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  1. Ghost Lion (Oval Seal) Box: NES-LL-USA (20821) Cart: NES-LL-USA Manual: NES-LL-USA (T) Ghost Lion Poster: KEM-LL-US Ghost Lion Response Card: KEM-LL-US Nintendo Power Advert: GP-NES-USA Seizure Warning Insert: NES-DOC-USA Rough dust sleeve
  2. I got another Xbox. This time the Halo 2 Hong Kong version but it didn't came with the game. The console is in amazing shape though. Also this week, I decided to try and get as many 3DS games I could (I may go for the fulllset). This is what I managed to buy in one week. Now I'll have to slow it down for the rest of the month but if I find some rare games for good prices, I will buy them.
  3. Well, that was one of the harder things I've ever done: Gumshoe is beaten.
  4. Ok, I'm in! (Hyperlinks now complete) RdRunner's Picks (Maniac Difficulty) Day 1 Title: Wizards and Warriors (NES) - Like many early Rare games, the music was the best part. Day 2 Opening Level: Super Castlevania 4 (SNES) - Could have picked just about any first area from any Castlevania game. This one gets the nod for my track meet days, where I would listen to this before a race. Day 3 8-Bit: Air Fortress (NES), Title Screen - Hard to get more 8-Bit than this. Had to fit it in somewhere! Day 4 Console Exclusive: Plok (SNES), Title Screen - Game is worth owning for
  5. If people who are not discriminated against are discouraged from actively and loudly supporting those who have a history of discrimination, then things never change. People with the power and who don't face the discrimination have to oppose that discrimination for it not to remain the norm.
  6. No but I was cuffed and watched my friend get smacked around by a cop because he was brown, and I didnt because I was white. Ive been to the Emmet Till sign. Ive walked across the Edmmund Pettis Bridge, in Selma. I went to little rock high school and saw the pictures in person of the Little rock nine getting spit on because they wanted to attend high school. Ive been to the Lorraine Motel. I had parishioners cook me a meal in the basement of the 16th ave Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama. I met Rep John Lewis and spoke with him about how a yo
  7. 8 Eyes completed. A quirky part of the game is after you defeat a boss, you sit down and have a cup of tea with them. Even the final boss as pictured here. Despite the blatant castlevania rip off, 8 Eyes offers enough to stand on its own. The control of your falcon, Cutrus really adds a level of depth to the experience. Apparently in 2 player mode the second player controls Cutrus. That’s pretty cool!
  8. Picked up this cool gameboy multicart. I’m assuming there is a 1A,B,C etc but I’ve never seen another.
  9. Well I am going to feel sorry for myself. You all with your fast reflexes 81 103
  10. Except that racism isn’t just a mean remark, racism is the social and institutional oppression of a group of people such that authority itself is bent to subordinate them and deny them the basic tools to protect themselves or advance in society. As much as many East Asian cultures may have xenophobic tendencies, they have not enslaved white people, manipulated the law to incarcerate them en made them force them to perform labor virtually without compensation, or denied them basic services such as access to restaurants and swimming pools. Dave may have been the subject of prejudice (and I
  11. Not all that new, but I wanted to share something that's special to me. Here is a signed copy and signed limited poster of Swords and Runes! This lovely game was cooked by our own Goose (sorry, couldn't resist I'm hoping one day soon we'll see Swords and Runes 2 (hey Goose, please let me know if I can help with that in any way shape or form)!
  12. Got more stuff in the mail and couldn’t wait to post. some games though trades and Sonic movie set without digital code for $15 from eBay. Gamester GBA SP headphone adapter also through a trade Link’s Awakening Limited Edition from Woot, sadly shipped in a bubble mailer, might return it if I can find a better copy. Finally landed Pokemon Conquest! These two were also via a trade. This finally showed up in the mail and these were both priced right via Reddit. FF Tactics is VG condition and complete with all inserts!
  13. I think the last few years have made a fertile bed for millennials to assert their place in society. But I think as a generation we need to learn to reject some of our more authoritarian tendencies and become comfortable in our own skin and we need to actually become involved and vote. There’s a lot of keyboard warriorism but actual voter turnout amongst millennials is depressingly low. We need to break out of our tendency toward social media as some sort of replacement for actual civic interaction. I’m not sure that especially after covid we are not past the point of no return though.
  14. When did this turn into a being discriminated against dick measuring contest? Everybody pause, take a deep breath, and straight up RESTART your conversations in here before the thread gets closed and/or people start getting individual warnings. I slept in so didn't get to watch the shit show pile on in real time and just had to read through the last few hours of stuff, and I'd say nobody's being particularly good in here. NOBODY should be pointing at anyone else and making assumptions. This is like the one fuckin' serious rule in here - don't attack each other. Talk about your disag
  15. ^ seconded, I watched Bits of Yesterday a year or so ago and enjoyed it. You even get a glimpse at Ferris’ awesome collection!
  16. If you want to watch a movie about collectors, try Bits of Yesterday. I think that's more what y'all are expecting. Be warned, the Evil Overlord Dain is in it. Man, it was right there all along. And I did help Darrin edit it down, full disclosure. And I'm in it. https://www.amazon.com/Bits-Yesterday-James-Rolfe/dp/B07DLB9NQJ Also, it's interesting how many of you watched it after you saw how terrible it's supposed to be... I heard Mother to Earth sucks.
  17. I also grabbed these. All of these are new from the store. Unsold stock.
  18. Just grabbed these guys today on the cheap
  19. I completely disagree. I understand what you are trying to say here, I think, but....the concept that you can't fight against racism because you haven't experienced it directly is absolutely unfair. Of course I agree that people cannot fully understand what it feels like without being the one perpetrated against, in any type of situation, but that absolutely does not mean that people can't show their support, advocate for, and join people in the fight against racism, bigotry, whatever the issue may be. I think there is this unfortunate stereotype of the "progressive social justice warri
  20. @cartman There is no point of arguing with you. I would like to believe you would have a different tone if you had similar experiences. But since you haven't all you can do is blame the same internet you are using. Which also has people who say it is racist because their family members experienced the darker side of what this has to offer. As well as those who want to either boycott or remove anything they deem "liberal" from this country. With this including those who think that Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists is pure fiction, those who dismiss ROMANS 13:8-10 without read
  21. I see Shovel Knight picked a bunch of times already. Good taste, good people!
  22. I finished! Where’s my 5 bucks? I agree with a lot of what’s been said. I also don’t understand why the stuff about his dad is there at all. It’s not relevant to the game collection challenge and it’s not our business at all. If the point is to score sympathy points or explain why Jay is the way he is, then this scene is a half-measure. He comes off as another spoiled white kid because his daddy didn’t “get” him. So what? That makes him a tyrant? Unless there was physical or sexual abuse, Jay’s response seems disproportionate. And like I said that whole thing is none of our business and a
  23. Either @bertsampson has never beaten Punch Out or Mike Tyson has been lying to me all this time about never seeing finger speed like mine before. The Track & Field champion @BriGuy82 needs to get in here and give this a try!
  24. Well, as much as cats can act like asses sometimes, yeah I'd generally prefer cats to humans I reckon.
  25. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was the majority and even without the kicks there's so much petty bullshit with these causes it would've been bad either way. But it seems obvious to me that these egos need to be heard and pumped up. "The right thing to do" is according to themselves and it never ends there they always inject themselves in other peoples business thinking their morals are definite. It's not even progressive at all it's a self-made badge that they've awarded to themselves. In reality they're quite regressive. In what way did portrayal of other races/culture made them "f
  26. @MrWunderful : Also, you don't have the right to tell people how severe the racial discrimination they experienced is or isn't, and you certainly don't have the right to downplay mine. You have no clue about it here, you haven't experienced it and my guess is you haven't even researched it slightly.
  27. Like you saying people “think” they are being progressive when they aren’t? You and Cartman dont get to tell others what social change fight they want to take up. Oh and being a white ex-pat in taiwan is NOTHING like what black people ever faced in thIs country (which you dont even live in btw) and you even bringing it up like its comparable is a fucking travesty
  28. I assume you collect for the Vita? There are sooooo many Japanese-exclusive Vita games, from a wide array of genres, and from what I've played they're all really good. Nice rap BTW
  29. I do at the least agree that the whole "peoplekind" thing was a bit of a stretch. "Mankind" is just a shortened "Humankind"; if we're gonna re-lengthen the word to be more inclusive just go back to saying the original word which encompasses all. As for why he was wrong, blackface is generally accepted as being a negative thing and has been so for a long time. You don't have to agree that it is or should be seen as negative, but the fact remains that he has personally decided that it is, and that it's not the way he wants to be perceived. The way he's treating it is the point, not the fact
  30. Remember when the President was calling it the “New Democratic Hoax” Remember when He didnt want American citizens (that he represents-even if they are God awful bleeding heart liberal Californians) Getting off a cruise ship because the media was going to report on the numbers? He discounted it multiple times while playing golf. That has nothing to do with WHO (even though they shit the bed too) But like, who cares about that because Biden made a Bad joke on a podcast that he immediately apologized for.
  31. See what you did there? You deflected to the rioters. Not even the protesters, but the rioters. A very Trumpian move. Avoid accountabilities by pointing a finger somewhere.
  32. I've posted these all individually, but here's a group shot of my best games on display with the new SMB added.
  33. The shirts have been ordered and are being printed now. They are supposed to be delivered to us on 6/12. From there we will send out all orders that have been made, and will have stock on hand for future orders. Thanks everyone for your patience!
  34. Nice! Nirvana is one of my favorite bands of all time. I easily recognized the 2 song titles in your user names and made the connection. Curmudgeon is a great song. I've liked it since I first listened to it on the Lithium single I bought in the mid 90s.
  35. Day 1 (Title Screen) - Mega Man II (NES) I do love the Dragon Quest overture, but everyone knows this track is a banger. Plus I love the soft opening juxtaposed against the Rockin'. Day 2 (Opening Level) - Castlevania Stage 1 - Vampire Killer (NES) Lots of good options (I image that will be a running theme), but this track sets the perfect tone for this spooky action packed game. Day 3 (8-bit) - DuckTales - Moon Stage (NES) I reckon most of my picks will be 8-bit (NES/GB/GBC), but this track will always be a highpoint in videogame history. Day 4 (Console
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