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  1. I’m packing up my game room for a while. We need the space. Not to worry though, I’ll be moving to a bigger room in my home later this year. But now I have occasion to take a few pics and share before packing it all up. I started out as a full set SNES collector but have since moved away from it and pared the collection down to what you see here. It’s a small collection, but then it’s a small room. You’ll find the typical basic bitch shelf candy BS here, but I also have a couple legitimately rare pieces too. Cheers _______________________________________________
  2. Homebrews in Focus - 001 Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Looking at how Minesweeper was finally brought to the Nintendo and what its development was like. Let's take a dive into this homebrew game that is much more than a port of a computer classic, but a game that stands on its own. The mine detection and disarming puzzle logic game, Unexploded Ordnance. [Regular Edition, Special Edition Cart in NES Front Loader] Contents: 1. Intro 2. Origins 3. Minesweeper The Game 4. UXO Development 5. UXO The Game 6. Review 7. Interviews 1. Intro Minesweeper for the NES! I
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  3. The main difference between your baseball card example and this is right in the title of this thread (and the company name) "Limited Run". There was nothing limited about 90s baseball cards, they printed millions of them.
  4. Just wanted to let you all know I'm currently working on a prototype. I've put some time into it, and the more time I put into it the more features I'd like to add. My goal is to make a self sustaining database so users can upload Homebrews and newly discovered game. I feel something like this is best in the community's hands to make sure it stays up to date and accurate.
  5. As for my actual unpopular opinion, well... Here goes... A Link to the Past is boring. Not a fan. I think I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this one, lol!
  6. I never got why people loved the controller. I spent the first 10 hours of sunshine getting mad at the controller. Why people think it's perfect for smash I will never get. A pro controller is great for that. GCN also sucks for FPS games. I always liked the N64 controller. Never understood the hate. Worked well for the games I have played.
  7. Hey buddy, let me commiserate with you. I’m on edge too. I have never been the type to get stressed out — about anything — until now. I’m basically nervous and anxious all the time. Getting normal sick knocks me on my ass. Millions of people are out of work and small businesses are struggling or closing. Fascism is on the rise in many places around the world. Supply lines may be disrupted. On top of all that people are flouting guidelines which will surely extend the pandemic. I’m terrified. I’m still working on site too. We have taken some measures but we cannot clear out the building al
  8. Nice camera! I don't remember where but I saw some of your photos in another thread and I liked what I saw! I started shooting film around 7 years ago when I was a beer delivery driver. I was driving all around New York state and when I wasn't pressed for time I would take some shots. I watched some videos to understand exposure reciprocity, bought myself a cheap Pentax K1000 (a common beginner SLR) and started shooting with Kodak Ektar 100. I've been pretty happy with my photos but for me it's less about being artsy and mastering the craft and more about being in a moment and capturing i
  9. Hello Everyone, My names Rich and I was told about videogamesage (Thanks to Deadeye ) and thought I’d sign up. I’m mainly an NES collector, although I’ve also got a soft spot for the master system, mega drive, old PC games, and The Switch. About two years ago I started getting into the homebrew scene and that’s now my main passion. Look forward to getting to know you all!
  10. He did and here is the proof:
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  11. My actual unpopular opinion(s) The best non-Mario Kart Racer was the original Crash Team Racing. Diddy Kong Racing wasn't that great imo Apparently it'll be the unpopular opinion here if I say that I really liked the Gamecube controller lol
  12. The Gamecube controller is the worst controller ever made, yes that includes N64. Asymmetric design having only 1 Z button Tiny worthless D pad Tiny C Nub Analog triggers with waaayyyyy to much travel TERRIBLE design choice of moving the main action buttons (A and B) to the worst angle ever for a thumb to use, similar to the NES dogbone controller problem There I said it.
  13. Fun fact: I typed my answers on my Amiga 500. Great read!
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  14. I miss my expensive/unnecessary cafe coffees. I know I can still get them to go but since I live with immunocompromised people I’ve decided those coffees aren’t worth risking their lives over. And it’s nice to save that money. My coffees suck.
  15. No baiting, no politics bro. If you want to argue, send me a pm, but at the end of the day, the items that you take issue with would not have happened if the issues that I take issue with had been handled properly initially.
  16. What do you guys think? It didn’t Include a flip, but I think it has the spirit of the claw intact.
  17. No, not that. That’s the reasoning that a battery is merely unnecessary. I feel that a battery would be detrimental. In Super Mario 3, you complete a stage once and that’s it. Get the card, and you’re locked out. You only get Kuribo’s shoe once. You can only kill the sun one time. Those levels are very special. So are the suits and the giant ? block that gives you three 1-up mushrooms. These are all rare moments and they’re awesome. And you experience certain levels every time you play the game. In Super Mario save games, it’s just the opposite. The stakes are low. It doesn’t matter
  18. I consider it as part of the set, but you are probably asking whether people consider it part of their set. I also consider 32X as part of a Genesis set, etc. IMO, when speaking of game sets, we should be as exhaustive as possible. When collecting, we can compartmentalize subsets all we want to make the collecting more fun (achievable goals) for ourselves, but game lists should be as exhaustive as possible. Some thoughts; 1. People like to pursue goals that they deem are achievable. Two decades ago, most collectors were "full" full set collectors probably because they thought they co
  19. so since 2001 ive been on and off collecting the mega man franchise it all started in 1995 when my mom bought a mans collection from the repair shop where i got my nes fixed at. 50 nes games 2 dollars each mega man 2 and mega man 3 was in the stash. i very much enjoyed those games! in 2001 i discovered mega man 1 at a gamestop. at first i thought i had them all. (yeah right) then i found out nes had three more games XD i got mega man 4 in early 2002. and mega man 5 and 6 for christmas that same years mm5 was boxed and thats when i started going for cib. over the years ive repl
  20. You guys remember the Inner Circle talk from NA? There was a supposed cabal working behind the scenes over in that forum. Nobody knew exactly who they were or what the hell they did, but one thing was certain—they were better than you. I imagined lavish Eyes Wide Shut style orgies, market manipulation, virgin sacrifices, those cool goblet things that rich vampires drink blood out of when they have guests over. So yeah I want in. How does one apply for membership?
  21. Theory two actually doesn't sound crazy to me. Think about it. The game is to make money. They lose nothing by not letting someone download something. By offering a much cheaper downloadable copy, they got your $35-100 from your initial physical purchase and now they can snag an extra $5-20 from you just by getting your attention. It's actually a smart business move.
  22. Whoa. I’ll be interested to see what you would add to a dish with 18 ingredients already. I used double or more what the recipe calls for of both tomato and tomato paste, btw. Recommended.
  23. Sweet focused collection! I’d love to own some of those big SNES posters one day. Certainly adds to the atmosphere of being a kid back in the 90s.
  24. Link to the Past bad and the Switch bad? He asked for unpopular opinions. Not proof that you're mentally damaged!
  25. @Ferris Bueller that makes sense now. I ordered a Famicom BASIC keyboard off ebay on March 29 and still has not arrived.
  26. fwiw i think it's a pretty smart move from the standpoint that most of the 6502 codebase they have is directly portable with little or no modification, and the 65816 more forgiving. I imagine a lot of the windows gui tool can be reused, too. The snes is a more suitable target than the nes,t if you want to make a game with little to no prior knowledge, insofar someone makes the overarching technical decisions for you.
  27. Awesome! Good luck with the move. Love the exercise bike!
  28. Maybe I misunderstood how this was supposed to work - I certainly didn't intend to spoil anything. Nobody was sharing pictures, so I actually was trying to make it more interesting by sharing some pics so people can see what's going on. Maybe the idea was for everyone to take pics and share at the end? I don't know - oops hah! I actually asked mae before even sharing these and he said yea it's encouraged ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well, I'll be replacing a bunch of stuff before the box ships out, so hopefully there will still be plenty more surprises.
  29. Give Paper Sorcerer a try if you haven't already. It's only a couple of quid on Steam and was done by one guy. https://store.steampowered.com/app/263560/Paper_Sorcerer/ Super fun and stylish. As for myself, I just got done with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers which was a blast. Not too long either at 35 hours. I really want to play DOOM RPG but I'm going to have to pick up an old phone to do it (I've tried java emulators and its just not the same).
  30. Love your Sega games. Great taste, I might add. The FFIII and Secret of Mana posters are also very nice!
  31. I assume the heavy shreddin part is a joke. If it isn't, I am DOWN! Beat it for the first time for the NES completion thread lately and think I could no death it with grinding. That game is crazy hard to get good at, but worth it. Once you do its so much fun leaping cliffs and buildings and everything else. Edit: Typically delete all gaming photos pretty quickly, but hung on to one of these. Best/Most random screen ever for beating each level.
  32. It should be (from past experience) - the only way to really make them is rare though. About the only time we get tenderloin is when it is on sale* since it is pricey. *(We call the reduced meat "used meat" after a rather unique type of store found in the late 1800s.)
  33. There's no point in discussing this with you, your political stances are clear, from here and numerous other posts, nothing more for me to say on the matter.
  34. I had a seller accept my offer and then cancel it. He told me that he had the same offer and wanted to know if either of us would offer more. Ok, whatever. Well, he sells the item and has it still listed in another lot. I recognize that and made an offer. He messages me to tell me that he will make a deal with me if I pay x amount and he will cancel that other sale on someone else. I gave him negative feedback to let people know that this dude will screw you over if he can get a better deal. eBay removed the feedback. I messaged them and they said I consistently gave positive reviews with
  35. Since there was some discussion about guidance for essential activities, I wanted to link this list from the CDC. They discuss recommendations for things like grocery shopping, banking, etc. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/essential-goods-services.html Additionally, the guidance I've been reading from multiple places, including instructions from our governor, has been: 1. Try to order online or do delivery if you can. 2. If you need to go to the store, plan ahead with specific lists of what you need. 3. Take as few people as possible (ideally just o
  36. I loved the Dreamcast. As a kid with no income, it didn't matter if there were only 50 good games in the entire library; I was never going to own more than ten games total. And the games I did own were beautiful. Sonic Adventure, NFL 2K, Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi. I will always cherish my Dreamcast. I have no such love for the PS2, despite the endless depth of it's library. So much nostalgia. Some day I need to go after a Dreamcast set.
  37. Sounds like I need to check out Animal Crossing, lol Bust a Move 99
  38. I'm a huge Sega guy, the Genesis is my favorite console, but I have never been into the Sonic the Hedgehog games. I appreciate them as quality platformers that had a major influence on the genre and whatnot, but I just don't particularly care to play them. To this day, the only Sonic game that I enjoy at all is Sonic Spinball, and everyone says I'm crazy for liking that game. hahahaha
  39. This looks incredibly nice! Have you thought about adding achievements? Like 'Beaten the game with 100%', 'Beaten the game without dying', 'Beaten the game in unter xx minutes' ... Stuff like that? That's the only thing I missed in the C64 version. Can't wait to play this on my NES
  40. Interesting... 100% of your brother's name is in my name.
  41. There's enough space on both sides of your hand to start stacking carts upwards, give that a go.
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