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  1. Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join me today! I'm calling it at the 22 hour mark due to feeling nauseous; I have a hard stop at "feeling physically ill". Very happy making it 22 hours though, especially on around 6 hours of sleep the night prior. Seriously, the donations and the well wishes and the games we played together, it all means the world to me. And in the end a bunch of money goes to a great cause. With a goal of $2250, the total raised came to $2940! Absolutely insane! Of course I am taking donations until the end of the year, so if you're feeling generous ever
  2. After a long time of wanting to find an Amiibo end-level display for cheap I finally found this local deal for $30! The end-level display, pipe and classic Mario Amiibo altogether. My kids have been playing with my Amiibo collection a lot so I was excited to share this with them. My son already got creative with it.
  3. Not one state house legislature seat flipped in the entire country from red to blue. Democrats besides biden had a really bad night. Trump easily would have beaten a perceived more progressive candidate. No matter what your echo chsmber is telling you, the progressive movement is a dead end. It doesnt line up with a majority of america. Sorry bud. You camt nitpick the librrtarian aspects of the progressive agenda(drugs)and champion them as everyone wants progressivism. Its the rest of the bs thst comes with it. The country rejects it. The large margins you claim... probably from blue oran
  4. I’m still a right leaning centrist. But like many people on this side of the aisle said 4 years ago: He’s your president. Get used to it. We are not “The States of America” we are The UNITED States of America. At the end of the day we’re all Americans living in this country and should give our president our full support. After all, his success translates to our prosperity. We May have our faults, and we may have had a bad history. But our country is one like no other in the planet, or in the history of mankind. We are the nation of 50 nations. We are the nation wher
  5. I'm curious your definition of hard-core liberal. Harris co-sponsored the green new deal and is for Medicare for all. She has moderated some of her stances, or at least not shown a spotlight on them since being selected to run as vice president. She is however historically pretty dang far left of center.
  6. the way he said it was probably not the best. I didnt love it. But digging into these counties in georgia and looking at registered voters and the turn out. Its like a turn out of sadam hussein levels. Something doesnt jive right. More will come out. If I were trump Id have just been a little more reserved about it and say I am contesting certain results and we will see. But its trump and he didnt do that. I dont think its dangerous at all. Its trump being trump. No one takes him 100 percent literally except for democrats. Its not presidential. But Im tired of presidential. Lets see what
  7. Yeah, I also agree that a full NES set is obviously both licensed and unlicensed, and the licensed-only people are just deluding themselves, !!!!HOWEVER!!!!! as a purchaser, I am extremely happy that this new idea of sidelining unlicensed games as lesser and unworthy has come about. For the longest time, believe it or not, SE and Myriad were roughly the same price. The same could be said of pretty much any comparatively rare licensed game to its unlicensed counterpart. But once this whole "licensed set" thing came about, the licensed games all skyrocketed and the unlicensed games essential
  8. Added a few extra games to the Wii U collection, still searching for the final 3 PAL special editions I need but these fed my habit in the meantime
  9. Trump won more share of the non white vote than any republican since 1960. You just regurgitated progressive talking points from krystal ball when i heard a clip from the hill. It was literally what you said to a T lol. It was pretty funny hearing after i read your post. I know you have to be informed somewhere. You can copy the homework but dont make it look the same XD
  10. People are calling him great, but in the form of a question. Like in the game show.
  11. Yeah Harris has the most liberal voting record ever. She has a further left voting history them Bernie Sanders. Ppl just read that she's not that far left and don't look it up on their own I think. Just goes to show why we need to make a conscious effort to stay informed.
  12. Yep, I agree with all of that. I do think this election was more of a rejection of Trump's personality not his policies. There are lots of people out there who view Harris and AOC as one in the same. Those defund the police attack ads worked to scare people.
  13. One time in college I went to a St Patty's day house party. Ended up getting black out drunk. There was a seperate room where some guys were smoking Cubans and playing Hold 'em like out a gangster movie. Apparently in my black out state I literally climbed on top of the poker table and fell asleep while they were in the middle of playing. If it weren't for my friends dragging me out of there they probably would have beat the shit out of me. I threw up on the T (public subway - I went to school in Boston) into a gigantic leperchaun hat I had bought at the dollar store. My frien
  14. That is a great opinion, but its actual nonsense. Trump only accomplished having more unemployment when he left than when he came in. Same thing with the economy lol. And blaming the first Black president for racial strife, while supporting the guy who literally ran on “Mexicans are rapists” his all I need to say. Unless Trump writes his own history book, he will go down as a crying, whining, one term, pathetic baby. He couldnt even hang Obama’s portrait up in the white house because he couldnt stand to have a successful black man who was more respected glaring over him
  15. Both the Republican poll watchers (who said they were inside with the ballots) and a few on Trump’s own legal team say the fraud accusations are entirely baseless and mere speculation.
  16. Like I said, he's a master manipulator. Told a bunch of people what they wanted to hear... become president because of it. Continued to tell them what they wanted to hear, and how good he was at it, and how any problems or shortcomings were the fault of an evil group that hates them, and made them love him. It's basically bonafide cult at this point.
  17. You know I love you, @Quest4Nes but I think it was wrong of Trump to make this wild and dangerous allegation on national television—twice—before having any evidence. It’s one thing to say that you suspect impropriety, it’s another to falsely claim that you won an election. It’s divisive at best, incendiary at worst.
  18. Allegations are nonsense anyways. Show up with your evidence, or GTFO
  19. Trump was going to call voter fraud if he didn't get a huge landslide. Sorry, but unless there's substantial evidence, it's just people talking. And sour grapes.
  20. What could have happened? I don’t know. That’s why we should look into the allegations to see if there’s any substance. Maybe it’s all BS. Maybe there’s something there. I don’t have a horse in this race. I actually voted libertarian. Your reply sounds like you are invested in the outcome. If I spend the time to lookup names of people, is it really going to make a dent with you? If you really care to know, you can easily google it. It’s important to treat this stuff seriously because if you don’t, half the country will feel that their complaints were ignored. They will reje
  21. When this investigation eventually turns up no impropriety, Trump will then deny the validity of the investigation. There’s no reality where Trump concedes graciously. He’ll go to his grave claiming that this election was stolen—undermining the mechanics of our democracy. And why? Because he doesn’t want to give up power. I suppose it’s possible that he has sincere love for this country and genuinely believes he’d do a better job serving as president, so maybe in his mind the ends justify the means. Even still, what he’s doing is dangerous. And he set us all up for it.
  22. Looks like my sealed DC collection is an official part of my collection now, lol! Went to IKEA yesterday and got some shelves: Damn, looks like I need way more games tho, lol! Fill 'er up!
  23. My Collection is now complete! 1st pic is my complete collection & 2nd pic is my complete collection of First Prints
  24. They have allegations with no evidence. They are wasting time and trying to steal an electiom. They were making allegations of voter fraud before any votes were cast to disenfrachise hundreds of thousands of people across the country.
  25. Awesome! Yeah, that mall is a treat for game fans. Probably had the best banana waffles at this cosplay cafe (had never heard of this concept before) there called Chitty Mood, where the goal of the waiter was to turn everyone's frown upside down. Great experience.
  26. Well, when you made that post originally, my mind went directly to that store, and then when I actually went there for real I picked those up, so I'm thinking absolutely yes! Hallowed ground, that underground mall in Taipei, for sure, lol!
  27. Nice pickups -- the top two games were also among the ones I bought in Taipei, wonder if we got them from the same store. Pretty sure I also paid 100 each.
  28. Thanks guys! Sorry that I only see this now, took some distance from the forums the last couple months as working from home brought lots of other distractions with it. I was actually contemplating reaching out to you (to Dave, as I knew with certainty that he was in Taiwan) after I had booked the tickets, but felt it was too short notice at the time as I had booked the trip only a couple days before departure as a spontaneous add-on to a larger Asia/Australia trip. I travel to or through Asia more often, so I'm sure that I'll be in Taiwan again soon, after the Covid situation has settled a
  29. I draw the line at Cheetahmen II (and the Aladdin Deck Enhancer games) If it aint ever released then it aint matter.
  30. The disputed states really need to get triple counted and sent up to the Supreme Court for a final decision. Think about how many Republicans are in disbelief right now. We can’t have a united country for the next four years while a large portion of the population believes that the president won by cheating. If it gets properly vetted, there will no longer be any room for people to disagree with the findings and we can accept the decision and get on with our lives.
  31. Success! Slather a little butter and they're pretty damn tasty!
  32. Dough is done with the second rise. Time for the oven!
  33. There are a lot of things the rest of the world does that makes more sense than what we do. Damn near everything here is archaic. Like when that Irish girl was visiting our lab and she and I were out drinking one night and she told me she’ll be damned before she calls chips “fries” and crisps “chips.”
  34. Attempting to bake some bread. Chocolate buns, specifically. I'll let you know how it goes.
  35. Ah yes. The true swamp. The two party system. To truly begin draining the swamp, we'd need congress to pass sweeping reform of itself. Single six and four year terms. Reduced income and possibly forfeiture of assets. Campaign and lobby reform. Make the office a public service. One that leaves you a poor public servant, unconcerned with reelection, or beholden to anyone. Of course that will never happen because those people control their own fate, so the system is corrupt as fuck.
  36. I just added these 2 to my FDS boxed collection. In my opinion the 2 most rare titles for the Famicom Disk System
  37. Well I was slacking on Thursday and didn't post something remarkable (to me) I came across, and then lightning struck twice on Friday as well. Story time. I found the first image stuff on Thursday, drove over to the next county after talking with this older couple on messenger and then they flake and I sit for a 1/2 hour. As I"m most of the way home, they figure it out and get super apologetic and already start up the freeway to make it right. I had gone down there to save $20 as it was off the price, but got it reduced further to $45. Now if this isn't nice enough, and I didn't put
  38. Got lucky with a best off exchange with a seller. I lost out on a backdoor several months ago for $45 and ended getting this for $60 shipped. Overall, I was really shocked with how good the condition was. The seller definitely didn't take good enough pics. The Saturn collection is coming together nicely. I still want to get Panzer Dargoon 1&2 back in the mix.
  39. Been going to more thrift stores lately...and I actually managed to find Goodwill's that had games?! I couldn't believe it either lol. Goodwill #1: PS2 EyeToy AntiGrav - $4 (CIB) PS2 EyeToy Kinetic - $4 (CIB) Wii Mario Kart Wii - $4 (CIB) This Goodwill was in the middle of nowhere and I've never been so I figured that's why it had games still (that and who the hell collects EyeToy games...except me because exclusives lol...actually AntiGrav looks fun...) Goodwill #2: PS1 Pitfall 3D - $3 (CIB) What surprised me was that it was a PS1 game at a Goodwill...a
  40. Suffice it to say, I don't see any recount happening except Georgia, and that wouldn't change anything. Plus, with the Trump campaign broke, I don't see them footing the bill for any.
  41. That is for automatic recounts - which the host state would pay for. They can be requested (I assume by anyone with standing) - some states have a higher percentage for that than than the automatic recount while some don't seem to have any requirement at all*. The requester has to pay for it though. *It is not clear (at least where I looked) whether the states have to grant this or not in this situation.
  42. So foreign interference in the last election was fine but counting all of the votes is where we draw the line when it comes to fraud
  44. Damn that Soros! Has his hand in everything! The stock exchange, the media, my missing keys... total snake in the grass!
  45. I voted for Joe Biden and I live in Idaho soooo....I’m outnumbered. Of course I hope my candidate wins but no matter what happens, no matter who wins, America is pretty fucking great. Only thing I hate about Trump’s presidency is that it has shone a harsh light on some of the uglier parts of our country. And I’m not talking about the liberal media slant. I mean in real life. I don’t know, it just felt like the bigots, sexists, racists, etc felt emboldened. I got called the n-word in a public street and nobody said a word in my defense. A black friend of mine was asked to leave a stor
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