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  1. The Ultimate Stuntman. Unlicensed NES game by Codemasters, published by Camerica. Great action/adventure game, better than famous Spy Hunter in my opinion. Nice example of unlicensed game with AAA projects quality!
  2. Oh I don't know about that. I think Lucasarts and Midway did a very good job at pumping out some quality releases. The whole small run of Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff was top notch. And then Midway, it was a sliding scale but they did excellent arcade conversions and some sequels and knowing what I do having worked there and seen the last Blitz being tested on N64, they seemingly cared to try harder on N64 than PS1 for games both systems got. Look up the display, and general frame rate and performance of the N64 vs PS1 games, the PS1 versions were atrocities in some cases. Mind y
  3. Ok that policy list of theirs, if they can manage that I LOVE it. Bot crushing, actively monitoring pre-sell units being scalped on ebay and elsewhere. Canceling sales of those who do it, reporting to get accounts busted on sites who host it. If only all companies were that assholish against scumbags. I'll just have to see how it plays out with their Pocket attempt, and honestly, the Duo too (not buying it, but curious.)
  4. I started working on Krusty's Fun House today, will probably beat it later today or tomorrow. I tried out a bunch of other games in the list and...wow some of them are really rough. After this I'll probably jump right into Bases Loaded 2, so this will be my last for the rush to 600. Looks like we're going to fall behind 2015, but considering the number of participants, I think we're doing just fine!
  5. Bought some Dajia noodles tonight and made this. Made my own spicy black bean, garlic fish sauce for on it too.
  6. It seems like an especially dumb decision coming off the back of blowing up your relationship with your largest trading partner, which also happens to be the world's biggest single trading bloc, right on your front door step... But whatever, as long as China don't bomb Taiwan I'm just pointing and laughing and buying up cheap money as the value of the Pound craters!!
  7. However, with the rise of management by bots, political correctness, quantum computing fabrication, design over function and digital fart ownership combined with the recent taste for mediocrity from various worldwide monopolistic internet actors such as Paypal, Amazon and Google, it seems harder, if not impossible for companies of our size to get paid for our work.
  8. Just got my first graded game back. Very happy with the score. I got this game while working at Square Enix.
  9. Nice try, guys ... but I think we all know the only pedigree that really matters. -CasualCart
  10. I knocked it out today in about 1 hour. Took a break after driving myself nuts yesterday. Great game but I’m never playing it again lol. Off to something I can save and come back to.
  11. Your opinion does ring true though,as the collector that I got this cart from did mention that they got it in a lot they bought from someone in SA ..I must point out the PCB on the Capcom label valiant has G6-USA printed on it like the label ,but the rom on the PCB is exactly the same as the one in the standard/regular US release..
  12. Coffee and water, while enjoying the only good view of the day.
  13. Well I don't much care about if the n64 vs ps1 had ports, that was still an era most people just owned one console. The rabid thought of pokemoning every console on the market didn't kick off until after when it starting hitting some extremes. Despite that though, yeah Konami and Capcom put dozens more games on Sony, no surprise, optical is cheap. But exclusives, Capcom...zero. Konami though did, quite a bit which was a surprise. 2 Goemon games, Hybrid Heaven, the broken beta Castlevania then the complete Legacy of Darkness, and there are others. The indy/star was ones thankfully were if
  14. Hey, I've got a working Game Gear and a decent box of games! I'd love to explore those some more. But I agree, it would be a struggle to get any decent activity in that thread. Maybe someday though. Lots of overlap between the GB library and GG library. Meanwhile I knocked out some EZPZ's: Casper, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, and Wordtris (no ending screen) Gotta catch up!
  15. Nice, that looks like a really clean copy! There's a mission mode in the game, go ahead and complete all the missions to unlock a secret mission. I'd say finishing the secret mission is a good requirement, there aren't any credits to be seen anywhere. The secret mission itself is basically credits though.
  16. I'm shipping it to mah boi @Jeevan! He's my personal mail handler over there, so I can avoid the maximum reamage possible! Also, to be sure, we can't ACTUALLY preorder yet, right? We just gotta be ready when it goes live... I hope I'm not asleep when it goes up!
  17. 7/10 because I got to glay video games with my grandma, that had polio (remember that?) Game itself was as simple as it needed to be, and Mii’s of yourself were cute. For the youngins, Polio is a disease that isnt really around anymore and means she couldnt walk.
  18. GOAT game for me, 10/10. No shame. It defined an era and revitalized Nintendo home consoles after a decade of duds. I maxed out my score on Tennis one summer, played golf with my friends for money and bowled with my grandma before she passed. I can't even think of a party game that might be a close second. Wii Sports blow the competition out the water.
  19. ^Love your username, Luther! Speaking of Atari (and more than likely my first game)...
  20. This isn't my project, but it looks pretty cool. I guess this programmer made a bunch of Flash game back in the day, and they're putting one of them out for release on Game Boy. I love little projects like these, so I wanted to share it here. Hopefully, it does well and hits the backing target. There are a handful of limited edition copies as one of the tiers, for those interested in that kind of thing (like me!). Cheers! http://kck.st/3pHwEWT As always with Kickstarters, remember there is a risk involved with getting the end product. I've been lucky to only have a single unful
  21. Before I was born my Mom had an Atari 2600 with a small pile of games. So I guess that would be it but I dont know exactly what she had. When I was older I remember playing Pac Man, Frogger, Warlords, Volleyball, Jedi Arena, Barnstorming, and Kaboom. It was hooked up to an old black and white TV in our basement and I didnt know Atari games were in color until much later in life. I remember being like 4 or 5 and my parents getting a NES on layaway. Came with a Mario/ Duck Hunt. Probably in 91 or 92. We slowly got secondhand games from garage sales and flea markets. I remember DuckT
  22. Are you talking about this ? No ,I am not interested in trading /or selling it ..I am a big MM collector ,and this cart is a very big part of my collection..Anyway good luck with the hunt !
  23. I guess I'll have to watch for the Super NT restock so @BriGuy82 doesn't beat me to it.
  24. One thing I think makes PS3 collecting around the time where at least full-set collectors might not care so hard is that there are at least a few "coasters" - games that literally do not function AT ALL anymore. OP ( @Joyomofrobro )has one in their photo: Square no longer supports FFXIV on PS3 - you literally cannot play it at all. Same goes with actually one of my favorite FPSes of the console - MAG. Both of these games were online-only, making the discs entirely useless. Granted, they're not rare by any stretch, but when you start looking at, for instance, the expa
  25. I just got my first graded game back from Wata. It was a game, I picked up while working at SE. I was pleasantly surprised with the score ...
  26. Super amazing! First actual video of a landing on Mars! Here's Navcams 360-Degree Panorama Oh, and here is what Mars SOUNDS like
  27. Welp BotW sequel didn’t drop yesterday. Time to lock this up.
  28. Yes! Finally Atari Flashback 64 getting recognition. Space Invaders is included!
  29. There is. I was able to use one during a hospital stay. These Starlight Kiosks are amazing and do bring kids some joy in a time of uncertainty. They have also partnered up again to roll out the Nintendo Switch. I really wonder what hospitals do with these after several years. It would be nice to see some of these older systems rolling around hospitals.
  30. i didnt even realize this was a thing. and it seems there is a pretty big split over how buyers leave feedback. for me, as a buyer, i feel like its part of my responsability to leave feedback first. it lets the seller know i am satisfied with the transaction. but it seems some people believe there part, as the buyer, is done once they pay in a timely manner. as a seller i apparently "hold feedback hostage"... so be it.
  31. You are correct ,i worded my initial response to your question in a badly .I should of wrote like a late release NTSC cart ,as I do have a NTSC “Surprise at Dino Peak “that has a back that looks like some carts that come from SA ..So yes you are correct in your information.I do not have the Playtronic valiant MM6 ,so I can’t compare it to that ..
  32. It removes access to clothing for those who need it?? It's a thrift store! There's always tons of clothes, just not the hidden gem $75 vintage t-shirt or designer boots. When I give stuff to Goodwill, I do it with the hope that someone will score something nice for $1 rather than have it end up in a landfill.
  33. Yeah... and by yeah, I mean NOPE!!
  34. Ya, she got a few dings, but the sticker is pretty nice and the pins are pretty clean as well
  35. I don’t think our views are directly opposing. I tend to agree with most of what you said. The Star Wars games were generally quality and some exclusive or cross-platform games here and there that are worth some game time. However, you hit the nail on the head in your last sentence “People seem to have thin memories when it comes to N64 saying it didn't have games or good stuff, it did, you just had to open your eyes and bother to look because it's there, just not large amounts of it annoyingly.” The key point we’re agreeing on is that the good stuff was rather a small sample size, and mo
  36. This is kinda a step above fast food but I've already gone on record as saying Kentucky Fried Chicken (original of course) is better than s...e...x...
  37. A GBA game that was changed to Banjo Pilot: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banjo-Pilot
  38. Welcome to another edition of this weeks gets! Gotta start with the xbox, another one off the list and also found this beaut... Local gamestore had it in, I really don't think they tested it because the power block bundled with was out of spec and not even close. Looking for a plug, these should be the specs I need.. input: 120V AC 60Hz 20W Output: 12V DC 850mA Outer negative, inner positive I don't expect much from it, even back when these were new they were garbage.. may even mod down the line with a better screen. However as a novelty, attached to an xbox the thing
  39. You may have thought the Nintendo Switch was the ultimate portable console, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. Nintendo's Starlight Gaming Station - not a new console, per se, but a special version of the Switch designed for hospitals and healthcare centres - comes equipped with 25 games, and can be rolled around to different rooms. The Gaming Station, which is the latest collaboration between Nintendo and Starlight, was announced last year at the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital located in Tacoma, Washington. The same hospital was the first to receive the console, which comes in four designs
  40. Some blister packs can simply be "re-snapped" to close them, but a secure package from a legit retailer is usually damaged when opened. I suppose it might be possible to open one of these with a heat gun and then reseal, but it would be obvious once you actually get the item and open it. If you're interested in purchasing, I'd just ask for more and better pictures. Also, that price is outrageous.
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