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  1. Design my own knight? I'm way ahead of you haha - behold the fearsome Cardboard Knight!!! (Also - that's so cool that you've built a rapport with them over the years. Yacht Club seems to really like you @Makar) -CasualCart
  2. I sent Yacht Club games my resume, and all I got was this lousy restraining order.
  3. 12 - Warlock Lord / Behemoth [Shadowgate] This one was a trip, @Bearcat-Doug - great suggestion! I don't think I've ever played a point-and-click adventure before, but maybe Shadowgate would be a good introduction to the genre. -CasualCart
  4. I gave up on that awhile ago in here. At least I found out I'm negative for Covid, and positive for freaking pneumonia.
  5. Just a quick and simple one for Inktober 12th. Basically, @ZeldaFreak has just fallen from his ladder whilst attempting to clear poison ivy from a fence on his property, and is now about to be stung by murder hornets. Tale as old as time!
  6. 11 - Dino Riki [Adventures of Dino Riki] @Gloves - ummm... the 'creative juices' weren't exactly flowing today haha. You should do a few of these - didn't you say somewhere that you've been drawing a lot recently? -CasualCart
  7. So I found this at a garage sale yesterday... The only thing I can find online is an ebay listing from 2018 that states it could be a prison model, or possibly a promotional item... Is there anyone that has seen this before? Or any information about it at all?
  8. I'll take pneumonia any day since we don't have to worry about new data, and I shouldn't have any long term effects from it. Thank you though! I'll be using this time to dive into my backlog of a few dozen games!
  9. Last challenge ZeldaFreak put the Mappy theme in the frustration category. Also, for a different category I posted a medley that had the Mappy theme in it and told ZeldaFreak to listen to it.
  10. Completed these over the past 2 weeks and enjoyed them all for the most part! Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust- Defender can get very boring at times as well all know haha Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - fun and reminded me of playing on the NES Beavis and Butt-head- because why not, shut up butt head! Bomberman GB- pain in the ass at times but overall keeps you engaged and enjoyed playing this one for the first time in years Chuck Rock- Jumping was the bane of me in this stupid game! Flipull- To answer your question on levels,
  11. They already sent you an offer! You didn't get it?!?!
  12. Ah I see. Well I did email them with his cardboard knight creation. I will let you guys know what their response is! I don't work for or with yacht club, however, if @CasualCart is interested in working for/with them, I will reach out to them. If you want to PM me about that feel free!
  13. someone already did it before u 2 posted it wasn't me
  14. Yea it really would! Watch them announce shovel knight 64 next year. Holy crap. Not gonna lie, this is really cool and creative. Kinda reminds me of the labbo stuff. I love the 8bit sprite too lol! Time to send this off to yacht club games as well! And yea, I email them every now and then with questions or thanking them for new updates, or stuff like asking if they'll sign my game (only did that once), and now stuff like sending them your awesome art. I'm honestly surprised they're so responsive and timely too.
  15. The GBA library is massive and contains a ridiculous number of quality titles, so I think it's a reasonable question to ask. In fact, if the GBA was a home console rather than a portable device, it could reasonably be the favorite. But I feel like these arguments are heavily biased towards the consoles and the portable devices are a different category. Until the Switch that is...
  16. Lists a bunch of original snes games, among the greatest games of all time. Follows it with a list of GBA games that were ported to it from other systems, half of which originated on the snes. Bro you answered your own question.
  17. Wow, that's awesome! Deja Vu is probably the easiest of the three Kemco point and click games, but Shadowgate is likely the most popular. Uninvited is good too, so I'd recommend all three.
  18. One of the top comments on that video is, "I hooked up the sound output of my laptop into a real spectrum, and played this video. The spectrum loaded up manic miner :)" So it's not meant to be musical at least.
  19. Pretty good. It's not the game, so I couldn't put it in, but this is the loading sound for manic miner, the game I posted for my bad music on list 1. Prepare yourself, it's like the Dial-Up tone achieved a new, more ultimate power. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MZYuGUCrkoU
  20. Watch this be the 2020 champ right here. I'm calling it now.
  21. $2.99 for a Limited Time on Nintendo Switch! The tradition continues! Enjoy every bit of the Halloween season this year with the early sale on Switch. Haunted: Halloween '86 - The Curse of Possum Hollow is available in the eShop on the Nintendo Switch in 14 countries and on sale for a limited time. Are you ready for a real #8BitLegit challenge now on the Nintendo Switch? GET IT HERE=> https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/haunted-halloween-86-switch/ GET CARTRIDGES WITH FREEE SHIPPING HERE=>https://cashinculture.3dcartstores.com/Haunted-Halloween-86_c_160.html
  22. You probably shouldn't be tagging competition when you need the win buddy.
  23. 476600 WOW! 1CC! I just had one of those runs where everything came together. I had to change my strats and be more aggressive to the enemies which helped with getting more health. Im finally happy to put a respectable score up for one of my favs.
  24. All levels unlocked: 104 First-Place Wins: Next goal: get to Level 99*.
  25. Haha working for Yacht Club would be awesome for sure, but even if I had the opportunity, I just don't have enough availability to take on any more large-scale freelance gigs right now. We'll just have to figure out another way for VGS to infiltrate the indie-game scene... -CasualCart
  26. When I see the words "shooter" and "hard mode" together.
  27. Put me on the side of point-pressing being an intentional feature. Look at Kung Fu: punch is 200 points, while the longer-range kick is 100. Jumpkick the 12th guy is 1000 – that takes a lot of concentration to keep up after the second or third time. And, like DK, you get points for getting to the end of the stage faster. Choose your strategy: save time or do more things? Or Defender, where letting your people get captured and then rescuing them before mutation nets a big bonus. In Pac Man you wait for a cluster to eat a power pellet and get all the monsters, instead of simply ea
  28. I'm not a massive fan of Donkey Kong, but I'm pretty fascinated by it, and one fascinating aspect is how well the intended point pressing mechanics actually work. In all of that game, honestly jumping next to DK on the rivets stage (which is such a small thing, and still requires a solid setup) is pretty much the only thing that could really be considered an exploit. But the main scoring mechanic, which involves stretching the barrel stages, taking the bottom hammer to smash all the barrels you can, and letting barrels group together to get extra points when jumping over them, is absolute
  29. It is incredibly frustrating! I got a Japanese cart just to be able to make some headway into it, since the limited number of credits on the US version makes it really difficult to practice later sections. Amazing artwork as always
  30. 1510 - Stage 3? I gave this a try yesterday, my first time playing it. It seems like a fun game. I had all intentions of spending some time on it today, but Minecraft, working in the hobby room, and football had other plans for me. I think this is stage 3... ? I don't remember lol. http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/vgs-ninjistar-monsterinmypocket-score-final-2020.jpg
  31. That's awesome. Reminds me of the dude from Murder Party. Killer Halloween movie if you've never seen it.
  32. I'll try to participate in AU. For Switch shit I wouldn't be able to join until late at night.
  33. Forecast was 65 and sun today here when I looked yesterday. Made it through the snow for some hazy ales!
  34. I love circus peanuts, but almost everyone I know thinks that they're absolutely disgusting. I did know one guy that loved to eat circus peanuts and drink beer at the same time. Cotton candy is another thing that people seem to love or hate, also spam.
  35. Finally beat The Final Fantasy Legend. That bug was extremely frustrating, but now that I got through the game I'm finally relieved and satisfied. Also, I did this with 4 mutants, so that was a fun challenge. Anyway, I've already started playing Final Fantasy Legend 2, but something tells me, that this is going to be a very long playthrough. There are already a few things that I prefer compared to the first game, but I'm not entirely sure if the progression system is that much better. But time will tell. So far it's great.
  36. Made it to Denver, quick stop before spending 9 days, solo hiking all the 14’ers I can manage.
  37. Take a look at the model train market to get an idea of where video games are heading.
  38. Ladies and gentlemen, we continue with our SPOOKY Weekly Contest. This is our 2nd to last round of the beloved contest, and for this week, our brave players tackle ZOMBIE NATION! The rules for this week are below: Play until Game Over Play on Hard Mode Take your picture on the Continue Screen If you beat the game, wait till the score screen show up and take your picture there. Participation: 5,000 Genre: Shooter The contest ends Sunday, 10/18/20 at 11 PM VGS time. Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture f
  39. Xbox Game Pass, who has it? Now let me start by saying I love collecting Nintendo stuff, especially for Switch. However I can’t help but appreciate the Game Pass. There are so many games I want to get for Switch, that are on Game Pass (just downloaded Blazing Chrome, some Resident Evils and Super Luckys Tale as an example). I also find that having a gold subscription seems to have better sales. Just bought the contra collection for half price, and I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale on switch forever. Open discussion as always.
  40. @BeaIank @Richardhead Oops! My mistake. If you 1cc the game, afterwards you have to wait out the music during the "Press start" screen. THEN it shows you the high scores. I didn't even know till I just left the game on while posting on here. Sorry about that!! This is not my score but what the screen looks like.
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