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  1. This was listed a lot cheaper than it should’ve been.
  2. Nice try, guys ... but I think we all know the only pedigree that really matters. -CasualCart
  3. These are some holdovers from my last large lot that I just got around to unpacking. I decided to spend my free time the last couple weeks doing a little bit of day trading and crypto investing, which was fun and made me money instead of costing me money, but doesn't fill the shelves. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to my usual habits this week. Also, I'm starting to accumulate quite a few Sega CD doubles, so hit me up if you're looking to get into that system.
  4. Here's an Error spotlight I've wanted to do for a long time in this entry we will go over what the "error" is and how to find it as well as a theory as to what happened with this particular game. This one was brought to my attention years ago from a post on digitpress. what exactly is the misprint? The back of the box appears to have the back of F-22 Interceptor instead of the normal back cover. I couldn't believe it when I eventually came across one which i had to import myself to get. I then began to scrutinize the covers after receiving both copies. I will show you what the difference
  5. Alright, I had a bad week but I'm determined to get back in the game... I'm determined to get back N the game this week. I was looking at 2013, and they (actually "we," a lot of those people are still around) had a stronger January than we did in 2021. But after they to about where we are now, it all slowed wayyyyy down and they never passed the 130's. So we definitely can't get too comfortable. (not that I think we are.) I went ahead and "beat" Golden Nugget because it's easy and I want to get back on the board.
  6. https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/20/22292964/dinosaur-planet-rare-n64-game-leak-star-fox Hopefully one day we will see Conker's Twelve Tales leaked as well!
  7. Just got this stunner in for less than $120 all in, CIB with most of the shrink still on, will replace another one I have in worse shape
  8. On (1) -- from the time the $600 second checks were issued, pretty much the only line of discussion I ever saw about "$2k" was that there was going to be an additional $1.4k to true-up to the originally proposed $2k. On (2) -- I have mixed feelings about it. Even $10k loan elimination is a huge boon to borrowers. On (6) -- while I definitely think minimum wage increases are due, I have fundamental disagreements with shoe-horning them into other high-priority bills rather than debating them on their own merits. EDIT: and in the wake of Trump, I would much rather h
  9. I completely agree that 35 is an unusual anniversary to make a big deal out of, but I also think Nintendo should be consistent with their big IPs. It just seems odd that they would make a huge deal out of 35 years for Mario, but not for Zelda. I now Mario is a bigger deal, but Zelda is still up there.
  10. I just discovered that Nintendo's disc based games have date codes on them, so I figured I share for the two people that care about this stuff. To figure this out, I scraped some GameCube ring codes from http://redump.org/discs/system/gc/region/Am/. My scraper sucks but it pulled 364 codes which is good enough for my purposes. If you turn over any Nintendo disc (GameCube, Wii, or Wii U) there are three relevant codes. I've highlighted them on my Wind Waker disc below. The red code (C03B2606 on my disc) is the code that contains the date code. It is in the format AYYMDDBB.
  11. Yes! Finally Atari Flashback 64 getting recognition. Space Invaders is included!
  12. What's so special about the number 35? 25 is big, as that's a quarter century; likewise, the decade anniversaries are obviously big (20, 30, 40, etc); 50 is going to be huge, but wtf is so special about 35 that has a thread going six pages on with all this wishful thinking???
  13. Hello Video Game Sage. My name is Aetius. I joined today. Someone I spoke to online said this site is a good place for people like me. I am recently retired but worked for a long time in the game industry. I setup a twitter and archive.org account to share things from my days in the industry. I will try post something once a week to have a schedule. If people prefer I can post links to items here also. This is the twitter if anyone wants it https://mobile.twitter.com/aetiusforreal And this is the archive.org https://archive.org/details/@aetius_for_rea
  14. I think you're both right for two reasons: Playstation brand is more valuable than Xbox right now Regarding NA, 3rd party games generally sold worse on PS3, so there are fewer copies available Which is hilarious because almost every multiplatform game runs better on 360, so people would be shelling out more money for the worst version of a game. But them's the breaks.
  15. Did anyone check out the video yet? It's amazing!
  16. I'm pretty sure that's basically it. The same year was Mario's 40 year anniversary, so they could have gone for a nice round number if they wanted to, instead of going by the anniversary of one of his more iconic games.
  17. No matter how bad I needed that, it would be hard for me to pull the trigger
  18. Just figured they’re making a trend out of doing something For every 5th anniversary. They did a 35 for Mario, why not also Zelda?
  19. Warlords is still a great couch party game to this day. The arcade cocktail is even better. But yeah, Atari started the 4-player way of gaming, but, as someone said, Nintendo popularized it with the N64, due to the size of the game industry by that point compared to when Atari was pioneering the industry. I know most of you probably only have ever played MULE on the NES, but if you ever find yourself with an Atari 800 computer, try MULE on that. Much better than the NES version!
  20. I think this is the core issue - lack of third party support. And for what support there were, the only 2 companies that seem to understand the console intricacies were Nintendo themselves and Rare. Other companies were seemingly pumping out generic titles or were probably more focused on the PlayStation 1. Thankfully Nintendo were still at their inventive best and games like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Zelda Ocarina, Smash Bros ensured Nintendo fans were still kept interested. Without the interest, the GameCube may not have happened, and perhaps then no Switch! Another point is
  21. 0/10. One of the worst atrocities to ever blight gaming.
  22. With this victory, you're now first in the pain points standings! Starting to get a clear hold on second overall, too.
  23. Side Pocket is finally done. Got busy and side tracked a few times, mostly by @Jeevanthreads, but its done. That game is hard as shit, but so much fun once you git guud. Im actually going to miss playing pool a little bit each night. I will be buying the snes version quickly
  24. There were attempts before, but N64 really pushed 4-player games as not just a gimmick, but as the stardard for every multiplayer game and console to follow. This was a game changer.
  25. Just want to say THANKS to @Red for doing this! Without this I definitely wouldn't have played these games near as much as I ended up doing. The rulesets (same with the GB contest a year ago) were well-done and fair, and it really was great to play so much VB. No headaches at all! Of course I wish there had been some more participation, but I'm glad that @ZeldaFan042 was at least a constant rival, all while destroying tons of N64 games for the N64 thread. I was already decently familiar with most of these games, but I've never played any of them (except Nester and Teleroboxer) as muc
  26. That's it for the final week! Congratulations to @ZeldaFan042 for taking first place this week and @Splain for taking first place on the leaderboard. We didn't get many participants, but hopefully those who did join in had a good time.
  27. There's two Zelda games coming out this year (I'd assume). Expecting anything else is just setting yourself up for the fail.
  28. Let's be honest, people only played this game because it came with the system. I know I would've never bought it on its own. I didn't think it was all that impressive and I never got used to or liked the motion controls th Wii forced on everyone. Wii Sports is, at best, a demo of the shoddy motion controls and I think the games fun lasted me an hour at most in it's total lifespan. 4/10
  29. Easiest 10/10 I've ever given. If I could give it higher than a 10 I would. I've never been more impressed with a piece of technology more than I was in 1996 with the n64. I know it's not objectively the best console out there, but for me there is nothing better. Okay so it's basically tied for first with SNES but they both offer very different experiences and the perfect compliment to one another. N64 has so many fantastic games, and despite what many people seem to think I think the console has aged just fine. The console design is my favorite of any console as well as the controller design.
  30. Hoping maybe @dyer or someone else can shed some light on this. Grabbed it a few years back from a contact of mine. Game is Lotus Turbo Challenge on Sega Genesis. Nothing particularly odd about seeing this turn up in Taiwan, as EA distributed their USA releases here, as seen from old magazine adverts. Oddness though, the back of the box has printed on it, "Inspected by" with the number 5 written by hand. This isn't a sticker of sorts, it's literally printed on the insert, and then the number is hand written. Then there's the manual. No idea why it mentions FC on the first page,
  31. Joke's on you, those are the movies I watch! Muahahaaaa!
  32. At last. If it ever gets put onto a cartridge like 40 Winks and Diddy Kong Pilot were, I'm definitely going to buy it.
  33. Got disc-only copies of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360 for $1 each. I also picked up the Cat Peach Amiibo.
  34. Nobunaga's Ambition is completed. I took over Japan on the easiest difficulty. Once I got my head around the game, I think it got reasonable. I had to understand manipulating the markets on rice and men, as well as how to get money to build the Empire up. In the end there was just me and Honganji, but the latter seems to hav willfully self-sabotaged in the name of making me win; they went from a massive force defending them to having almost no troops or rice. At that point I just took them to war and waited for them to starve to death. Sounds gruesome but that's war, baby! Speaking of war, I
  35. Shoot - @JamesRobot you beat me to it haha! -CasualCart
  36. I beat Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. Like Kid Icarus on NES it's fine. I'll never talk about it again now.
  37. I started the second Battletanx game. Obviously Im a little more sporadic in playing vs you guys so it'll probably be a few days if not until the end of the week before its done
  38. We have had 3 splatoon entries since the last mario kart. How is that possible. If we arent counting home circuit of course. Man they have milked mk8
  39. I got a NES Action Set in the summer of 1988, so my first game was the SMB/Duck Hunt. My first standalone game was Excitebike that I got for Christmas that year. I was thrilled because I'm sure that I had put enough quarters into the arcade version to pay for the NES cart.
  40. Man, anniversaries should be every 25 years. We can celebrate them like 3 times in our lifetime, that sounds good to me. This social media nonsense like "On this day... 14 years ago... Gears of War was released!" who cares! Let's collectively celebrate the nice big numbers together.
  41. Quarth, man. You can tell the difference between people who have played a couple of levels and those who have tried to get to 5-9 because of how they talk about the game. It's either "that's a surprisingly fun game! A hidden gem!" or it's "That game is a beast." I'm rooting for you. Well, I've fallen way behind this week, I didn't have time for any games at all until tonight. I have 7 days to finish 15 games. I'm going to realllly start pulling out the cheesy wins, lol.
  42. I am missing the Beach set. I have an extra Pink set plus cash to trade if you can help me!
  43. Been too busy hunting to actually post my hunts! Here's a bunch of hauls, all from online deals. 1. I've been having great results with independent game stores lately, prices have been more reasonable than eBay / Mercari / even most Facebook groups. I recently found DQ VI for DS, CIB, for $129 + shipping from one shop, and I bought some other stuff with it, but the real gem from that haul was this: Apparently this Toys R Us variant is not easy to find! I had only recently learned about it and was excited to spot it for cheap. 2. I recently learned about a bunch of DVD bu
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