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  1. 01/15/21 EST 1am edition of this weeks gets! Herewego! Starting off with a variety of games: Found these at the local, my first harvest moon title knocked out for gamecube woo woo and pretty happy to add this super clean copy of valkyrie profile 2 to the collection. Since I snagged warriors 8 in the gamestop sale I picked up 6&7, there were quite a few warriors games for the 360! I wanna try the gundam ones. Monster Hunter generations I got for Mandy, probably gonna snag a few more of that series because they're so cheap now. The ds lite version of the web browser; not
  2. I'd answer your questions, but I'm too angry about how much you paid...
  3. Wave Race is done. One of my favourites on the system
  4. I just bought this thing...has World of Nintendo on it, feels like leather/fake leather and I can't find any info online about it. I'm guessing it was an employee item...but what would they have used it for? What would be inside it? I'd just like some history on this. There was sadly nothing inside (and if there was originally, Value Village might have thrown it away...). Thanks! Oh and any advice on cleaning this? It has some sticker residue and idk if Goo Gone is a good idea on this thing.
  5. It took him over 100 hours and over 300 attempts. http://takeontheneslibrary.com/finished/24-ikari-warriors/
  6. Finally, after 14 days of playing 5-6 tedious games a day of Bases Loaded, I finally finished up the final few games this morning. Like @bronzeshield, I estimate about 39 hours to finish, including about an hour of restarting when the game froze a few times. I'm going to finish up Bases Loaded 2-4 in a couple of hours and data dump all of them here at once without comment Ok, seriously, I'm going to finish up Ultima Exodus this weekend.
  7. This is not mine, but a buddy in Texas owns this one if wanting to add to the list for reference.
  8. Silver Surfer is done. I played the crap out of this game for the longest time without realizing that the things with the Uppercase B's on them are smart bombs that can be activated by pressing "select", lol.
  9. Little bat-faced, trash goblin Salem and me. She is aptly named after Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch due to her constant animatronic movements and androgynous appearance. I have been blessed with the various compliments of "a mashed potato," "the homeliest girl with a pig-nose," and "a handsome young boy" by my dearest nursing home residents (seriously, I love these compliments from them).
  10. I've neglected posting my new stuff for a while. I didn't even get to round it all up for these pictures. I know I also got Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, Crash Bandicoot 4, Dragon Quest XI (Switch), Skully, and Walking Dead Saints and Sinners for PSVR. While these were technically gifts for the wife and kids' Christmas, I'll still count them in my collection. I got Final Fantasy X/X-2, Bloodstained, Galak Z/Skulls of the Shogun, Trine Collection, and Starlink (XB1 game only) at GameStop for $21 when they did that tiered discount where you buy 5 games $19.99 or less and get them 50
  11. Hello everyone again! as I mentioned in another thread I wanted to write about some of my more notable finds in my journey to obtain a full US 32x collection (i may try to find the pal and jap items too just haven’t found any leads). Ive always enjoyed the 32x even though most of the games are just terri-bad. Im pretty sure its tied to my childhood and just being fascinated at the 32x in general. I even really like how the games stand out with their yellow boxes and slightly different carts. To me it’s equivalent to enjoying a fine painting. Most of these finds have been by discovering le
  12. Brand New - Never Opened - Near Flawless condition - All sharp corners, no dents or dings - VGA grade worthy Japan only release - Contains absolutely distinct looking Char Aznable 3DS console, SD Gundam G Generation 3D game and all other 3DS accessories. Price: SOLD
  13. I’m Thomas Wagner and i’m very excited to be here on this new site with the same guys that i know are the ones who makes this community unique! I'm of course a collector so I'm very happy and looking forward to this new VideoGameSage forum!
  14. The guardian legend is done. All in one sitting, which i hadn't done before. Excellent game, definitely in my top 25, possibly top 10
  15. These are pretty nice. I love the embossing. These were only used by Nintendo employees and industry insiders in the 90s. They come up for sale every now and then. There is one for each year up until around 98. I think this is 1992 and the best one in my opinion.
  16. A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 10: Space Raft Introduction: Followers of this series have frequently read about brewers developing games inspired by the classics of their youth, such as Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda. But we have yet to dip into our guiltier pleasures: the games lovingly inspired by the likes of LJN, with just as much heart poured in as any other homebrew I’ve covered. What if a homebrew emulated licensed game adaptations to deliver its own merchandise, a game that revels in creative silliness and a spec
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  17. 2016 and Eternal at the upper difficulties is certainly aimed squarely at FPS masochists. And it certainly benefits someone playing Eternal to have played through 2016. I will say, 2016 on Nightmare difficulty is toughest in the first 2-3 levels ironically enough, simply because your arsenal is limited. If you know the secret early weapon pick-ups, the later stages are actually not all that hard. You'll still die at times, of course, but it feels like you're slowly overtaking the enemies in terms of power-level (the feeling of empowerment being oh-so-sweet). Eternal on Nightmare is pretty
  18. Sorry. I didn't play that one to piss you off or anything. It's just one of the easier games that I can finish in about 30 minutes or so. The second level is quite annoying. You have to take the waves on every platform into consideration. What makes this easier though is that somewhere in the middle or so of stage 2 there was a hidden healing item that heals you fully. Just jump and shoot randomly in the air then you can sometimes find helpful healing items. Just beat Iron Tank as well. Went smoother than last year, but the final boss was still quite the pain. Sometimes it's really better
  19. One time we should all play Tetris 99. Can make a private room and battle it out.
  20. I don't understand why people bash RPGs for being long and tedious with their random battles, when sports games repeat the same-ish gameplay over and over again. I'm not even sure if any of the Dragon Warrior/Quest games took me 39 hours last year. Maybe the fourth game came close to that. Anyway, kudos to everyone who finishes up one of these long and tedious sports games!
  21. Gamester81 brought up that the GameBoy got girls gaming. I had to agree with him on that point because my mom ended up taking my GB for Tetris and I bought her a modded one a few years ago for Xmas and she still plays it.
  22. Battle Tank done! I've never played much of these types of games, but I enjoyed it.
  23. Ahh cool, he probably did a fair job of that. I just don't have time to sit through that. They changed my work at the first of the year and I can't just casually leave stuff streaming right now until I can get some kind of a rhythm going, and even then, not sure since it's some core work that internal affairs in our space will potentially browse too. Sumez I want to say I get that, but no, and to say that the Gameboy was just basically low rent is insulting. Maybe it was at times when you had an influx of the early overly basic stuff, and swaths of time with barely worth anyones
  24. I remember beating Bayou a while ago. To me its one of those games that feels like it was designed to be beaten within a few playthrus but the difficulty ramp up in the US release makes it feel like every part of it has to be memorized (like who drops the health, what enemies will have weapons) or parts exploited. IIRC the toughest part WAS the beginning and the driving/shooting stages weren't that bad. Shooters def require memorization, along with fast twitch, but when you're fully powered up in SS, you basically just have to remember certain parts to just not die cuz you kill everythi
  25. Been meaning to give Bayou Billy a serious go for a long time now. Messing around a bit on the first level a few years ago was the adult equivalent of being a kid playing double dragon 3 for the first time... The difficulty was really unforgiving. Silver Surfer is a game that is very difficult when one is new to it, but all it really takes is a lot of repetition until you get the patterns down + the will to see it through. A reasonably quick twitch and the ability to improvise don't hurt either. I also dislike all the hate it gets. I think it's a great game.
  26. I love Bayou Billy. Its high difficulty makes it pretty exhausting to beat. I said in the "complete every NES game in a year" thread that once a year is enough for that game and it is.
  27. Well the thing is with Silver Surfer, you can pick your levels and they do tell you what level to start with. SS biggest problem is really how weak your normal shot is. Once you're upgraded within the first 2 levels, you can basically 1CC it, if you know a few of the tricky areas. I cant say the same for other space shooters I own. Didn't you beat Recca? With Bayou, you're FORCED to play that one stage. You can't even try the rest until that one is beat. Too bad cuz Bayou really is a great game, I have no idea why they needed to make it so much harder than Mad City.
  28. LOL In Denmark waldo finds you.
  29. It's a cool game with an interesting gimmick, but ultimately the gimmick kind of overshadows and shows how lack luster the rest of the gameplay is. I like it, especially the GameCube version with the tight analogue stick control. To me Dodonpachi was the height of the genre, though.
  30. OMG, I remember having Ikari Warriors back when I was a kid and despite all my best efforts I couldn't even get close to getting past even the first level (I honestly wondered if the level ever ended)...this was of course early-mid 90s (pre-Internet era) loooooong before I knew about the ABBA code...you know the one that gives you gives you gives you more lives after dying...won't that code help me chase the game over away?
  31. Gun to my head, sequels. I like 3-4-5-6-7. Basically the further you get from ESB, the worse the movie is. I don’t like any of 1-2-8-9, but Episode 1 and 2 are truly awful minus their memeability.
  32. Boo is #24, yet should (theoretically) have lowest mass out of all the characters shown? PS. I also have this shirt and never noticed.
  33. I've got that Ultraracer controller for both N64 and PS1. it's my favorite way to play most racing games. Meanwhile, here's a picture I took a few years ago of various 3rd party controllers I own for Commodore and Atari systems. Most are pretty common but there are some oddballs in there.
  34. I didn't dig into that video, just never been into podcast style stuff. Was Gameboy ever mentioned? The only reason I'm asking is I think a fair case could be made for it. Up until that time portable gaming was more of a few minutes at best minimalist time waster. It was a red LED or a few, maybe a segmented basic LCD up to about what a Tiger handheld or their own Game & Watch could do...very limited and rigid. Game Boy opened a huge door. It proved even using withered tech as its creator liked to call it, you could finally have a way to bring the 8bit world of Nintendo w
  35. Got my grail item today. I missed out on Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness on the GameCube, and now a beautiful mint copy is mine.
  36. For the industry, specifically? I'd say hands-down the first PlayStation. There's not really any competition there. It lifted video gaming from a hobby into omnipresent mainstream. It immediately allowed video games to span across generations, forever destroying its status as a toy for kids. It introduced modern video game production where speculating in maximizing profits involved more than just acquiring a lucrative license and spitting out something hasty. AAA production wasn't quite a thing yet, but the first steps were taken here. Essentially, the video game industry before
  37. It’s got to be Nintendo. The Atari days it was a novelty. Nintendo made it into an industry with the NES. Everyone else just built off what they created. Not to mention they’ve remained relevant and at times revolutionary to this day.
  38. Another perspective I can think of, is which console was responsible for the death of the arcades? For me, it was the Snes/Megadrive. All the arcade favorites were there on the 16-bit consoles eg. Turtles, Final Fight, Streetfighter 2, Golden Axe, Ghouls n Ghosts etc. I stopped going to the arcades in the early 90s simply as there was no need, when I could be playing arcade-quality games and with the comfort of staying home.
  39. My immediate reaction is to say NES. If iPhone does indeed count, then it’s “top 2” without a doubt**. The DS and Wii made a mark by bringing in a large casual audience but I’m not sure they’re “most influential.” Same with PS2, while making a huge mark I don’t know I’d call it the most influential, but certainly up there as well. **I disagree that apps aren’t games. Especially since many iPhone apps have gone on to become full releases on PC and consoles and have gained critical acclaim there.
  40. The NES, no other console even comes close. First there were atari (extremely basic) commodore (not plug and play and once set up, the games were still very basic) and home PCs (not plug and play and very expensive, so not accessible for the masses). Then the NES was introduced > plug and play, high quality, great graphics and games that really took you to a different world and made you feel like you were going on an adventure. Were I lived, there was also a real hype around the NES. All kids had one or wanted one. In my view, the consoles that came after the NES were jus
  41. I think there are several layers of influence at play. For example, influence on the: - hardcore group (regular gamers) - mainstream group (casual gamers who likes to dabble in gaming from time to time). - arcade/home gaming - portable gaming So depending on what kind of influence we’re talking about, it can literally be a whole range of answers from: - Atari (first popular console) - NES (first console with the most well known mascots in Mario, Luigi, Link, Zelda etc) - SNES/Genesis (improving the standards before it and progressing further global acce
  42. Probably NES, because of Super Mario Bros. Mario has to be the most recognizable figure in pop culture, 35 years later.
  43. Here’s my girlfriend and I when we were visiting Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.
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