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  1. @Bearcat-Doug wants Bowser, @twiztor wants Krampus, and @SpoonMan Abrams X wants OG Krampus Bowser. This can be arranged... Krampus Koopa -CasualCart
  2. Hey guys! It's been a full year since my last N64 collection update, where I was able to complete my US exclusives subset: Since then I've made significant inroads into the rest of the franken-set, going for the full PAL set and the Japanese exclusives. So I figured a nice update would be in order! First things first, a BIG bite out of my remaining PAL carts showed up along with my Xmas package from my folks back home: As you can see, MOSTLY crappy sports stuff, naturally, however I got a GREAT price on RUSH 2049 which is actually a heavy hitter in the PAL set. I als
  3. This arrived today! I ended up using a proxy service with this one Japanese e-retailer, which meant that any savings I might have gotten was put towards their service. But having the box not be a beater is a good excuse to explain why it was not cheap. Now here is the first surprise I got: The game was not sealed!!! The game looks to have been packed that way. So I either got a QC sample or this is how they packed later releases. Now comes the biggest surprise: This release came with the coin!!! I did not expect that since it was not a first print. So that is a big, money-sav
  4. Probably I will choose the Duck Tales Press Kit I won in the Capcom contest some years ago.
  5. I finally managed to get my gift to the post office early Friday afternoon and checking the tracking a few minutes ago, am seeing that it's supposed to get to my person by Monday, if USPS stands on a chair, tilts their head and holds their arms and legs juuuuust right.
  6. You said ALL, that includes ME by definition! Love you too Glover boy!
  7. Here is exactly how the promotion was shipped and packaged: Bubble mailer from Nintendo: The contents inside were the sealed DW game, the DW2 envelope that came with a map/monster/item chart for DW2 and a letter from Enix advertising DW2. The rest of the contents were in the clear bag with a letter from Nintendo. You can tell all of the extras were the same size. The first paragraph on the letter from Nintendo spells out the extras that were included: Most of the stuff came with the game, but not packaged inside of the actual box.
  8. "This is all just 4D chess to get the evidence into the hands of the supreme court" "Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Comey will come to the rescue of the god emperor" Supreme court basically tells them to fuck off "The supreme court is deep state!"
  9. Now @PII, now @Gaia Gensouki. Now @Hammerfestus and @0xDEAFC0DE. On @rdrunner, on @AstralSoul. On @Sumez and @koifish.
  10. Dear @Secret Santa, Just dropping a line to say thank you I received you package today. Impatiently waiting for the 25 just looking at a envelop that is speaking "open me".
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/12/11/hatred-liberals-is-all-thats-left-conservatism Truth. And why I greatly fear that 2022 and 2024 is going to see exponential increases in populist candidates whose entire platform is "the left is our mortal enemy" Biden has to knock it out of the park so at least a portion of the lunatic fringe faction steps back from the brink.
  12. I will happily take all of the hate! Ahaha I forgot there's a non-dark mode because I enabled it in the first...2 minutes of being here?
  13. I think there is a strong argument to be made in support of that statement.
  14. Alright, I have something to show for my efforts. Here we go... For 9-Ball, I figured out that it's possible to game the RNG as far as the initial board setup. If one cues through the title screen and moves through the options pretty quickly, the fifth pattern of bonus multipliers yields four bonus multiplier spots in a decent configuration. Between that and good fortune, I was able to get 42,000 "dollars" after three rounds, and then I wagered away the money I didn't need during rounds 4 and 5. It turns out that a fully powered shot with no nudges afterwards will always drain down the le
  15. so we got a pretty big announcement of new shows on the horizon. Pretty awesome stuff coming.
  16. This is what I was wearing while flipping eggs today. Obv. 10/10
  17. You know what? I don't think he's even a real doctor.
  18. Try as I might I still can’t get into the Dr. Mario or the Donkey Kong Country games.
  19. I have a history quiz due Sunday, a Linear Algebra exam on Tuesday, a Formal Languages & Automata exam due Tuesday, a Calculus 3 exam due Wednesday, a history research paper that I haven't started that is due Wednesday, a history exam due Friday, and a Capstone Project presentation that my group hasn't even started on, even though we were supposed to present it last Tuesday.
  20. Not for nothin, but I think Bill Burr is a better actor than comedian. I hope he's on the show more. I like his character.
  21. What in the world. Never knew that train controller even existed. That is a very weird, unique, cool controller. That should've been the answer to kokiris exile island question lol.
  22. Indeed I do, as well as StarCraft and the other Aussie exclusives. In fact, when it comes to the eleven games left on my list, I THINK the most uncommon is Dual Heroes... Which basically says it all really lol, a bunch of nothing! As for the boxes, well this set is based around my childhood and early collecting days. I came to Taiwan with I think like 56 games as a foundation for my set. All carts, obviously, so I just went from there! Actually, Shadowgate is my ONLY boxed PAL game, other than a flattened Buck Bumble with no inner tray, lolol!
  23. I love how this thread has just become everyone bugging Gloves about the site, hahaha
  24. @fox @0xDEAFC0DE @B.A. @ZeldaFan042 Please accept your invites to the games. We have a full lobby for Game #3, so as soon as all of you accept game #3 can begin. If you do not see an invite, please refresh as sometimes an invite may not be showing up. Thank you!
  25. Also I just discovered the dark mode for this forum and it is so much better! lol
  26. I pinged everyone on my main Discord server that I know has played Mafia/Werewolf before, so maybe get a couple "new" peeps lol JUST FOR YOU @Aristophanes SO IF ANYONE GETS MAD IM TELLING THEM ITS YOUR FAULT
  27. I think they've been distracted. brb while I go smack nudge them into checking this out @FireHazard51 @MashFan81
  28. The gift has been sent. I hope my giftee likes the games.
  29. Final Fantasy VII also gave us possibly the greatest final boss theme of all time.
  30. Nice lil haul this week, I finally caved and went to the local gamestore. Was kinda bummed to see something I got my secret santee there for cheaper than eBay (as well as still in the mail somewhere, so I kinda feel dumb haha hopefully the ebay pull is in better shape) oh well, anyway here goes. Wolfenstein is the Amazon exclusive version with the skin, happy to add these ds titles in nice shape. Tickin off a few more xbox: Battle engine aquila is a harder to find title, sealed hitman blood money, and interesting blood omen 2.. I think someone cobbled toge
  31. 10/10. This is easily my most anticipated and most played single player game of all time. I poured over pictures of the Japanese version in EGM for months as I anxiously awaited the US release. I simply could not believe how fantastic the game looked. I daydreamed about it and counted down the days until September 7th, 1997. I had my mom take me to Best Buy on release day, terrified they would be sold out. Thankfully there were hundreds of copies. I loaded it up as soon as I got home and was not disappointed. The graphics were beautiful and the CGI cutscenes were unlike anything I had eve
  32. I gave it a 2. Yep, hate on me, but at least I didn't give it a 1, because I know many love the game. But, this game ruined FF for me. As a 40-something, I grew up playing the Ultimas, Wizardrys, and the old school FFs that were Japanese love letters to those two game series. We already talked about why I hate FF7 in another thread ("Highly Acclaimed Games--that you just don't like!" thread), so you can go over there and see why. I think the only other person who may agree with this low of a rating will be @Tanooki!
  33. Easy 10. I had 400+ hours on my original save. Trying to get all the best gear and powers. FFVII is also one of the games I continue to go back and play. This has been made much easier with the rereleases, also. I like being able to speed up the battles.
  34. Best of luck finding "Star Tropics" on SNES
  35. Nice! Looking forward to this. And I still haven't forgotten about my Day 31 list for the previous VGM Challenge, I just still haven't gotten around to it, haha. I will soon.
  36. This just showed up on HA. I'm a little perturbed that HA gets to know WATA population information but when anyone else asks for them you get the finger.
  37. SNES Super Set Wal Mart Special Offer Top Secret Player’s Guide
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