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  1. Announcing the Homebrew Champion 2020 @Red! You have achieved something for all to marvel. As such, you are awarded the championship charm. For those that have not been following along, our champion has faced off many times in various homebrews. Testing skill, patience, and endurance. Furthermore, survived numerous elimination rounds and has come out on top. Congratulations Red. Also deserving your praise and applause are the silver and bronze placement competitors, @bertsampson and @Deadeye respectively. You two are awarded special charms for your victory and should be prou
  2. Some recent pick ups. Turtles is a box upgrade. Thing was a good price and in fantastic condition. I’m still a bit shocked by the acquisition of Super Mario Bros. I was a little inebriated before bed the one night and saw it posted for a decent price with OBO. Totally low balled the guy just for shits and giggles. Like 60% of asking price. Woke up to “your offer has been accepted”. Well alrighty then. Nice condition.
  3. Finally, the full mod and installation into my set up is complete! After loading up the USB with a bunch of crappy FMV and porno games, it was time to mount the USB internally. This is NOT easy or convenient once the system is fully assembled, but a handy pair of rusty old pliers got the job done! Now, all that remained was to reattach the CD tray faceplate. This was originally attached to the CD drive, and without that there's nowhere to stick it back on... Now, a lesser man would probably custom print a 3D bracket of some sort to snap on to the case, or
  4. Yesterday's pic but... Umeshu with "coaster"
  5. Haven't been drinking much lately but I decided to have some holiday cheer tonight.
  6. Could you break it up into little squares and part it out? I’d like to own a small precent of it instead.
  7. Please keep in mind also, we will be meeting up in the general voice chat channel and any text messages for game night will be in the game night chat channel. Both of which are in the official VGS Discord! I know most of you know, but just in case we have any newcomers tonight. https://discord.gg/5tuxaqD
  8. This is a VGA, not WATA, not even close to the same thing. Best I can offer is $3.50
  9. Dude gets third place in an online homebrew contest and starts referring to himself in the third person. See what fame does to you, kids?
  10. Have you tried reaching out to the American Dental Association?
  11. I'm not much of a pc gamer anymore so I'm gonna join in tonight under Mandy's steam account. So, user 'sailorscoutmandy' is really me. See y'all in a few hrs
  12. ^ From a gaming standpoint, I totally agree with you, but from a collecting standpoint, I couldn't disagree more. If I want to play original G&W games, I'll go buy them and play them; I don't need re-releases. Meanwhile, as a huge NES guy, releasing popular NES games on the G&W format makes them hugely collectable for me. I'll probably never play my SMB G&W that I just bought again (tiny screen, no headphone jack, soft rubber buttons that would soon fall apart, etc) but it looks awesome on my shelf and I LOVE owning it. But hey, that's just me...
  13. 545, 700 I actually got a little more time than I expected this week (was moving first half and with family the second half). Although, since I'm out of town I had to use an emulator. I was hoping to beat the game but level 4 and 5 are just too hard without practice.
  14. Hey that’s my picture! Heres the code on the bottom right as well. I honestly consider this to be one of the rarest posters for the system, up there with the likes of Wacky Races, Kid Klown, and Cowboy Kid. Milton Bradley also has another extremely rare poster for Jordan vs Bird. Ive still yet to confirm if a poster exists for Abadox and Digger T Rock, but if there are then they’re my current holy grails. (The PAL version of Digger T Rock comes with a publisher generic Digger T Rock poster...) 5 of The other 6 MB games all have posters as well, but aren’t super rare
  15. Cycled about 100k this morning, got sun burnt in the process, feel sore as hell. The route wasn't particularly difficult, rather I just haven't cycled since about April. When I got home, ate a nice lunch, then grabbed a few beers for after my nap. Nothing too heavy, just Orion lager
  16. Time for me start making obscure, would never be on that USB, recommendations. However it will be the slowest drip, once a quarter. Enough time for you to keep sealing up that tray each time.
  17. Just got back from a 100k ride, so I sprang for a hearty lunch. There's a shop near mine, which I took @OptOut to last time he visited, simply called Szechuan Style Beef Noodles. I go there generally on cycle day, and I'm friends with the owner. Today's lunch: Spicy (ma la) dry beef noodles, and a plate of small fish and dried tofu.
  18. Left over election beer.....damn good IPA.
  19. The Mercari undersale at $250 is now listed on eBay at $1500. Incredible.
  20. For people who think this game is "too easy", wow. I don't think I can even come close to beating stage 4 and I've tried and tried.
  21. If keeping a game sealed makes you happy, then do it. I personally like to open them and share the experience. That makes me happy. Is it destroying the dollar value? Maybe, but the value I get from opening it and having a mint CIB game on my shelf is sometimes worth more IMO.
  22. Wow, my fav podcast ! great interview
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  23. They’re 2 different machines with 2 different kind of charm. One is the godfather of 2D platformers and other genres, with 8-Bit pixels. The other is the godfather of 3D platformers and other 3D genres, with 64-Bit pixels. I think the NES is likely to have more quality titles, by the more simplified nature of 2D gaming (Mario trilogy, Metroid etc). The N64 had some indisputable classics such as Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and the Zelda games, but some shockers such as Superman 64. Comparing the 2 is like comparing your favorite food with your favorite drink.
  24. I've never been one to talk about "age", since that's more of a graphical evolution bias. I can still get hooked on any good game. Isn't that all that matters?
  25. Ok, no problem. I think we can all respect that.
  26. I'm starting to get sick of this challenge. Whenever I have a good run I get hit somewhere in level 4. And that one time I made it past level 4 I immediately got hit in level 5. At least I can now beat this game consistently on one continue, but just one life is still too hard. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, but for today I'm done and fine with my score of around 700k.
  27. Sorry for the late response, I seemed to have missed this one but I haven't made a club this year, I didn't think it was necessary this year but I think I might put one together today. Edit: Oops, I see the confusion I created, it doesn't help that I put it in the initial thread
  28. "Now hold on Lois, a boat is just a boat, but a mystery box could be anything; it could even be a BOAT!!!"
  29. I mean, it helps to also have a base following. ... I see what what you're doing there "Chase"
  30. @MagusI went thru my Xbox games and added them into the Collection Tool and found that none of what I pictured below is available on there.
  31. Happy 50th man, let me know if you have any of those nintendo tapes in the attic you don't want anymore
  32. From the description it sounds like they slapped a new label over some other NES game, which is what the "mystery" is. What an odd idea.
  33. Yeah, I didn't see anything about them being 'bought out' either.. they still own their own marketplace .. but it looks like some of their 'classifieds group' sites are sold off .. They did make a deal with a new Dutch payment processor though (Adyen).. maybe that's what he was referring to
  34. Not drinking this stuff, but I’m considering hiding it all in the store today for people to buy. 4 people will be very happy and hopefully thankful
  35. >_> way to put me on the spot guys. Jeez The list has never been fully compiled because no one knows where to draw the line. For example, for Stadium Events we count the label artwork being shifted ever so slightly to the left so the “TM” in the logo actually shows properly and the top label doesn’t get clipped....but such minor shifting might be found in other games too, it’s just no one pays attention to 2 millimeters of shift on games that aren’t worth five figures loose. Where do you draw the line and I’ll see if I can help? Seals of quality is somewhat easy...as
  36. I got a nice GBA Lunar Legends and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete PS1 Demo. I love the EB Games sticker on the demo
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