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  1. Well, here it is, the last big purchase for the NES set (except Stadium Events). After this, I just need to pick up Donkey Kong and double check all my manuals. The end is nigh! My favorite in this group is a tie between the insane Isolated Warrior and the way-more-fun-than-it-has-any-right-to-be Fist of the North Star. So... anyone got a non-graded Donkey Kong for sale?
  2. Picked up a CIB Double Dare and got the box to complete my M.C. Kids from DoctorEncore recently. A couple of quirky adds that I’d only intended on picking up if I found them for a pretty good price. Well, I did. Thanks again doc.
  3. CasualCart

    Boss Rush

    Don't be disappointed. There's always time for a Bob Ross Boss Rush. -CasualCart
  4. Fisher-Price Perfect Fit (Oval Seal) Cart: (NES-F7-USA) Box: (NES-F7-USA) (91223) Manual: (NES-F7-USA) (91224) Poster: (GAM-NES-US-2) Registration Card: (GAM-NES-US) Nintendo Power Subscription Card: (PMG-PT-USA) Smooth Black Dust Sleeve
  5. My friends, there are no more rules. There is no more hype. There is only madness.
  6. Yes, it's true. I grew up with SMB just like all of us kids from the 80s, but I could never beat. My brother and I had the classic setup, I was the kid who really, really loved video games (but sucked at them) and he only had a passing interest but was really good. I remember playing Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 together, a lot. I'd get close to the end using warps and at level 8-1 or 8-2, I'd pass the controller off to him and he'd beat it. Well, nearly 35 years later, I decided to sit down and beat this thing on my own... sort of. Well, I just wanted to play through all
  7. Coffee also. Starbucks True North.
  8. So I shipped out the box yesterday Reed, after a long pause. I meant to share in my previous pictures, the outside of the box as I received it Thanks @JamesRobot!
  9. Coffee now, Manhattans and Mezcalitas later.
  10. Sorry for the poor lighting. I am limited in terms of space right now. - The NES Coasters were bought at Kohls. It was my mandatory X'mas gift shopping season and decided to get something for myself. Chose the nicest packaging they had to offer, but have not opened to see how they look. Plus they are too small to submit to WATA Games. So I will not find out until I finally get my own place. - The Dragon Quest Inn keyholder was something I ordered through AmiAmi. I think I ordered it with some other items last year. But I might be wrong. - The Weekly Jump Pirates Club telecards are t
  11. BuT hE iS sUcH a GoOd BuSiNeSsMaN!!! AnD hE tElLs It LiKe It Is!!!
  12. I beat Wizardry II, Knight of Diamonds. This one's a grindfest, where you need to grind to create a proper character, grind against specific enemies to not be wiped out and grind to reverse your alignment if you accidently don't spare an enemy. The last armor piece wiped out almost my whole party in one turn and thankfully my last couple characters were able to finish them in the next turn. The most annoying part was finding the rooms to get items needed to progress through the game. I was originally playing it a flash cart but for some reason I left the game which saves it and I'd
  13. I've really been enjoying reading through this thread today, so I figured I'd play too. While vidyagamez are obviosuly a favorite hobby of mine, I also dabble just as much in some other areas. You gotta keep it fresh, otherwise you're liable blow your wad. I'm pretty heavy into records and hifi in general, and cast a wide net as far as music goes, but I'd say I'm particularly partial to 50s/60s jazz and 70s/80s punk. Here are a few of my favorites I thought to pull out off hand, perhaps you'll recognize a few. I've been collecting movies pretty much since I could walk. Started o
  14. Saw this in the N64 reddit. Someone found a bunch of pictures of a Toys R Us in 1999-2000 timeframe. They are stores that were in NJ, Paramus and Hanover according to the source. I may have been in the Hanover one as a kid. My parents only brought me to a TRU a couple times when I was a kid when I got giftcards because it was a decent distance from where we live in NW NJ. The Pictures https://archive.org/details/trunj9900 The person with the pictures on Twitter
  15. Yeah I did! I'll post them once I get home
  16. Dying in this hallway and losing hours of progress is one of the most frustrating moments of my life. BM is a game I want to get good at one day. The only time I beat it was an absolute marathon but it would be a reasonable game... only after spending hours learning the route and strategies to do it in a sensible sitting though.
  17. It'll be way easier to do it without save states now that you know you can beat every level.
  18. A few years ago I made a friend do this during our livestream for Child's Play. I played all the way through to 8-4 for him, then handed him the controller. He got discouraged after getting lost in the castle, so the audience started throwing out tips for the route and I ended up taking him all the way to the last jump before Bowser appears and stayed totally hands off from there until he actually beat it. I guess he'd had a terrible time of it as a kid and didn't want to bother as an adult, feeling it was something he already should have done. When he was done, his face was blank for a fe
  19. It was tough losing the site. I’m sad there’s so much information and so many memories on that site that are very hard to even navigate. Not going to lie I shed a tear when the site closed.
  20. Earlier this year I did the same thing using save states on the Switch Online. I didn't try for no-hit, but I'd just use save states between each level. TBH, it still felt like a victory for me 30-something years later, haha.
  21. Ah the goldeNAge. It was a veritable utopia. Forever in our hearts and minds.
  22. To boldly go where no man has gone before, these are the ...
  23. I'm convinced the buyers on there don't even look at ebay. Stuff will sell on Heritage for multiple times what copies on ebay have been sitting around for months at. On the other side, I see rare games that I think would get a lot of interest bring a fraction of what I had guessed they would.
  24. Keep in mind a lot of people responded to this poll prior to the USA getting stimulus cheques. Further, the people here don't necessarily represent the majority of auction bidders.
  25. Pretty Sure this is the complete list of SNES Titles that had name swaps for PAL. let me know if you see any that were missed. US Name Swap PAL Adventures of Yogi Bear Yogi Bear's Cartoon Capers Air Strike Patrol (ASP) Desert FIghter Blackthorne Blackhawk Brawl Brothers Brawl Brothers: Rival Turf! 2 Bust A Move Puzzle Bobble Capcom's Soccer Shootout Soccer Shootout Championship Soccer 94 Sensible Soccer C
  26. I have also been collecting DIYs and trading for Art that I'm missing. I'm so close to having my Museum full for art. Still a long easy to go for bugs and fish though I do have all the fossils now. I just planned my master garden with all the different colors of all the different flowers. I haven't really done anything with bushes or shrubs. They are scattered throughout my island. I've decided that I am going to put together theme yards for my villagers. Like, Lucky is in a graveyard as that's what is in his house, and Ankha is next with a sandy yard and a Pyramid and Sphinx and gold c
  27. To be fair to Cavuto, he was never into the Trump falating game, so unfortunately I doubt the dimwits that follow Trump on this would listen to cavuto. But this whole thing feels one or two steps away from Trump getting all of his followers to literally drink the KoolAid and ascend to their spaceship hiding behind the nearest comet.
  28. Thanks @JamesRobot for the welcome. Isn't that a NA original of yours? And thanks @Bubbapauls. Love The Dude avatar. Plus sorry for the pre-edited, long-winded rant. I sometimes forget that introductions should not be longer than a single One Piece arc.
  29. Anyone see the video of Trump talking about how he takes Hydroxichloroquine to prevent getting Corona Virus this morning. What a dick. Is someone dying because of gross negligence manslaughter? This really does sound like some spectrum of murder.
  30. I don't take amazing photos, but if you use literally any lighting at all, your pictures are already better than half of Instagram. Like two crappy clamp lights like this are probably all you'd even need on the cheap.
  31. Never had any back then, as I had to buy most of my gaming stuff with paper route money. but as an adult Ive had a 3do and an CMVS and the neo geo gets the most playtime out of almost all my old consoles. The games are just so fun, with high replayability.
  32. I recommend following the Analogue Inc subreddit for pertinent infomation. No one here knows when the Super Nt will be available. Edit: Hopefully, and very likely, they will restock eventually. They are cheap to produce compared to their metal cased Nt Minis with analogue outputs, and people will buy them. If you don't own a Super Nt, it's highly recommended.
  33. Ausden

    RPG Thread

    Still chipping away at DQ VIII, but also started I AM SETSUNA. Just made it to the first village and I am digging the music. Having already played Lost Sphere (and loving it), I think I’ll like this one as well.
  34. The gradius cross stitch came yesterday and it looks even better in person. And the little guy agrees. He somehow got it off the key chain and tried to eat the options as @guillavoie predicted. Thanks again @MeganJoanne! Edit: forgot to upload the pic
  35. Nice spicy rye bite in a sweet northeast style ipa, lil bit of hot alcohol at 8.6%. Thick and sweet, the hops are balanced out and kinda mellow.
  36. It’s been one of those kind of days, so it’s gonna be one of these kinda nights...
  37. Interesting, if I'm understanding correctly, you can buy a flash FC cart and RC2 Rally will be pre-loaded onto it, much like Troll Burner is pre-loaded onto NESmaker refill carts. I'll update the Almanac accordingly later today with this nugget. https://impactsoft.booth.pm/items/1944784
  38. Not sure if this was meant to be a 'beer only' drinking thread, but I'll drink a glass of this a little later tonight, does it count?
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