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  1. UNGA! BUNGA! UNGA!!! BUNGAAAA!!! Welcome, welcome my fellow players adapt of the unga and bunga style on fighting games! I gladly present THE MOST AWAITED EVENT of this years VGS Weekly Contest! CAVEMAN GAMES!!! Our athletes will go PREHISTORIC this week. Here's the rules: Play practice of 5 events (all except clubbing). Play as any character for any events. Take pictures of all practice records in cave of fame. UPDATE : If you can't max the Dino Vault event at 30 foots, you can take the picture of your score immediately after an attempt, when we see 'heights' and your score on screen. The players will be awarded points for their results in each game: 1st place for the event is awarded 10 points 2nd place for the event is awarded 8 points 3rd place for the event is awarded 6 points 4th place for the event is awarded 5 points 5th place for the event is awarded 4 points 6th place for the event is awarded 3 points 7th place for the event is awarded 2 points 8th place and onward is awarded 1 point and should go reflect about their life choices. The player with the highest sum of points will win Genre: sports The contest ends Sunday, 08/16/20 at 11 PM VGS time. Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid. The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid. No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted. No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed. You must take a picture of your computer monitor. There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers. Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator. Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests. The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed. Good luck everyone and have fun.
  2. Any homebrew fans? I love homebrews... need more SNES games
  3. Another non-issue that the world didn't need to care about
  4. I just purchased a copy of Blackguards 2 for the PS4 for my ever growing data error collection this will be my 13th one this game is the latest released data error I know of. Here's a list of the others I have Super Street Fighter II Blast chamber Tekken 2 Tony hawk's pro skater II Castlevania symphony of the night Raiden Project Lord of the rings third age NHL 2K6 Power Drome Midway arcade greatest hits vol 1 Resident evil code Veronica 007 GoldenEye reloaded
  5. Here are the keys, first come, first serve: JRGNY-XTJDN-FRH8M ZHTZX-W56ZQ-49QH5 D3YF4-N4MZM-KD5RV D52YD-LDYY5-LMQWJ
  6. Yeah, this is a non-issue. I got two kids and I'd happily let them play with that stupid doll. It's not sexual without the adult knowledge required to make that association. It's just a smooth plastic button on the underside of a doll, there's nothing explicitly sexual about it. You guys imagining the sexual pleasure of a plastic troll is way more worrying that the doll itself, and that goes DOUBLE for that creepy senator bloke trying make a thing of it.
  7. Let's get physical! Finally got a copy of Ring Fit Adventure and a couple reprints of the MGS Legacy Collection for PS3 (message me if you need one). Also grabbed the Lego NES and the box is enormous (compare to Ring Fit above)! I think it will make a really cool companion piece to my collection. The Lego Mario is more for my son, but I've heard good things there as well.
  8. sigh.... I’ve sold a lot over the years but these two collections are especially regrettable
  9. I moved about 3 years ago and sold off my Gamecube collection to help fund it. Going through my phone and I see a bunch of titles I forgot I had... Hypergrind for like $60, Rally Championship for $20, Pokemon Box was my most expensive title at like $250. Sucks to see current prices! lol. Anyone else have old collection pics that are no longer with them?
  10. DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to sell the game....I'm just excited that I saw the project all the way through. As proof, I'll post some keys in this thread when they get approved by Steam. This was a little project that started out as a dare that I completed during my work's quarantine. I was so bored and there was nothing else to do lol. Let me know what you think! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1370550/Circles_of_Hell
  11. You know what.... I honestly forgot that it was Sunday
  12. Took the second one down. Thank you. Looks cool. I'll be playing it when the kids go to sleep.
  13. The point pressing is the best part! The devil shows up and chases you. Its the most thrilling part of the game. I've been pressing like bert and progressing like skinny. Score on page 3
  14. sorry did i miss something here. the list only has 65 games can you elaborate on what "Master list" is?
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  15. Based on the last 3 months my guess is anywhere from $20 to $5000+. Good luck with the sale.
  16. I beat it after a few continues this morning. It's a fun game.
  17. I wonder how a game as cruel as Athena could only award 4 points. This seems like a mean joke. Anyway, I finally managed to finish another game: Metal Mech. I honestly don't have any strong feelings about this game. I guess it just kind of exists. Like typical of Jaleco games it's rather unremarkable and unpolished. The final level is especially weird since it changes up the whole formula of the game and has you flying through an extremely huge alien spacecraft with a jet pack, so the controls take some time getting used to it. Moreover, there are plenty of enemies that can kill you with one hit, all while evading countless turrets and finding your way through a huge maze. Not fun. At least the final boss was rather easy once you've figured him out. Still, it's not a game that I would ever want to replay voluntarily. Even King's Knight is more fun, imho.
  18. I didn't get into town until too late which is a shame I might have been able to get up there on the score board. Maybe even top 3. But hey I hope you all enjoyed this oddball
  19. Like @Mr. CIB said, for truly rare titles it so often just becomes impossible to maintain a high standard in terms of condition, often with the option being having the item at all, or not. Of course I prefer mint items to beaters just as much as anyone, but it was dealing with this situation time and time again that I am not nearly so condition sensitive anymore, though I will always upgrade if given the chance.
  20. If it’s not for a full set I wouldn’t let it bother me much. When you’re going for a curated set you can determine adjust as you choose BUT you know the minute you delete the alert is when it pops up! So I would leave it in place. Now when full set collecting that’s when it becomes an extreme drag. after looking For some time (6-12 months) I start to reduce my standards and then condition goes out the window. I just want to find one to get it over with and would circle back later. There are some rare games out there in all sets that’s just a nightmare to find and I would assume over time it gets harder and harder.
  21. Well it's here! Wish me luck guys! In unrelated news, does anyone want to buy a 360?
  22. mine would absolutely be that Nintendo is overrated and halo 4 & 5 were really fun.... I'll see myself out now
  23. No Wii games reported GameCube one but never verified One DS game mentioned here but I've never been able to verify it https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kotaku.com.au/2010/03/little-girl-wanted-pet-monkeys-got-sprung-instead/amp/ Only one verified one for old systems SNES super Street Fighter II
  24. I'm a fan and have seen every series. I liked Lower Decks, but it was slightly more crass than I'd prefer. Regardless, I was entertained. I also liked Picard, thought it was exceptional acting, but a slightly weaker than average plot. LOVED the Romulans in it! I also enjoy Discovery, believe it or not. In fact, the only Trek that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed was DS9, especially after the Dominion War started, and Enterprise starting about halfway through Season 3. Personally, my favorite is Voyager, followed by Next Gen, Discovery, and Picard.
  25. I'm with the critics. Loved it and I look forward to more.
  26. One of the difficult parts about it was I saw it on mercari months ago and when I asked seller (same guy) for more pics I heard nothing back even after initial communication. Also, seems to really be defending the fact that it's not fake. Idk. If it's real it's super nice condition. Did think SOQ looked fine though too
  27. Wow, lil update on one of my recent hauls... sold Sky Gunner CIB on eBay for $149.95 (fees = $20, shipping with insurance = $4.99), crazy market we are in.
  28. I didn't see anything about the silver robot on the link, what's the screwdriver about? The button is obviously placed on the doll's ass so when you sit her down and push down on her, she giggles. People need to stop being such dicks, it isn't a button you press with your finger, it gets pushed while she's sitting.
  29. Welcome to the forums! I'm glad we have another place like NA to keep the community alive. I also think a Tech Support/ modding sub-forum would be a good idea, especially since our consoles are not getting any younger, and I would love to see pics of your custom consoles, it's really cool that there are still people that are breathing new life into 20+ year old hardware.
  30. I'm also in need of famicom boxes as well, but every other console I'm looking for the full CIB package. I started picking up random NES carts from garage sales when I was in high school, soon I decided I wanted the manuals too, then boxed, then Japanese versions boxed hahaha. Since I started collecting NES/famicom first I have a ton of boxless carts and instructions, while my other consoles I started CIB right off the bat. Hit me up anytime you need help with moon runes I'd be glad to help!
  31. He is, and I sure am! I love looking back on one of our trades, it reminds me of the world before the dark times.
  32. There was nothing in my onboarding ethics orientation about running personal items though the x-ray machine! Lack of explicit restriction is the same as implicit permission.
  33. Fuck that bigot Sam Parker. Also this doll is crazy, how did they think that placement would be ok.
  34. Nice piece, that’s a tough one
  35. Hope everyone's week has been good, I happened to unearth a box I hadn't seen in 10 years mostly of ephemera, also a few goodies. Next week is paper week bahah but here's the gets. (Sidenote: site related, big ups to the color change in dark mode. Everything pops!) Sealed DVD playback kit, holla Promo DVD for the spherex 5.1 sound system Promo pen for whacked! Got my last Madden and burnout, completed those sets. Nice crispy copy of AO San Andreas, also happy to add godfather special edition. Best buy halo 2 prerelease hype pack, spyhunter 2 preorder bonus, siiiick lanyard. Contents of best buy halo 2 hype pack, DVD has trailers of MS games, halo 2 sneak peek and mini doc. NFL fever 2002 fitted hat And finally: Glad to find this in my box, bought as a youth at my local Walmart, it has been used but I took good care. Wooo. See ya next week.
  36. A button or function on any humanoid doll should never be in the genital area unless the purpose of that doll was supposed to teach about reproduction. The furthest I’d personally allow are the baby dolls that “actually poop” since that’s teaching childcare. I’ll be a little more liberal with that and even allow it to be fully anatomically correct. This applies to toys for boys and girls. Action figures are just a masculine way to say doll. An action figure should never have penis buttons, or literal crotch rockets like the example above. Kids aren’t as stupid as people think. They know that the genital area is their private parts and it’s naughty
  37. I was really super into Metroid Prime and Prime 2 especially when they came out. Solid games. Prime 2 Echoes is a contender for all time favorite games. Very interested in the new sequel when it comes out, whenever that may be
  38. Obligatory 8/10 for 80s band Seriously though I've always dug their stuff. Always a good listen
  39. You openly write off plenty of racist things, especially when dealing with systemic racism (if you believe it existed) So its basically the same. What other things are less racist that have been chastized? Knowing what country your relatives are from is a huge source of pride in the latino community. A lot of Guatemalans take offense if you call them Mexican, etc. I would bet a significant amount of Black people, have no idea what country in Africa (or Jamaica, Haiti etc.) their ancestors came from. 99% of Latinos can name the country, if not the city/state. Im not trying to defend what he said, but compared to Trump, Biden looks like Lyndon Johnson. Since you “know” how Biden “really” feels, It should be a no Brainer who is the better choice as president for Black people. The democratic party, or The republicans- Aka the Lee Atwater party.
  40. I'm not sure that I can vote on this one. I attempted to start and play the game one time. I only made it about an hour in and it wasn't enough to really draw me into it, plus I had a few other things going on at the time so I didn't get back to it. While it didn't really draw me in, I still feel I didn't give it enough of a chance to say I didn't like it. I want to play it someday, but I'm not sure that will ever happen.
  41. I'm not entirely convinced that they're not the same person.
  42. I know DEAFC0DE mentioned them, I'm just posting pictures of the backs of Control Set boxes for posterity since I was looking into them today. I see 3 variants for the regular, sad, no sticker Control Set (I'm sure the stickered copies are the same though)
  43. I still need to get this authenticated because I am not sure if it is legit or not, but if it is legit, it's pretty special. Chrono Cross sealed, with front insert backwards.
  44. There's another "Super NES Control Set – Zelda Bundle" that says "Free!" instead of "Special Offer!" Also, I'm not sure how minor variations you are looking for, but both the "Special Offer!" and "Free!" stickers came on both the "SNS-S-HA-USA" and "SNS-S-HA-USA-1" boxes (different pictures on back of box).
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