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  1. My quarantine was up yesterday, so I went out and hit up 2 local shops today. Found a ton of really nice N64 CIB’s (and 2 boxes) that I needed only the boxes for, nearly all of them fully complete with all extras like posters and reg cards, and over half are mint. Negotiated a really good price for everything, the one place even threw in a free Snowboard Kids box
  2. Some arrivals for the past couple of weeks... I already had these games, but not the boxes. These are new additions...
  3. Box received today and I'll have it in the mail Monday. Wow guys, the bar has been set pretty high! Below is my haul. Pretty good stuff! Some items as re for my kids and I appreciate that! Also... Ok, the box is packed. After I had packed and taped it up I noticed I had left a couple of times out. Since it was sealed, and packed tight, I kept these too. However, if anyone is interested in these, I can ship them to you for free. Just be sure to add like-value to the box. Please note, this is an all-or-nothing deal.
  4. I haven’t posted in a while I picked these up when they launched but never got around to taking a picture: Some local deals: Traded a loose Pokemon Platinum cart for all this: Some purchases except for the 3DS games, those were from a trade:
  5. I store all my stuff haphazardly in bins and large cardboard boxes on top of said bins. It's like a pleasant surprise every time I go digging for something!
  6. Wow, I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here already. A few days ago, a guy on Youtube posted a video chronicling his attempt to purchase, obtain, and dump the infamous McDonald's DS software used to train employees in Japan in the mid to late 2000s. One of the most interesting things about the title was that it actually implemented a password system, requiring a 6-digit code to get past the main menu. There was also a matte black DS variant specifically made for McDonald's locations in Japan, as documented in the video. This is the first time that a full playthrough of this game has
  7. Grabbed some more crap last night. The Xbox game is sealed.
  8. I picked up some new stuff last weekend, nothing special, but some decent adds to my collection.
  9. Playing N64 must be really easy to choose what to play.
  10. I segregate items from my storage boxes until I add them into my collection log. I do inventory once-in-a-while which averages to be about once every couple months. One day I’ll take my stuff out of storage boxes and build a cabinet with doors to keep my collection safe, I don’t want *this* to happen again.
  11. I suppose blinder squirrels have found a nut...
  12. Got to love Gamestop, looking at the site right now, they're very considerate of those on a budget even with this game. I was curious and selected the digital copy as I forgot the price and saw this: BUY NOW, PAY LATER with 4 payments of $1.49
  13. Him being the Pikachu from that garbage game WOULD make a lot of things make a lot more sense.
  14. No, but I AM the guy who trained him to do that! Took some serious beatings to condition him, but worth it IMO. Proud of that lil fella!
  15. Hi, thank you for this wonderful post. I want to collaborate and I´m going to share with you some pictures that you can add to the original post if you consider they fit in any of the categories you created. Model 1 Value Pack sticker Model 2 X-Men T-Shirt Model 2 Canadian X-Men Holyfield Model 2 Canadian Ren and Stimpy Model 2 Subterrania plus Sonic 3 Model 2 Value Pack including Ecco the Dolphin Model 2 Visions Magazine sticker
  16. Right up there with NES and SNES as one of the all-time great consoles. So many genres and styles were invented on this console and it houses several of the greatest games of all time. From a personal standpoint, this console was probably the most formative for me. Just off the top of my head, I'd consider these games/series revolutionary or genre-defining: Metal Gear Solid Final Fantasy 7 Castlevania: SotN Resident Evil Series Twisted Metal Series Tomb Raider Series PaRappa the Rapper
  17. This is one of those moments where I am thankful Wata did not give me a response. In the end I am happier having this than the NA version (which I originally wanted). All because the artwork does it for me. One down, many to go.
  18. Well you just wait until the new missus surprises you with a pair of twins
  19. Video Pinball Leaderboard 3DO Battle Pinball Username Mode Score Date PaTaank Username Mode Score Date
  20. Loving all the beer I see here, the local breweries here have been doing some great things recently, so I'm gonna invite my friends over on Boxing Day for a night of gaming, gift exchanges, beer tasting, and live music, all on the house.
  21. @fox I did. I got it right when it went live. I went with the disc version.
  22. Regarding shooting games, left side requires dexterity and precision, and the right side requires stamina for repeated button mashing. So... I’m now inclined to think that whoever created the joystick or D-pad, probably just flipped a coin to see which goes where. ”coin toss is heads, righto, d-pad goes on the left!”
  23. Considering what it cost, I think it's ok to feel that way.
  24. I can't imagine what your life must be like.
  25. I have also wondered about this. There is probably a logical reason. My theory is that film/animation progresses from left to right along the reel since it originated in western cultures. Anyone making video games in the earliest days of the medium would have been likely been familiar with film. And, for obvious reasons, video games are closer to film/animation than they are to writing or even manga. As such, these early creators may have envisioned the character moving along the film reel (i.e. from left to right) in order to progress the adventure. Again, just a guess, but I'd buy
  26. Party hat Murray officially predicts @ninjistarto take the crown.
  27. Good Luck to all!!!!! I have a feeling I will be out this round
  28. Really tough to give this anything but a 10. So I did.
  29. Hundreds of games worth owning (imo). Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy Tactics all place in my top 25. A million personal favorites such as Fear Effect, G Darius, Treasures of the Deep, Elemental Gearbolt, Front Mission 3, and on and on. Absolutely in the top 10 consoles of all time. Top 5? I'm not sure. I like lots of games. Do I like the PSX library more than the PS2, SNES, Switch, 3DS, and PS3/360 libraries? I honestly don't know. I'll have to think about it. But definitely an 8 or 9. It's crowded at the top.
  30. I LOVED this game and I do think it was one of the best released that year. A Link to the Past, Metroid 2, Castlevania 4, Sonic 1, TMNT 3, Tecmo Super Bowl, Return of the Joker, Streets of Rage, SF2 Turbo. Yeah definitely a great and and it sits among the top releases that year. It deserves the praise and started an epic run that lasted a generation for Sonic games.
  31. No offence, but I see a bit of a bias in the narrative presented there, and the bolded black section sums it up nicely: "China regards Taiwan as a breakaway province..." That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life, tbh. After WWII, the Japanese gave the island of Taiwan back to the original China. Civil War broke out later and the party that had been historically ruling China, Chiang Kai Sheck's KMT (Kuomintang), well they then lost some battles to Map Zedong's commies and they took the government and fled to the island of Taiwan. The commies then took over the lions share of
  32. I had a whole thing typed up about Gingrich and Limbaugh and Palin and W and both sides playing to corporate interests and churches being encouraged to become political entities and our national disdain for education and our worship of a economic system that 90% of the country doesn’t even kind of understand but they’ve been told that it’s Jesus and that sounds good. And the other economic system that has demonstrable benefits but it’s been tenuously tief to a word that we’ve been propagandized to believe is scary based on I don’t know Cuba or something. And the other side actually doesn’t
  33. I’m mean in a world that makes sense yeah but I don’t know if I trust that he’ll let fate take his course. Even after he’s gone something is going to have to be done about the up is down black is white crowd. I fail to see how this all just goes quiet next spring. So much propaganda has been pumped in...
  34. I have a strong appreciation for the innovations Naughty Dog have done for Sony. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about developers undergoing dangerous “crunch” practices. It’s sad to see how much these devs have had to endure with recent games. That being said, I’ve decided to acquire something autographed by original Naughty Dog powerhouse dev team, around the time or before the time that the crunching stories started becoming nightmarish. I’m very excited to have this piece in my collection and will hang on to it for life.
  35. PayPal is 2.9% which is the going rate for a credit card company. Remember this next time you choose credit at a local store bc they're eating that 3% CC fee. I always try to use debt so they can avoid the fees, if they're a local business I care about.
  36. So I managed to lay down a snipe bid and get Panzer Dargoon 1 for $70 shipped I had a snipe on the sequel from the same seller but it sold for over $100 shipped which I wasn't ready for. Oh well, I'll track it down. I believe when I sold my original pair back on 2015 I sold the pair for $120 so I won't be too far off the original sale price. I also managed to scoop a couple OG Xbox games for free from a co-worker. His brother in-law was a gamer and sadly passed and he asked if I could list some games for him on ebay to avoid getting the shaft from GameStop or a pawnshop. He said I
  37. Speaking of, he gave me a TV today for free from his wife's bar. As a thank you I bought Shatterhand
  38. Jaden

    Collection Pics

    I've been wanting this ever since I was a member of the old NintendoAge forum. And now boys, I finally got it. A brand new shelf. I'm really happy with how it looks. It's very tall, it's got plenty of room, and it's nice and sturdy. And I like the color as well. I think it matches my room pretty well. And hey, I finally have a shelf that isn't broken, which is nice. I'm hoping this one lasts me a while, because it's super nice. Just having all of my boxed games in a row and not all pushed up against each other is so satisfying.
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