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  1. Got lucky with a best off exchange with a seller. I lost out on a backdoor several months ago for $45 and ended getting this for $60 shipped. Overall, I was really shocked with how good the condition was. The seller definitely didn't take good enough pics. The Saturn collection is coming together nicely. I still want to get Panzer Dargoon 1&2 back in the mix.
  2. Down to needing only 2 more games for a complete Famicom Disk System BOXED collection.
  3. battletoad Battlemaniacs, MMx2 = box only Mario World 2 Yoshis island : box, instruction Sparkster : box, cart (box Very clean) Chrono Trigger cib... clean.. really clean! Mario World canadian version (dead mint- directly in my collection) Earthbound cart only (this cart plus all the other above, won’t tell you how much I paid.. I was the lucky one this time.. what I can say : I would have buy CT or Mario alone with earthbound for the price I paid for everything..) SF1 and SF2 = 100$cdn shipped. Already beat SF1, really fun! AeroFighters
  4. Don't usually post pick ups but I do have to share this one that I got today.
  5. Hold on, let me say something else about the matter. If I were to try to tabulate all the kind, generous, polite moments I’ve shared with Idaho Trump supporters I would have a 10 page wall of text. People are generally good—and that includes Trump voters.
  6. Mercari find for $125! Boxed GameCube plus CIB games and accessories. Everything is in like new condition and the disks look untouched. Very happy with this since I was looking for a boxed GameCube at a reasonable price for a very long time. Most people seem to have the box but lose the cardboard inserts inside.
  7. I think these are all my recent pickups. Random stuff. And I never post my Game Informers but I get one in the mail each month Also I finally picked up the first Fire Emblem for GBA but I forgot to snap a picture
  8. Just picked up Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World (no case) for 3DS and Pokémon Stadium 2 for N64. I’m thrilled at these pickups!
  9. Is there a need for this? Everyone that joined VGS started off here with a clean slate... let's keep it that way.
  10. If Trump loses AZ, he can only blame himself for pissing on John McCain's grave. I guarantee you republican senators haven't forgotton.
  11. Not many other holes in my collection have bugged quite as badly as this one has been lately. I bit the bullet on this one and I’m super excited to have it. CIB with all the paperwork, I just didn’t feel like taking it all out for the photo op lol
  12. Got the Lion King sent over from a friend in California and sourced the Asian Gunstar Heroes from Hong Kong.
  13. A few more things from the Asian Mega Drive collection, what do you collect when you are struggling to find Asian releases? Well buy a factory case of Asian games! This is a box of 6 Mega Games 1, fun fact: the manuals didn’t fit inside the cases so were packed separate, they also have the distributer stickers from Game Galaxy in Thailand.
  14. G'day! How's it guys going? Some of you may know me from being in the Discord chat, mostly in the brewery section. I'm a chiptune artist/musician for homebrew projects who also originated from NA. Over the years, I've been helping out homebrew developers mostly relating to composing music. Including the classic, "Saturn Smash". During the death of NA/birth of VGS, I've been checking out on the progression on the site every now and then. After a year of it's opening, not only that's it's more user-friendly, but it's also seems to be greatly improving as well. I applaud @Gloves and i
  15. Virtual League Baseball Case Lot Factory Sealed NIB 48pc (8 sealed boxes of 6 sealed games each) Extremely rare sealed case of 48 VIRTUAL LEAGUE BASEBALL games in 8 separate sealed boxes each contains 6 sealed games. The boxes of 6 games have sold for as much as $250.00 on e-bay and you are getting 8 of those boxes sealed in this case! This game is made by Kemco. This will be shipped inside another box to keep it safe during shipping. Asking $1200, willing to go down on the price a little if no offers for the full $1200 come in. I have great feedback on E-Bay, as well a
  16. So this past weekend my good friend invited me to a local cultural market that he would be attending, where he'd be selling some antiques and what not. Last time I went to one of these type places, it was a total waste, well in terms of finding anything gaming related. Since we had a long holiday though, sure, why not, I had nothing better to do. So I look around and eventually make it over to where my friend has his stand set up. He passed me a bag with a few Famicom games and I bought them, but the whole time another random was sniffing around trying to see what was in the bag, just get
  17. Uh...the difference here is...Biden didn't tell people to go out and riot and steal shit? Is this a serious question? Trump is actively encouraging his followers to do things like these, whereas "the left" is telling people to be peaceful and not cause trouble. Let's do this. For every tweet from Biden inciting his followers to commit crimes, I'll find you a tweet from Trump telling his people about conspiracy theories and how they need to fight back against the democratic governors. Who wants to start?
  18. And though I clearly despise Trump, I identify as a son-of-a-former-cop moderate, and this caught my eye since this is exactly what I warned my ultra-liberal family members about back in July: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dem-caucus-clash-too-progressive Around here it cost the Dems a Senator, a house rep, and a governer. They should have won 2 of 3. Hell, 2 of the 3 winners lost in 2016. They just marched them back out and ran attack ads about Nancy Pelosi and AOC. That's all they had to do.
  19. Just popping in to say I am thoroughly enjoying watching Trump flounder and throw garbage lawsuits at anything he can. Its hilarious! Anyone who supports Trump and his rhetoric actually hate America. Im disappointed that almost half of Americans will support authoritarianism, as long as its on their side. SAD! Hope everyone else is doing good though
  20. At times like these, I like to check out breitbart for the lulz Gotta love a bunch of doughy guys in their 50s and 60s daydreaming about overthrowing our country (and military) with their ARs
  21. Can you believe Trump is talking about running again in 2024. The balls of this guy.
  22. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
  23. I'm curious as to folks who in the poll in this thread are recently voting that they think Trump is going to win. Are you guys expecting Arizona or Nevada to flip to Trump last minute? Or that the slew of lawsuits and recounts that Trump will demand will make a difference? The odds are really long at this point that Trump will pull out the win.
  24. Made a chicken Parm sub last night, having another one tonight. If I'm around tomorrow, it might be pizza night.
  25. I've heard it before. And I distinctly remember it being referenced in a classic Carl Barks comic which is where I know it from. But I have absolutely no impression of its cultural role, or how it actually plays into christmas as a holiday. Or which 12 days it is referencing. I figured it was implied that making variations on it was somehow "a thing", which is definitely not something I have seen before. I like the idea though, and I'm down for it.
  26. Screamin’ Sicilian frozen pizza. It’s been a day.
  27. @LeatherRebel5150 @RH Noted, i will pass that along. As for the API issues you guys are seeing, yes Ebay made a massive change, and we are trying our best to adapt. This is the second time in 1 year they have done this, only this time they have made it very hard to work with and in some cases aren't even giving access. There IS a workaround in progress, there are no plans to dump GVN or to stop collecting the data we always have been. Maybe that will change, and god i hope not, but for right now we are pivoting to keep things up and running with another method. Hopefully the plan works,
  28. I may or may not have access to the Trump emails. Here's the latest, which is titled, I shit you not... "The Biden Campaign is Crumbling"
  29. Wow, that speech was... something else. America has invaded countries that had less volatile speeches than that. Just a sad attempt from a sad, mentally unstable old man losing his grip on power. Can this orange bitch just fuck off already? The American people have spoken and they said “Fuck you, asshole.”
  30. Finally getting my humble collection together and found a place for my FuncoLand neon. I don't have a lot of signage but it's easily my favorite piece. It's still a mess I know, working on it!
  31. My wife used to run an EB in Richmond, B.C, and when Shadow Dragon was set to release, she had the most pre-orders in the province. The Nintendo rep came in on their monthly checkup and they were talking about the pre-orders being owed to my enthusiasm which she shared with her client base. The rep surprised her with this weighty glass bauble to give to me since I'm a big FE fan. Since you are a big Fire Emblem fan (as am I), I thought you'd appreciate this: VID_20201104_154629.mp4
  32. A few things arrived today that I've been excited about! It's taken a while, but I finally tracked down a Biomotor Unitron and Puzzle Link 2 for NGPC, so I'm looking forward to giving those a whirl, especially after having done the IPS screen installs to the handhelds. I was playing Jet Grind Radio a few weeks back, and when I went to play JSRF, I realized that I never picked it up. As for Shenmue II, I've had the PAL DC version since it came out, but thought it would be nice to have a version I could just pop in and play. Gradius was a sweet find. I love shooters, and only rece
  33. I've got to do two pictures with this one. I finally had not only some decent luck finding things this day, but also one that blew me away as I've not seen this in 30 years of home computer ownership and really had no idea that existed. I mean I do know about Street Fighter as I had Fighting Street on TGCD and it was fine (other than you never can do the specials consistently) but I never knew of a DOS one, let alone I don't recall PC games ever coming in VHS style puffy plastic cases but there it is. Cost me $20 and I can't even find record of it on ebay and google it's in the fog too.
  34. Got some more stuff. Finally added a CIB blue N64 (it's the Gradiente version): Some more 3DS games and a few others (PaRappa is sealed): Some more Atari 2600 games (the only one that isn't sealed is Pele's Soccer): Some GB/GBC/GBA games: Some PS2 and Xbox games (Shellshock is sealed):
  35. This is the second time i own this , first time i was 14 years old and i opened it to play , now i am 42 years old and i don`t have plans to open it
  36. Some pickups. Game Gear Aladdin - first print by Sega, sealed. Was tough to find for me Sega Genesis Bimini Run - boat shmup with very interesting box art design!
  37. Picked this up today for $20. Not a bad price.
  38. Just completed the Xenoblade set with the arrival of the Definitive Works set!
  39. A few uncommon games that showed up at just the right time. I'd probably say Motor City is the toughest to find, but Mario's Time Machine can also be quite elusive. I've had a Canadian Soccer for quite a while, but wanted to grab the US version for my set. Another mini console for the collection. I had been highly skeptical of this one because I have no desire to use cramped controls on a tiny screen, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. Build quality and packaging is solid and the little LCD screen is decent. I just need to get an actual gamepad so I can play on the TV.
  40. I was able to pick up a much more uncommon variant of the Sega Master System Light Phaser
  41. Dammit, literally just bought one of these (MK) Saturday, then Monday someone dangles a space invaders with riser for $100 in front of my face....so yeah, of course I bought it!
  42. No way anyone else has this. Got it ironically enough from a guy in Australia, no idea this form was in the package until I received it. While VIDEOMATION was licensed for the nes, it was unlicensed on the famicom. Here's an invoice for a copy purchased from the company that published it in Hong Kong.
  43. $15 locally today via OfferUp (box and styrofoam only). No idea how good of a deal it is, but (a) I wanted one, (b) It's hard to track down these suckers with styro, and (c) the cost of shipping this beast killed any desire to buy one online. Happy for sure
  44. Some of the boxes are in bad condition (not complete trash).
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