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  1. You should all have your Charms now! I hope you like them.
  2. Got some 360 games, even some sealed ones: Some more 3DS games and Pokemon Platinum for the DS: But what I liked the most recently was being able to complete the Playtronic Nintendo 64 set. I was missing Wave Race 64 and the console itself:
  3. A new version of Invision (the software running VGS) has been released, and in order to keep things running smoothly I'll have to take the site down for a bit. Here's what I need to do: Back up the custom styles etc. that have been built for VGS Take down the site Update the software Re-apply the customizations Confirm that it all works as expected Put the site back up Barring any issues I don't envision this taking a terribly long time, maybe an hour. The site will go down sometime during the day this upcoming Friday, September 4th. I'll be a
  4. Hi, you're shitty ok now a real response, PS stuff will probably be worth more unless some crazy shit happens and everyone starts hating Sony. There are different games that had smaller print runs on Xbox compared to PS2 (irha sportsman's edition is the top one that comes to mind) where the Xbox version is worth more. All in all, loading times are faster on Xbox, you don't need memory cards to save on Xbox, and a lot of times games were released later on Xbox and have upgrades to graphics compared to PS2. I love PS2 and loved it during it's life but I had a better experience with
  5. This is why sellers are supposed to buy insurance. It's the risk they take when they *don't* buy insurance. It's up to the seller to get your packages from their place into your hands. It's 100% on them if the package is stolen from your front porch. One of the reasons I prefer selling locally is because there's zero risk in lost goods. Does it suck for the seller? yes. Is it the sellers responsibility? also yes. Is it the sellers fault? no. but it's part of the business of selling things online.
  6. Have you considered looking into used matrix switchers? Yes, they might be older and used, but since these were commercial grade equipment, they usually still hold up very well. I've been using mine for several years now with no issues. My model has 16 inputs (composite, s-video or component) and 8 outputs. You also have the ability to run one multiple inputs and outputs at the same time. For example, I can have my SNES playing on my tube TV and my PS2 playing on my HD TV at the same time all running through one switch. If there are any downsides, they can be quite big depending on
  7. I think the Classifieds need to be linked through the normal Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forums. I like the classifieds system and layout but have often forgot about it entirely because I don't use the top menu bar to navigate, only the forum categories. I'm sure I'm not the only one that navigates the site this way. I think it would get more exposure/people utilizing it if it could actually be found or linked within the Buy/Sell/Trade section
  8. Having 'a little fun' is forbidden this week, re-read the rules. Everyone must have a blast playing that game.
  9. I didn't find any so maybe start it up?? Here is my take HowToBasic, I love you
  10. I am not sure why but I have always really enjoyed the Dreamcast logo intro. It's just pretty calm. Any that you guys dig?
  11. I finally got my copy of Streets of Rage 4 to add to my ever growing switch collection: I also had some spare time in the afternoon, so I ran over to Salavation army to see if there was anything worth picking up. And there was nothing. Not even a single GameCube sports title. Even the PS2 they had there about a week ago was gone. The only thing worth noting at the store was this NES clone system that I found. It was a little beat up, and it didn’t have a power supply, so I didn’t want to chance the 5 dollars. I already have one at home, that is also missing the power supply.
  12. If the USPS labels it as delivered the seller will win the case.
  13. Here I dunno if someone might need this one
  14. Are there gonna be any super cool new features, or is it all framework/back end updates?
  15. When I sell stuff worth more than I’m willing to be out I always tack on insurance for this very reason. It’s just common sense. If buyer legitimately didn’t receive item that burden falls on you as seller.
  16. If an item is lost or stolen it is the sellers responsibility to have insurance on the item. The USPS is not going to give you your money back. It has to come from the seller. Ebay is the one that makes the call and they made it.
  17. Honestly these probably didn't exist when you did it, they are fairly new, so don't beat yourself up. Plus modding and customizing is part of the fun of running these setups IMO. But definitely time consuming!
  18. I kind of wish I had found those back in 2018. I spent A LOT of time making my own. I don't regret it though because it was sort of fun. I was pretty damn efficient at it by the time I finished my 20th unit. I ended up making 16 for inputs and 4 for outputs. If my memory serves, the inputs were ever so slightly different from the outputs.
  19. @TDIRunner They are about the same. $75-100 shipped. These are a little expensive, but plug and play. Keep in mind they only work on specific crosspoints with single row phoenix adapters. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/STEREO-SOUND-RCA-PHONO-TO-PHOENIX-5-WAY-ADAPTER-FOR-EXTRON-MATRIX-300-SWITCH?tracking=5543fb4c077bb
  20. I paid $50 for mine back in 2018, but I have no idea what they go for today. $50 included all of the blue Phoenix connectors that I needed which is good because those are hard to find. However there was additional cost. I had to buy a bunch of BNC to RCA adapters because it only came with a few. Luckily, those are easy and cheap to find. Next, I had to buy a bunch of RCA Y adapters which I had to cut up to splice into the Pheonix connectors. Those are also easy to find, but time consuming if you are using all 16 inputs. I can walk you through that stuff if you decide to get one.
  21. In your case then where you have high expectations and high demands, i would definitely spend the money and get the Gcomp for $200. 8 inputs and 2 outputs just like you are looking for, and top notch quality. Also supports both component and composite. Unfortunately sometimes you have to just spend the money because of the lack of options and competition. I personally would do that before i tracked down 2 monoprice switches, or tried to use 2 of the otaku switches. @TDIRunner has a great recommendation as well. Lots of people in the PVM realm use these for their switch needs and love the
  22. In your case then where you have high expectations and high demands, i would definitely spend the money and get the Gcomp for $200. 8 inputs and 2 outputs just like you are looking for, and top notch quality. Also supports both component and composite. Unfortunately sometimes you have to just spend the money because of the lack of options and competition. I personally would do that before i tracked down 2 monoprice switches, or tried to use 2 of the otaku switches. @TDIRunner has a great recommendation as well. Lots of people in the PVM realm use these crosspoints for their switch needs
  23. When I first watched this one 20 years ago I didn't like it it, but something kept drawing me back I watched it maybe five times and I didn't like it. Then all of a sudden it clicked for me and I was in. Two points about rewatching - One I was young when this came out and age has changed the experience and two rewatching it lowers the length. When you first watch a movie everything is slowed down as you are waiting to see what happens, but after you have seen it, your expectations are gone and you dive into the details instead of feeling time. I think it's a special movie because there is
  24. I know the feeling man, every time the site is down, I have this irrational fear that Doug is selling it to GoCollect. I can't help it, so I go get a hair cut to change my mind.
  25. How do we know you're not just gonna turn off the site for good?! How do we know you're going to come back!??? Don't leave me again daddy, we already got milk in the fridge and you only just unwrapped that pack of smokes!!! DADDY COME HOME COME BACK DADDY!!!!!
  26. So you approached this like a puzzle game. No wonder you did so well.
  27. Now that the competition is over I'll reveal my secrets. Fun fact that 89700 score I posted was from my first time ever playing the game (excluding a reset after the first round while I got used to the controls). The reason I did so well is I found this speed run (complete with input viewer). As seen in the video, the strategy is to hold jump (A+B+Right) then in mid air switch to jumping back kick (B+Right). If this misses just mash B to punch. This will work most of the time and net you with ~80k. Next two easy improvements are to intentionally lose a round while still scoring
  28. Gloves: "Never heard of it" Bearcat_Doug: "Why won't you do one of the 10 movies I've seen? *sob*"
  29. The original Playstation. I had a modded one, and when it got to that second sound with the "SCEA" screen you knew your burned disc would work.
  30. It's basically just like a flat taco cut into slices. For some reason, not all Pizza Huts have them. The one closest to me is the only one in the area that has them. Same with the Wing Street wings.
  31. Wife was craving pizza but our normal spot is closed on Sundays. Ended up with take out Pizza Hut lol wasn’t terrible.
  32. Ate at a place called Langeluc a few days ago Plates looked like this beef tartare carre dagneau (lamb) Delicious !
  33. Hana Ramen in Vegas https://www.hanaramenlv.com Best ramen in Vegas and it’s hipster and foodie free.
  34. Pretty pumped to have finally hit my first podium after like 10 4th place finishes. Never thought the first time would be on a game I had never played before. Still can't believe I was only 1300 from bert. Wish I could have got one more good run in. But it'll just make it that much sweeter when I crack top 2 at some point.
  35. Yea. I mean I suspect most of my buyers were lying. The police report could be the difference; ive never accounted that. I hope it works out for you as I believe you are being honest.
  36. @Californication Damn dude. That was a really thoughtful analysis. I first got into this movie in college through a buddy that was a big movie buff, into cinematography and all that. It definitely changed my perception of Leo as an actor. Previously I’d always thought of him as the pretty boy heartthrob that did Titanic. He’s actually phenomenally talented.
  37. Me too, but I think they only thing that will catch my attention is shmups and maybe a cheap copy of Pepsi Man.
  38. Yeah, that was always something Compile was great at. A few other companies could have learned from them. Looking at you, Konami.
  39. anybody who can clear will have a shot this week. the point system is not made for a contest. its still super fun to play. ill clear it and take whever that places me.... aka 3rd
  40. Games with collectables that you cant backtrack to get. Kirby games are super guilty of this. They'll have multiple branching paths, and then you'll find out you went down the wrong path and cant go back to get the collectable. You either need to start over or play the level again to 100% :l
  41. The beep the 360 makes when you turn it on is also really loud. My neighbors down the street don't need to know every time I turn my 360 on.
  42. There's only like 2 left to get to. Just let them push em out so we can play 'em and you can throw the old system in the trash
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