuff actively unless I'm really after it, and IT is Gameboy family games. Suddenly with the start of this year prices spiked on all sorts of stuff that in all reality never should have like 2x or higher basically like overnight as December to Jan-Feb is jarring. So to answer your question. My market value is 2020 and before. I refuse to be clowned and taken advantage of by predatory people looking to wreck another platform. I also feel it's temporary unlike many others, it's currently in a fishing stage. From what I've s
  12. Ok, so I borrowed a power supply from a guy at work for my n64. Turns out, it works like its brand new!!!!!!! So crazy that no real good aftermarket ps have been made for the poor red headed stepchild of nintendo Anyway, went ahead and and did this: NFL Quarterback club 98 beaten with the best team @ZeldaFan042 That's how Favre does it buddy!!!!!
  13. I remember when PC and GVN was where you started with price as a seller and worked your way down to meet in the middle with a buyer. Now it’s become where you start and add 20% and don’t bother negotiating. If you’ve got a store and employees sure I get you have overhead but a lot of people are just getting greedy; which is fine because it is your property. It’s really the buyers pushing the market up anyways, apparently people who buy video games have all hit the lottery recently and are paying $50 for River City Ransom.
  14. I wanted to share some restorations that I did recently. These are restored more in terms of functionality rather than physical outlook. 1) I got this Pokemon Red that had an issue displaying some of the sprites. They just show up as weird boxes instead of the actual image. Pics from seller because I forgot to take my own before fixing it. I searched around on Google and most people said the SRAM needed to be replaced. I didn't want to do that and decided to try fixing it myself. I noticed the game wasn't saving even though the save battery was still good at a solid 3v. Tha
  15. More CIB Sega games: More Playtronic games and one 3DS game:
  16. I can tell you exactly what they're doing wrong in their API. I wrote my own competitor with my own API script and compared it to both Price Charting and Game Value Now for sales of 1942 which seems to be the most commonly sold game I see. Mine caught 8 of the 9 recent listings, Price Charting caught 1 and Game Value Now caught 0. Once it goes live soon, you'll see what I mean and you'll no longer have this problem.
  17. And finally! I’ve completed Donkey Kong Country 2! After having finished it I have a hard time still saying that I like the first one better because I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia. This game was very fun and crisp, good graphics and controls. Only a few levels really tripped me up (as the first did too). The levels were definitely more inspired from the first one. My only real complaints are that saving costs 2 coins after the first time and that stupid dang snake. Geez I hated those levels. Overall, very much. 8/10
  18. Spring(or Fall) is almost here and with it... THE 31-DAY VIDEO GAME MUSIC CHALLENGE 3 !!! Guidelines/Rules The current day in March corresponds with the day listed above (ie: March 5th is Day 5). When making your list (Day 1 through 30), please confine it to a single post and edit it as the days go on. And when linking the song videos, make sure they are text links, not in-thread videos. Day 31 will be an exception as it will be an entirely separate list. If you would like to participate, but are worried that you might not be able remember to
  19. Hey all, I need to clean out some stuff, starting with guides and paperwork. Exact shipping will be added. I'm happy to make deals if you buy more as I really don't want to send out 30 individual guides. Most of the guides are in excellent shape, I have had them all for many years. Let me know if you need additional details on anything in specific. Thanks! Lots of books, magazines and guides Metroid prime trilogy poster (New) Came with Wii Steel Book LE $10 Xenoblade Chronicles art book $8 Luminous Art - Atlus (Free with a
  20. Lived there? Loved there? Studied German in school? German native? Just like the food? Do Angela Merkel cosplay?
  21. I lowered your post count by 2 because I am spiteful.
  22. Some mail arrived for me yesterday! This was a bundle I bought for $100 Canadian, and I'm really happy about it! (Not pictured is a boxed Gauntlet II that came with it that I intend to sell off) Kung Fu is obviously for the Canadian pixel art set, and it's nice to get another good tab on the back! The cover is somewhat sun faded, but I'm not terribly picky about condition outside of squashing. It's a nice addition to the set, and the fact that it came with two other games I was planning to get made it worth it. I have a soft spot for Hudson even though their games tend to be p
  23. I gave it a 7/10. I remember seeing my buddy playing Wave race and was blown away with the 3D. I chose it over the PS1 and Saturn at the time. I justified my purchase because at the time I was really into first person shooters. I loved the first Turok, Doom 64, Duke Nukem 64. But hated Goldeneye(Fight me! lol) I love Ogre Battle 64 and Rogue Squadron. The Nintendo titles like Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64 among others I still enjoy to this day. Still pissed Robotech Crystal Dreams never saw the light of day!
  24. His favorite console isn't out yet. Be another 20 years, allowing 5 year lifecycles.
  25. Ha! That’s so funny you mention that. I remember when that happened. I spent a year studying at the University of Leipzig from ‘06 - ‘07. Everyone was up in arms about it and they were getting no sympathy from me. Oh, the number of jaws that dropped when I told the how much it was costing me a semester.
  26. From the archives: Mar 26, 2013 at 4:43:33 AM Crabmaster2000 (59) avatar (K P) < Lolo Lord > Posts: 1860 - Joined: 10/04/2009 British Columbia Profile ¤ Send PM Originally posted by: WashYourFace OK I'm going to give Bases Loaded II a shot. Crabmaster, any tips? Especially for hitting? When batting always swing to the wide when you get the chance, but not in the top zone. For example when left handed only swing when you can connect on the bottom right or right middle areas. I'm not positive, but I feel like you have a much higher chance of getting
  27. silver is available, gold and platinum are sold out. the only benefit you get is a discount when you submit a minimum of 20 cards at a time, and they all have to fall in one of their categories (different years for sports cards but trading cards are all one category). otherwise you’re paying at least $50/card and who knows how long the turnaround time is. and you could be forced to pay more depending on the value. https://www.psacard.com/pricing
  28. I wouldn't know the first thing to do with that, but megabucks I doubt that. Here ya go, wasn't kidding that's the card.
  29. out of all the comic cards i only kept this one because....fucking cletus cassidy am i right?
  30. Thank God I didn't send these cards to @docile tapeworm.
  31. ...And since SE came first, WCTM is the duplicate, so I'll assume you are now changing your request to have the Full NES set count minus WCTM???
  32. hey watch out cus she'll break your heart and you won't feeel it!
  33. Rockin out to Easy Lover on my way home from work. Gonna be a good weekend.
  34. Man, there have been some really good suggestions so far. I'll follow up mine with another song from an '80s movie classic since Rocky needs a movie poll too.
  35. I finally beat Doom 64. Really good game and it still holds up. I loved the weapon selection, the atmosphere and the crazy action. However, I'm not a big fan of platforming sections in FPS games. I already disliked them in Turok and they're only slightly better here. Also, sometimes it was very confusing where I had to go or to figure out what certain switches did. It's not very intuitive in every level and I struggled in some. Next up is Hexen, which at first glance doesn't seem to be nowhere near as good as Doom 64. But we'll see.
  36. DAY EXPLANATION, SERIES/FRANCHISE DIFFERENTIATION, AND Q&A Transcribed Day Chart and Explanations/Clarification If Needed Day 1 - Introduction/Prologue - Plays Before or After Title Screen Day 2 - Title Screen Day 3 - Menu/Stage Select Day 4 - Heroic Day 5 - Forest/Jungle Area Day 6 - Music from a Game You Don't Like Day 7 - Rock Music Day 8 - Educational Games Day 9 - Games Made Since January 2010 Day 10 - Underrated Music Day 11 - On the Open Seas/Skies - Boat/Airship Areas Day 12 - Music from a Game That You Never Played Day 13 - Prototype/Scrapped/Unreleased Music - Differe
  37. This was a tough one because of these 8 songs, I'd only listen to 2 of them and none are great. 2,2,2,2. I'm going to suggest a couple big ones from my college town. B-52s If that's to much for you then R.E.M.
  38. Technically I'm using their API to scrape data. It was murder to try and interpret but I have it figured out now, it works great. It's already live, I just don't want to post it yet until I get all the required data in there. I'm currently using assets I don't own so I need to work that out first.
  39. The platform has a huge effect on the value. If I sell something on HA vs eBay vs privately on VGS, it's going to sell for 3 different prices. I guess that's because of fees (and the stuff those fees pay for), which people are willing to pay to get more eyeballs (or the right group of eyeballs) on their listing. If you try to sell something on Reddit for the exact value shown on PC or GVN, which are eBay prices, you're going to get some pushback. Maybe there needs to be separate tracking tools for non-eBay platforms.
  40. Some cool bits this go round and also some that I just picked up cuz they were cheap. The 3 bottom are just boxes.
  41. Definitively had more difficulty picking this time, I'm kind of lost when it comes to modern pop. Nice suggestions so far, I'll go with this one although they deserve their own thread in my opinion:
  42. 2, 2, 2, 1. Wasn't familiar with the songs of the 3rd and 4th choices at all. I'll suggest:
  43. Super custom cart. Has all (4) TMNT games on NES, on one cart! Just hit reset to cycle through the games. Only 10 made
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