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  1. I've been saying for longer than I can remember that my problem is not with the scalpers themselves, but the people who buy from them. If people would stop buying from scalpers, they would disappear overnight. If people are dumb enough to overpay for something because they are too lazy to get it on their own, it's only natural that others will try to profit off their ignorance, sleazy though it may be. EDIT: I honestly didn't think I needed to add this, but here we are. There is a huge difference between people making money off video games or other forms of entertainment like concerts, and things people actually need to live.
  2. Xenogears only got half the usual time cuz they only delivered half a game. Ayyyyyy!
  3. For this week, all participants had to dig out their 90's fluo colored snowboarding gear and get ready for some Heavy Shreddin on the icy mountains! The battle on the snow trails played out with a very narrow margin between first and second places. @NESfiend had a good shot to earn his first win in the NES Weekly Contest, and gave it all until the end by posting a 283,242 score, but the man with a computer brain was also snow riding like a champ. By grasping a little nuance on how scoring works in the game, @0xDEAFC0DE was able to maximize his runs and get a 284,772 score that NESfiend couldn't catch up. The tight battle between these snowboard gladiators was of great interest, and 0xDEAFC0DE can celebrate a well earned win, while NESfiend knows for sure the time will soon come that he'll taste victory! NESfiend was not only in the spotlight for 1st place battle, he also 'pulled a @Jeevan' and invited an outside player that could have been his worst nemesis under the circumstances. @Nicies, NESfiend's law firm's colleague and high profile modern gamer, put up a huge score of 256,130 in the middle of the week that held good for third place. Though the reappearance of Nicies in the contest is still incertain, we would all be blessed if some work buddies rivalry could take place in our friendly contest. Welcome aboard Nicies, and please, come back kick more asses Not so far away, @8bitdontquitshred his way to 4th place with a score of 231,984, which can also be interpreted as a warm up exercise with the year end tournament in mind. And then we have the members of the 100k club, @Gaia Gensouki coming 5th with 174,278, @Richardhead, AKA the man responsible for the hosting of a Heavy Shreddin contest, with 132,084 (who he self predicted his Monday single attempt to finish 5th, he got 6th, nice call!), and geral board leader @bertsampsontaking it easy with 100,278. Bert had a tiny lead of 1 point in the Sports genre leaderboard before this week, and guess who was sitting in 2nd place? This man was no other than 0DEAFxC0DE, which means that he not only got the win of the week, he also grabbed the NES Weekly Contest 2020 Sports Charms. Congratulations for this achievement, and something tells me that it won't be the only contest bling you'll win this year around!
  4. @DefaultGen - this was the track the collecting-world didn't know it needed. Chase Peri-dope. -CasualCart
  5. A year ago, I started putting together a chronological list of NOA products just for fun, to see what I'd learn. I ended up diving deep enough that the result was a list I believe to be more thorough than can be found in any one place. I recently polished it up into a more convenient format, and I'm sure there are some here that could make use of it, so I'll post a link. This information shouldn't be taken as absolutely definitive, and I'm always adjusting things when I learn more. I regret not keeping track of specific sources along the way; I used everything from ancient forum posts to newspaper ads to narrow down release dates, along with my own memory of when items were available or advertised. I did use a color-coding system to reflect my level of certainty for each date. If anyone thinks there's a better way to do this, or to do the same thing for other companies/regions, you're free to use it as a base and take it in your own direction as long as you link back to it. I appreicate any information you can give me to add, but be sure to read the FAQ first; if something is missing, there's a good chance there's a reason for it. Here's a link that will stay updated: https://www.keepandshare.com/doc8/22871/chronicle-pdf-407k?dn=y&dnad=y
  6. It took nearly two and a half hours, but I finally got those damn pins! After it taking an hour to add to the cart and another hour to go back entering address, it's now all over. I was really concerned since I got an error after entering card info, but thankfully I got a confirmation email and it all seems fine. Good luck to anyone else still stuck in the checkout process and I hope the codes go back up soon for those who haven't gotten them yet.
  7. @ZeldaFreak @DoctorEncore @RH In the comments here: https://www.destructoid.com/stories/you-can-now-order-those-super-mario-bros-35th-anniversary-pins-from-nintendo-604361.phtml
  8. You only had to do 4/5 missions plus buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars in order to get the pins. Doing the Mario Kart Tour thing wasn't necessary if you did everything else.
  9. What an asinine statement. I can't teach my kids proper socialization with other kids while we are locked up at home. I could teach them reading/writing and math 5 days a week, the problem is I ALREADY HAVE A JOB. So in your opinion no one should have kids unless they are prepared to drop everything else in their life and focus solely on teaching their children. Only those who are independently wealthy and don't need to earn a living.
  10. If you guys would’ve just worn your masks you wouldn’t now be stuck having to interact with your children.
  11. Funny you mention that because I tried the going slow route for longer than I'd like to admit. Yes, it does not work. @guillavoie appreciate the kind words. Nicies is not my brother though. He is the little brother of the owner/operator of my law firm. I get the confusion as I post about my little brother and I gaming a lot. Im working on getting him in for 2021. He is on a mission to 100% goldeneye 64 on 00 agent at the moment. 2 levels out I think.
  12. 9/10 for me. Would have went with 10/10, but I don't play it enough anyone. Amazing game, filled with so much nostalgia. Can't go wrong with it
  13. Now we're talking, 10 out of 10, one of my favourite games ever!!! I still regularly play this game through, at least once a year, which is probably the only game I play that religiously... Apart from maybe the original SMB and Dr. Mario, lol! It's no longer the best 3D Mario game, however, I'd say Galaxy 1/2 are better. But, that by no means diminishes what this game is or has done, it's just incredible how good the game STILL is to play, even to this day. Amazeballs.
  14. Me, @docile tapeworm and @JamesRobot are getting tired of holding u up, hurry up 11pm!!!!
  15. Hello and welcome, adventurers! I hope you are ready for a lunatic week of puzzling challenges here at our beloved Weekly Contest! For this week, our brave players tackle unlicensed waters on KRAZY KREATURES! Here's the insane rules they will have to follow. 1 player only Play on Easy difficulty Start on Level 1 Play until Game Over Take your picture on the Game Over screen Highest score wins GENRE: Puzzle The contest ends Sunday, 09/27/20 at 11 PM VGS time. Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid. The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid. No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted. No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed. You must take a picture of your computer monitor. There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers. Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator. Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests. The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed. Good luck everyone and have fun.
  16. Managed to get to the screen where I entered shipping information, but there was no sort of continue button to go on with the order. I tried refreshing in case it was a glitch and now I'm getting an error screen saying the Nintendo store is currently under maintenance and closed. Damn it...
  17. for me it’s a matter of life & death (literally) to pay scalpers for PPE. Im paying triple what I used to pay for my cleaning chemicals, hazmat suits, long nitrile gloves, replacement mask filters, and HEPA vacuum bags specially fitted for my vacuum. If I don’t then my choice is to abstain from work and lose everything I have, or working without them and getting lead poison leaving my wife and kids without a provider. Im currently low on hazmat suits and I can’t believe that I’m gonna have to pay $300+ For a small box of them, but I have no choice.
  18. I had an alarm set for the opening time, but figured I would just check early and it said claim now. It was just dumb luck, but I agree they should have stuck with the time they listed.
  19. Ok, so now let's start taking friendly bets of what someone will actually buy one of these sets for on eBay. I'm gonna guess just over $100. Some one who missed out and just has to have it is going to make the last bit at something like $102-103.
  20. I also went to their rules page. Unless I'm just being Capn Unobservant, I see no mention of how many pin sets were created. I'm sure it was more than 10,000 of them but I would not be surprised if it was something like 25k, at most.
  21. I'm gonna be honest. If this isn't just a bug in the system, I'm a little pissed off right now. I'd almost be willing to be this is just another case where Nintendo assume "Oh, I dunno... maybe 10,000 gamers will care about this. Derp, derp, derp." and then, you know, 10,000,000 showed up and tried to get a silly set of pins. I swear, it's like they have no clue that people actually like and love their products.
  22. I did get a code, but the checkout won't load (Error 500 or 503). Then when it does load, no options for shipping populate so no way to proceed.
  23. Great job everyone! I'll update the standing and leader board shortly. This closes the regular season and the final season will be starting shortly. Announcement thread incoming soon.
  24. I am a private pilot so I must invert it on any game I play. My brain just doesn't allow me to play any other way.
  25. I had to give this one a 10. Not because it is a perfect game (it isn't). BUT, there is heavy nostalgia / emotional connection to this one. When I think about my gaming experiences, I still remember just the pure awe at playing this game through the first time, and it feeling like such a fun and exciting foray into 3d platforming. There is no denying the impact it had on gaming and the genre. It is just a super fun game! As for whether it stands the test of time --- well, I'm playing the port on switch atm, and I'm still having a great time with it! This is one of those games that you could pick apart technically or compare others to it that have significant functional / gameplay improvements, but I will always love this game and think it has a pretty cool place in gaming history.
  26. Gave it a 10. An all time favorite for me. My kids are plying it now and having a blast. My oldest had played it some before on the Nintendo 64, and has repeatedly stated how much the Switch version is improved just by not having to use the Nintendo 64 controller. I don't hate playing on the controller though. It was mindblowingly amazing when it released. I don't think anything else that generation even came close to surpassing it (maybe Symphony of the Night, but that wasn't made in the new fangled 3D style). I'm about to replay it again... if I can get the Switch cart away from the kids.
  27. Get both Nicies and your bro in the contest for 2021! Thanks for the clarification, I should have re-read to be sure though. I wrote that up from memory, and got some facts blended!
  28. I find very few games are worthy of a 10, and even this one is kind of included, until recent times at least where I've been able to not be saddled with the slippery n64 joystick to play the PC and now Switch releases. This game let's just rip Mario out of the equation entirely to start and just look at the mechanics, stage design, audio and visual quality of the period and even (a/v, more V though) since ...have things really got all that better or still kind of missed the boat? They set a bar so high with the camera on this one between its behavior and your manipulations none really have matched or surpassed it which is good for it, but sad in general. The concepts at play making these decent sized worlds, something to revisit and be encouraged to peck away at new spaces and looking at new ways to attack even some re-run spaces too was just ingenious. Sure it wasn't the Mario we were used to definitely not, but damn did it find itself as the big stand out among many 2D to 3D franchise conversions that didn't stumble at all (other than some who may object to no 2P/Luigi.) In the day I love hated on it because of the slippery stick syndrome N64 suffered from as it made wall jumps harder, some of the more acrobatic stuff for a lot of people just downright near impossible. Yet I've known for a time, even with crappy UltraHLE in the later 90s, refined emulation since, and ultimately the PC deconstruction/reconstruction and now the SMAS 3D release just how damn tight the game really was all along. Being able to use a comfortable well made grippy non-slippy stick surface made the control stunningly far better than ever. It grew, the first emulators and then some didn't have the best run of it, but as things came along it got apparent. Super Mario 64 when taken as a whole experience, not jacked up a bit by N64 stick issues, for gameplay, camera, solid control, varied style and stages is just unmatched. Sure Sunshine and Galaxy did amazing stuff too (and again learning on a better controller with Galaxy recently, plays far quicker/better w/out waggle) ultimately Mario 64 did it first and best, the others just grew outward from it for better or worse.
  29. No, I didn't think that was allowed. I'll probably give that a try once the Action 53 vol. 4 comes out. I don't have a good 2 controller setup for my computer, so I'd rather wait to try it on the NES. I'm still playing though. I know I could get around 600 more points, but I doubt I'll be able to do it before the contest ends. I'm done. A higher score isn't happening tonight.
  30. For that one you just need to go down to the bottom of the screen. No tricks are necessary. You will need to hold down pretty much immediately after getting past the beginning fence
  31. Basically introduced the world to quality 3D gaming. Probably more nostalgia oriented now, but just like FF7, groundbreaking for its time. Have to give it 10/10.
  32. Updated score! This game is super fun. I need to play the other now. I love the fact that you can literally practice in easy and then go back and run it in ace mode. @M-Tee great game! Never did find any diamonds past the first 8, I just tried to survive the tower lol. The tower seems to ramp up difficulty really quickly.
  33. These seem like they would hurt your feet. They seem very unhygienic as well.
  34. Kan't wait to put this Kool Kart in my Konsole and Kick butt
  35. @Shmup 1. Legend of the Mystical Ninja 2. King of Dragons 3. Sunset Riders 4. Super Castlevania IV 5. Contra III Honorable mentions: Actraiser, Kirby Superstar, Mega Man X, Trials of Mana, Turtles in Time
  36. Custom characters whenever I'm able to make them look just like me.
  37. My current favorite sealed item is my Original Mario Bros. But I'm still waiting for ONE OF my favorite NES games, Abadox to come back from WATA.
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