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  1. Let me try to put my perspective differently. Having a copy of a game in original shrink wrap is having a game in a very real, original state. However, once it's opened or removed, it can never be that way again. With something like a video game that when it's packaged is nothing more than a weighted piece of cardboard art, I see why it'd be easy to ask "why wouldn't you open it for the full experience"? But the converse to that is, to have the full experience, you need to have it sealed. If you open it (or subsequently every known, sealed copy) you will never, ever have a copy of that ga
  2. After a spell of buying crap, decided to get something good. This time it's four more Sega Master System to Game Gear conversions from HTH. I've got a bunch of these by now, I really do need to try to make a comprehensive list.
  3. These aren’t steals but I got Catherine on a Black Friday special for $19.99 and the rest were $5 each at Five Below.
  4. Cars sticker variant just arrived. Much like the GameCube version, it seems to be pretty darn uncommon. I might even go as far as to say it’s rare.
  5. Last month, eBay gave developers 9 days notice that they would be shutting off API access to completed listing prices, despite their own deprecation documentation stating they would support deprecated functions in their API for a minimum of 6 months after announcement. https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/finding/callref/findCompletedItems.html "Note: The findCompletedItems call is deprecated as of October 15, 2020, and access is restricted. Please monitor the the API Deprecation Status page for the decommission date. An alternative to the findCompletedItems call is the Marketplac
  6. On one hand I agree with the "it's meant to be played, not kept in shrinkwrap" argument, but I mean honestly in 2020 that doesn't hold much water. If you want to play the game as they designed it, you can get another copy. Most of these games were made in gigantic batches and nobody is unable to experience SMB3 because 100 copies are still sealed. You can get one on Ebay or a local game store without breaking a sweat. Or you can get one of 5 different flash cartridge options, or play it on an emulator... In my opinion though, having a sealed copy of a game you really treasure is something
  7. Everytime I come back to this thread I be like .... You all are getting crazy up in here.
  8. If we lost track of trending sales prices, that could be a good thing for casual collectors and gamers. Then many games could become affordable again and would go back into circulation. I’d prefer if games could be circulated rather being locked up in someone’s treasure chest
  9. Right, I THINK I have done it all correctly but honestly I'm not sure, just gonna have to whip all this shit together and see if it works!
  10. Not all auctions are paid for and that’s a fact. They don’t turn around and sue the buyer either.... they may be banished from the platform or restricted from purchasing. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a couple stories out there of what happens to the games when the seller doesn’t pay
  11. Well let's be honest here, thanks to Covid-19, they can't get to Africa to shoot Simba at the moment, might as well just put out the burning sensation in their pockets by buying a left Bros.
  12. It has been a few years since I laid it all out on the floor to check it out and see if things have degraded at all or not, and to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks of my game inventory, figured since it's a collecting section and some really like to see stuff I figured I'd share. This starts with one DMG Gameboy from 1989 complete in the box, to another from around 91/92, then a couple Pockets (one a launch one), the elusive Gameboy Light, and the only Color I have and I put an IPS panel in it for daily use. I recently added a heavy hitter that took a long time to track down,
  13. Make sure you order before December 5th to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. I have made over 100 posters of various Screen Shot Maps from both NES and SNES games. Check them out at: https://shop.nesmaps.com/
  14. Believe it or not, there are higher-value completed sales in the past couple of months for all of that stuff. Madballz got a recent round of hype from a re-release, as well. (lazy though it may be, my method on this stuff is do a completed sales search, check the prices and try to match condition as best I can, cross-check with current BIN postings, and then at least make sure I'm the lowest BIN at the time I post -- not trying to be TOO greedy, but not really selling with urgency either)
  15. The API is free for developers to use, it's a way of pulling the data you otherwise couldn't get unless you went through eBay and manually pulled the information from each individual listing. It also allows you access to additional information like what an accepted Buy It Now price was for a particular item and whether the item was paid for.
  16. The first three levels have much harder bosses than enemies. Level 4 is where the regular enemies start to get hard. They shoot really fast.
  17. @ICrappedMyPants And thanks for sharing your perspective too. I feel like that has been a positive interchange, even if we see collecting differently.
  18. @RH I get the preservation aspect and am totally on board with CIB collecting. I guess I just can’t appreciate keeping it in its original retail state because you don’t even get to see the goods inside. When you go to a museum to learn about things they usually try to show you as much as possible about the period or pieces they are displaying. That’s an educational way to preserve history. To me, keeping a sealed game for preservation would be like owning a Michelangelo sculpture that is still completely covered by tarps had it been delivered that way. Yeah, it’s preserved, but you m
  19. Update - thanks to everyone who reached out and offered to help. @Mr. CIB was able to procure one and have it shipped directly to me. So appreciated. Really a testament to how great this community is that this problem presented itself only yesterday and is solved inside of 24 hours!
  20. Another note on the Tetris in that commercial. The cartridge on the final shot does look like it might not have any serial code, but I don't think that's the case. I think it just appears to not be present due to the lighting and low video quality. If you look very, very closely, you can see a faint shadow/darker area but it's not 100% sure. I think the serial just disappeared do to the setting and not because it's a special blank cartridge.
  21. Yeah... I'm sure there are people that are going to make some short-term money on this, but I don't really want to accept the uncertainty of whether the company owners offend the CCP, or otherwise simply engage in the type of book-cooking that is rampant in China.
  22. The jailbreak firmware was also released yesterday. It adds a Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Atari 2600, and more cores. I've not had a chance to mess with it though. It also adds copyNES mini, a tool to dump your own ROMS right from your own NES carts.
  23. Lol I love it. Guy mildly questions durability of controllers and is immediately accosted by 47 other members.
  24. ...and done AVGN Deluxe 100% on normal. That was so much fun! Now to do it on hard mode. Edit: Well they said this was going to be a physical so I'll just keep it here until then haha.
  25. See the same situation in Taiwan every day. Sure, we are mostly "safe" over here, but it wasn't clear what would happen at the beginning, and people took the same attitude from the beginning. Every day when I go buy my breakfast, some garden variety wanker gets into my space, mask less of course. People are just selfish assholes, that's been made clear to me by now. And some food for thought: if this is happening in a country where people are used to masking up , of course there's going to be tons of problems in a country that isn't.
  26. I was also surprised by how small it was. Guess I know how women feel now. Still performs as expected though!
  27. So it will be a Chinese company that owns an American company in an SPAC. Maybe it will work out for you, but I don't want to invest in a company whose financials I can't review and is entering as a competitor in a very high risk industry that already has some major players. Let us know when it goes through so we can keep an eye on it.
  28. Got it today! Hopefully the Canadian crew won't have to wait too much longer. The wait was already forever. It's smaller than I expected. I mean, duh, it's called the NT Mini, but I assumed it was bigger from their pics. Here it is beside the Super NT for some perspective.
  29. https://ksltv.com/449486/dps-crew-discovers-mysterious-monolith-from-air-in-remote-utah-wilderness/?fbclid=IwAR08Mo1qC7CJGrnYycKOU6JhhrA8NGzFcmrbfirEJ-baQGj_LC3niJFkOQ8 Don't know whether to file this under humanity or ... alienity.
  30. Blame both sides is nonsense. It is all Trump’s and the “BuT Our FreEdOm” crowds fault. Bannon telling people he wants to see Fauci’s head on a pike is all that needs to be said.
  31. For a while I was buying every game on Switch over PS4 just because it's Nintendo and it can work as a handheld. As time has gone on I realize how dumb that is. PS4 versions are often cheaper and better looking, and I rarely, if ever, use Switch in handheld mode. So now I buy all multiplatform games on PS4 unless the game benefits from being played handheld which is moreso the smaller indie games. Bigger AAA games, always on PS4.
  32. Renting video games during the late 80s early 90s would very often put you in the situation were you were stuck with a disappointing game for a few days, my brother and I rented a lot of NES games just by looking at the cover art, and as you know it was pretty hit or miss, anyways maybe because of Dick Tracy I thought the cover art of Deja Vu for the NES was cool enough so I brought it home hoping it was some sort of cool action game lol So I got greeted by the noir narrative and first person point and click screen, I was likely 10 or 11 years old, being that I'm not a native English
  33. Seems like a high percentage of these outrageous sales would end with the buyer not paying. I can think of many ways they could be scheming the market up by illegitimizing (is that a word?) these auctions. No way in hell this was a legitimate sale. I would have to see some sort of proof to believe it. Even then, I may be skeptical. LOL
  34. Same. Final Fantasy II was the game that got me into RPGs.
  35. Glad to hear it worked out for you. Update us when you get everything running.
  36. How much can I get for this? 2 million sounds fair.
  37. This is the second time i own this , first time i was 14 years old and i opened it to play , now i am 42 years old and i don`t have plans to open it
  38. Where’s Jeff when we need him? Fantastic collection! Good luck!
  39. If someone could please buy this and sell me that Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge I would appreciate it kthxbye
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