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  1. Got some GB, GBC and GBA games: Some 3DS games (less than 100 missing now): PSO is sealed, South Park was a gift from the wife and the rest was cheap: More Sega games and the 8bitdo wireless controller:
  2. Alright, here's my Superbowl fixins. I made Lit'l Smokies with my signature spicy sauce. Some of my favorites football snacks. The wife made buffalo chicken sliders with dill pickle slaw. Deeelicuous! And finally, I was inspired by @SailorScoutMandy and made some Bavarian pretzels. My technique could use a little work but they were almost perfect. Nice and crusty outside and super soft on the inside.
  3. I got a job in another state so I had to grab one last nice purchase from my local game store.
  4. I've been cleaning out my collection and found some light guns. Thought I'd share.
  5. Cant say that I totally understand the process that they used to restore the audio to its original uncompressed form.. if someone could explain this more clearly it would be great.. Here’s the article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techspot.com/amp/news/88539-super-mario-world-tracks-rebuilt-using-original-samples.html There appears to be two unused tracks in this. 1. Overworld (Arabian Mix) 2. Athletic (PAL) Also the track for the final battle with Bowser seems to be missing.
  6. How to upset the cat. A guide by Dave. #1: Take the cat for his yearly checkup. He'll absolutely love getting stuck by a couple needles. And then there's that thermometer being stuck somewhere else for good measure. #2: Come home and cook a delicious dinner comprised of tuna cakes and seaweed-infused rice. Of course the furball gets stuck with dry food. Uh oh, I'd better watch it tonight when I go to sleep!!!
  7. I really shouldn't have played this again, for the third time in my life, but Evert & Lendl: Top Players Tennis is completed. I did the Japanese version this time, which doesn't have the announcer the English version does. The ending is as short and disappointing as always, though! It even mentions Cosmic Epsilon too.
  8. Fuck no. Space and budget are both finite. You may have tons of both, but they're still finite. And there is another worthy game out there that you don't have. It doesn't matter if you don't think that's the case, because it is. Unless you're waiting for it to appreciate or something. That's different.
  9. I'm not 100% sure either. I managed to beat it on my last life so I didn't have to use it.
  10. Win a chip? Wtf does that mean? Also, are you currently holding a broken Styrofoam cup and using it as a spoon? Best post of 2020
  11. There’s no reason to bring politics and religion into this
  12. Anyone rating this less than 10/10 is wrong
  13. When I was deep into NES collecting I convinced myself that maybe I should keep multiples in case I open a retro game store one day. But as my collection ballooned and my need for space expanded, I began to resent my five extra copies of Silent Service. I eventually made the decision to sell and never looked back. I find the space is more valuable to me than the reassurance an extra copy provides. Variants are another story as I really enjoy collecting those, but standard doubles and triples have to go.
  14. Massive haul today as well. These Xbox 360 games were $1 each. Brutal Legend, Medal of Honor, Conflict: Denied Ops, Nat Geo TV, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Too Human, Halo 3 ODST, Mass Effect 3, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (with bonus Endwar sneak peek disc), Velvet Assassin, Dragon’s Dogma, Resident Evil 5, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, Call of Juarez, and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. The Aly & AJ Adventure for DS was $1 as well. Also picked up a new copy of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for the Switch for $20.
  15. A whole bunch of awesome stuff came in this week courtesy of this community and eBay. Big thanks to @jonebone, @dr_orangejuicer, and @Matthewnimmo. 32X set is coming along nicely, although still a ways to go on Sega CD and SMS.
  16. Sounds like an excuse Nintendo would use to weasel out of a deal. As much as I love their products, as a company Nintendo doesn’t exactly play “nice” and are absolute shits.
  17. So, as someone who doesn't like to leave the house, as well as someone who didn't start collecting until late 2016, a majority of my game collection has come from eBay and Amazon...and as time has gone on, I find myself gambling on poor listings more and more often. I've been expanding my Gamecube collection over the past 4 months, and picked up these three games (from 3 different sellers - all with less than 10 feedback) in the last 2 weeks for $31 (Pikmin), $30 (Killer 7), & $19 (Sonic Gems) shipped/including tax respectively because they were listings with NO PICTURES and had descripti
  18. I am desperate, cheap, and staring longingly at things out of my league.
  19. I do not have a spare, but was going to order a couple more for various reasons. I do have the supplies to make 50 more overall, but would need more interest, I guess.
  20. Unfortunately this is not a new problem. They've had these same stock issues since the first Nt was released in 2015. It's something about their business model. Has it been exacerbated by the pandemic? Probably. But this is nothing new for them. In fact, during the pandemic they've announced two new consoles rather than restock older stuff. It's just how they do business. That's a great question. They had a very small restock of the black version, but I'm pretty sure that's it. Supposedly they will have more of all colors ready for summer 2020 (). https://support.analogue.co/hc/e
  21. Exactly been there done that, and I had the same issue. In the end, I lost 80-85% of what I had. What was dozens(50~+) of consoles, handhelds(cart based) and singular based handhelds/tabletops was narrowed down to me keeping my Nintendo consoles and handhelds alone and then playing mental gymnastics of making depending on total carts a Top 20 to Top 40/50 list...everything else was a slow painfully removed hair by hair band-aid pull of a fire sale that sickened me. it would have been exponentially worse but at least far more helpful too if it happened now vs then. Just certain stuff I refu
  22. Lol, that's not unused tracks. It's recreations of famous Siivagunner rips. Try listening to the "PAL" tune in full.
  23. This is my only Timewalk Games release so far and I really like Final Fantasy V even more on cartridge, no loading makes some spots easier because time still goes!
  24. It's not a one-man operation, if you remember they advertised that kevtris now has a team of fpga developers under him. Sales and mgmt are going to be separate. However you may have missed there's this global pandemic thing going on, which may affect manufacturing chains.
  25. Damn that sucks and you're right, it's not right or fair. I went through it in 2005 +/- a year around that, couldn't make ends meet and so so much went to the fire basically given what prices were then compared to anything in the last decade or worse, last 10 weeks. All I can suggest, get rid of any heavy hitter you're not infatuated with to start, or if not, second to dumping an entire system and it's games you just kind of keep around and have but barely if not touched at all in the last year. Money is better than dust bunnies. And you can't eat dust like food to keep going.
  26. My understanding when it was on mobile it was more underwhelming, and touch control wasn't very tight but a controller was better. Yet when it moved to Switch other than the generic look and sound you'd find with a mobile app, supposedly it was more refined and directly tweaked and tuned to be happier on an actual system. The general design of it was much like the look of Wind Waker, but more of a generic Zelda style with some light puzzle elements and standard sword and random secondary weapon play mechanics. I never got it either but kind of wanted it for a time, but the mobile side kind
  27. I have the manual it's just put up. I got pissed at it earlier and beat the hell out of the button when I saw it wasn't going to make it after slinging around under the flipper and up the side drain. I probably hit it 20 times growling at it doing that crap and it never warned or tilted so it's a pretty lenient kill switch. But really if you're just trying to stop it playing ping pong death ride off those slings by the flippers, or where it does it off the kickbacks just hit the button once or twice and it'll redirect it just enough to stop.
  28. Just finished day dreamin' Davey. Terrible game as expected. Awful hit detection, weird graphics, some pretty brutal bosses, and a frustrating password/ continue system. Blah. Taking a break to play some good games for a bit. Next up is probably destiny of an emperor and lolo 3 tandem
  29. I figured sports games would be a problem. I’ll try to knock out as many as I can.
  30. No snow here, just 65° and sunny. The family and I just got back from a hike rocking the shirt they made me for father's day 2 years ago. It's my favorite piece.
  31. No biggie, I'll just stay on VGS forever, running this thread every year so that I can keep asserting my position on this matter.
  32. From what I have heard from modern economists inflation in the U.S. could be maintained at any level especially because there is such a high level of unemployment. Unemployment and QE can somehow be used together to maintain low/no inflation. The only reason we are seeing inflation now is because the Fed is choosing to let the dollar weaken.
  33. I'm a little late to this thread, but I'm proud of the dedication you've shown to staying sober. You took what (maybe?) was a problem, and made a commitment to stay away from it. Almost 7 years of that commitment no less. That's a true accomplishment right there, good work!
  34. Thank y'all for your encouragement - sad to say this but I don't have anyone to really tell me this. I've been kind of struggling lately. Thank you again for the kind words
  35. I feel almost sad seeing all those wonderful SFC games as they pop up. I really do miss what I had on that. I just would have to get over the mental block of owning a SD2SNES and having to just resort to cart only annoyingly. So much I'm seeing in these images I used to enjoy on a regular basis. As good as we had it compared to the NES/FC era as more did come over, we really did get still burned on some excellent gems. Imports just feel like a better to good idea to me now. With the 2020 and worse now into 2021 behavior around stuff, imports are stupidly becoming again the
  36. I don't have it anymore as I sold it, but in Japan and Europe(UK english) there was the only Pokemon game the US never got. Learn with Pokemon Typing Adventure for the DS. The point, it came with 2 unique peripherals. One was a stand in black, similar to the one the 3DS Kid Icarus received. The other is the worthy of mention, a full blown bluetooth keyboard. Very well made, long battery life, comfortable to use, and happily syncs up with any device that'll see bluetooth. I could connect that to an iPhone, Android device, and Windows PC. Nintendo and Sony consoles saw it too. The
  37. Flea market finds and mail call. Another one off the list.
  38. I always felt that the perfect kind of game like this would be right in the middle between Castlequest and Solomon's Key... like have interconnecting rooms with puzzles you need to solve and platforming inside each room, but make the key you need to retrieve to escape each room in the room you need to escape from so that what you did twenty rooms back in a different part of the castle can't screw you over down the road, but still allow you to wander freely throughout the castle and go back to previously visited rooms as you explore the castle. I can't think of another NES game like Castleques
  39. I thought I already posted these but here you go. I also collect Transformers which is my main collecting focus. Video games are just something I do when I'm waiting for more Transformers to come out. I have nearly a complete Generation 1 collection and I also collect the new third party stuff, specifically Fans Toys.
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