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  1. Also... I highly doubt a proto of this exists. I hunted HARD to find a physical piece of hardware or a cartridge, only to be told that it likely never made it that far, and that anything like that has since been destroyed. Could be wrong of course, but there were enough total dead ends to put me off the hunt for it at a time when I had 500 plus NES games and tons of peripherals... it was a minor stroke of luck to have gotten the video tape honestly. Also.. sorry for topping an old thread. I occasionally search for this to see what corners of the internet it's made it to, and figured I'd
  2. So.. I'm the guy with the VHS for this, and the four circulating screenshots were mine, obviously taken with a potato.. maybe mid 2000s. I'm in the process of moving to a new house.. at which time I'll pull out my old VCR from storage, clean it, test it, then see if the lottery tape still plays. It's been in storage and unplayed likely since the pics were taken and I wrote the initial article, or soon thereafter. I'd be glad to try to answer questions, but at this point, I feel like you all know about what I do on it.
  3. Picked up Wild Guns Reloaded on the Nintendo Switch. Love playing as the dog.
  4. So I just sent them a message this morning offering to do a professional transfer. I have the equipment, I've done it before, and if they don't trust me, I have a veritable who's who network in the preservation world if Ferris ain't quite big enough to be trusted.
  5. Oh boy, it's the new season! I hear @Tanooki gots some REAL scores to settle this time around! That @GPX character is looking like he's gonna be a real hoot this season too! And watch out for that badboy @phart010 ALLLLLL the soccer moms are talking about, raowwwwwww!
  6. My brother picked me up some third-party manuals for first-party switch games. So now my first-party games are CIB.
  7. Thanks, just updated the list. Hey @DoctorEncore did you see the Nintendo Store has new apparel in faux Wii U boxes?
  8. I hate that at the start of Stage 4 I can't fly for some fucked up reason....I lost THREE lives to the first fucking bird!!! Also I fell down into that dark invisible maze and was able to work my way out so I'll get my "I'm too lazy to reset my RetroPie so let's figure this out" award.
  9. Played for an hour and some change and here's what I ended up with. Stage 3 - 17260 Edit: I didn't read good so I'll try again without trying to get points hahahah
  10. The "hold" feature in more modern Tetris games turns it into a different game. That game is also fun, but it's undeniably a nerfed version of real Tetris. Someone played Tetris, whined that it was too hard, and invented the Hold feature. But yeah, I gave it a 10. It's in my top Very Few games, easily. It's funny to think that a game like Tetris can compete with games that have a lot more "content," like, well, all the other games we've been ranking. But nothing is quite like it. I'll be fixing a Game Boy or something, and I'll pop Tetris in to quickly test the screen, and then like 30 min
  11. Glad to see you practicing for opening day, @skinnygrinnny @42 foot tapewom @docile tapeworm.
  12. The shirt boxes are because that’s where those games debuted. If you buy all the shirts you will have a set of faux boxes that have each of the Mario games and the year of release along the side. It just so happens Wii U had two mainline Mario platformers! There’s also one box for the only Mario platformer on Switch, Odyssey. As for the abundance of rewards, Club Nintendo had a lot of rewards too. The difference is those were on average higher quality than these. Some of these have the level of quality I would expect from those cheap party favors they sell at Party City. If I wasn’t det
  13. I saw my name and was like "huh?" but you're talking about Doug2, so it's ok.
  14. The latest edition of A Homebrew Draws Near! is up, featuring From Below!
  15. This week a break from the long-winded posts, not a lot but here goes! Urban chaos has jumped in price a bit lately, happy to get it for $8. The 'ol ign watermark wii version of okami, as well as these gems Found a nintendo New York splatoon shirt at the thrift in my size, woo woo $3 To finish, some mynintendo rewards (eco notebook, acrylic hyrule warriors thingy) as well as.. Official DS cleaning kit, love the case design that holds these cleaning devices. Also some handy 3ds silicone port plugs to the bottom left. Happy valentines yallllll
  16. Tetris, to me, is "video games" distilled to its purest sense. It's a desert island game. And I think the fact that no matter how many other games I play, T99 remains my most played Switch game (by a margin of like 100 hours) speaks volumes. So yeah, 10/10.
  17. It's your redemption arch dude, people love it when the badguys turn good and then join up to fight against a greater evil! Now, we all need to band together and stop that dastardly @Tanooki before all games are repros forever!
  18. I clicked 9/10 on the poll and immediately regretted not giving it the full 10. While incredibly simple relative to what contemporary gaming resembles, Tetris' gameplay is timeless, accessible to anyone regardless of age, gender or gaming exposure and is an absolute core classic right alongside Pong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. I don't think I'm all that good at Tetris and I don't exactly sit down with it for hours-long sessions or anything but that's one of its other incredible strengths: that you can find challenge and satisfaction whether playing for 5 minutes or for an afternoon.
  19. Idk something like Conan, Addams Family, Alfred Chicken, something like that? I'm sure most of the games like that or any of the following don't really work but I wouldn't mind playing something that is just a bad ugly cash-grab grind. Cobra Triangle, a more serious suggestion, fits with the "quick n dirty" theme. Dr. Mario was a great suggestion earlier by a great user who is great, and also Pyramid. Ultimate League Soccer? Rad Racer 2? Lone Gunman or GunSmoke? Abadox or Burai Fighter? The GI Joes? For expensive games: Bubble Bobble 2, Snow Brothers, Dragon Fighter, Sword Master.
  20. no twitter, sorry Don't need that in my life Less social media the better
  21. Pray for me dude... I DO believe in miracles! Who the FUCK is waiting for a damned TurboGrafx rerelease anyway?! Like two dweebs and a nerd? Go get laid you involuntary celibates and let Analogue work on the systems that actually matter!
  22. Ive played with these on my controller for over 5 years now.
  23. I'm not sure what my top 10 games of all time list would look like, but I know that Tetris would be in there. I've been playing on and off for years, both the NES version and to a lesser extent the Gameboy version. One of my goals for this year is to finally hit 1 million points on the NES version, my current PBs are 813K for level 18 start and 590K for 19 start. Dunno how far off I am from doing 1 Mil, but I'm going to keep trying for it.
  24. Saw one of these in action at a vintage game shop a couple years ago. Dude wouldn't sell it to me. Pretty rad though.
  25. This one is a novel "turbo" peripheral for NES. It's all mechanical/gear driven. You insert a controller and roll the unit like a toy car which rotates the gears and quickly taps the buttons. Have had this for years, such an odd accessory but always a fun conversation piece.
  26. Here’s my copy, #8. The custom text reads, “tears in rain”.
  27. Well that went from 0-60 in record time. But, yes, you should.
  28. Not true. I know for a fact you have this in your collection.
  29. It's the greatest game ever. I wish I could give it a rating higher than 10.
  30. Morally, fraud is wrong. The reason this item sold for the price, or even more than the total sum of it's parts, was because how close it looked to the original. NWC 1990 repros are available, widely, most notably from retroUSB which have no attempt to mimic the original. What this encourages is fraud. It encourages the pursuit of 1:1 repros of any high dollar item, and the closer of a replica, the more $$$ it will command. The largest downfall of this is people essentially being robbed at one or another. Again, morally if one person gets robbed it's a problem and of people a
  31. You would actually consider stealing something that isn't yours? What's the difference in keeping it and pulling a knife on someone to steal it? Sounds like the same thing to me, it's robbery either way. Man, I don't understand how people can do some things, I have seen situations where $20 makes the difference between rent and homelessness for a person and thinking about that person being kicked out of their home so I can buy a bag of chips just seems ridiculous. I always think that I have the option to do what's best for me or to do what's best for everyone else all the time. If I do wh
  32. Late night pickups post! Saw an opportunity to pickup a sealed Shantae:HGH bundle for a great price after I had sold off a CIB one before, along with another game I didn't already have... chipping away at the Wii U library, begrudgingly also, my haul from the latest Red Art Games warehouse sale came in. I don't know if I will keep a couple of these but I'm at least happy to have Vectronom finally. Some various finds, all at good prices... Fairy Tail was a FB Marketplace deal for $67.50 but I haven't decided what to do with it... will probably end up swapping it for something
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