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  1. Desert Commander (Oval Seal) Box: NES-DF USA Cart: NES-DF-USA Manual: NES-DF-USA Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-USA Registration Card: KEM-NES-US Smooth Black Dust Cover
  2. This has probably been available for a while. Just saw it on the app. Streaming on smart TVs or online (with ads). Browser link: https://tubitv.com/movies/472705/double_dragon?start=true Double Dragon film on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106761/
  3. I picked up this sweet special edition blu ray a month or so back when Best Buy ran a sale, but haven't cracked it open to watch yet. It's chock full of extras. This thread lit the fire, though, so I guess I'll have to watch it tonight.
  4. I haven't bought any games since the virus started spreading, but I'd be sure to bust out some clorox wipes or something if I did. -CasualCart
  5. This one's for JoneBone because I know he'd appreciate it. His 90 is damn near impossible to find, probably one of a kind.
  6. Here's one you don't see too often. Very glad to have this one in this grade. Not enough Sega love I think, so I'll post a couple more.
  7. Anybody like this game? I thinks its a nice underrated beatemup. Try it, you’ll be satisfied the second you crash a Mad clown in a window!
  8. Welcome to the Homebrew section of Video Game Sage! Whether you're here for creating, playing, collecting, or more, please join us in making this a great place to be. If you're here for NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, Genesis, Master System, N-Gage, or others, we welcome you. Looking for help getting started? Ask questions in the Programming section. Have some news, interesting links, or personal projects and stories to share? Post it over in the Sharing section. This forum will only be as strong as we make it, so if you're itching to create a topic, guide, or article please contribute. This is a ch
  9. Hello! My name is Frankie. Around 2010-2011, I was on NA a lot as KidOrrorin. It's a shame what happened over there. With a little bit of searching around I found that a bunch of the people who made that site so great had created this site, so I decided to join! To anyone who contributed to the NA database and forums, I wanna say thank you for taking the time to make that site such a valuable resource for this community. I disappeared for a while but I would go back every now and then because I trusted the input of a lot of people over there. To those of you who created this si
  10. Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Complete In Box/Very Good) - $75
  11. Anything. I’ve used game time as album listening time since forever. To the point that certain games have certain albums deeply associated with them. Duke nukem time to kill has the soundtrack of ReLoad for example.
  12. Free bump for coolness!
  13. That was from me! If I had known it were you, I’d have charged more..
  14. I looked it up and it was a clamshell with the two racing games and the fanny pack. It’s too bad the seller didn’t keep the box for the fanny pack but at least the fanny pack looks like it was never used. I’m not sure if I will let these go because I like the idea of having at least two copies of each for multiplayer. I actually have enough cables to do 4 player but I don’t have enough carts
  15. Damn I'd die to see Kalmah. My concertgoing has dropped to almost zero since having kids. This might be my all-time favorite metal song
  16. We discussed this in another thread a while back, but there doesn't appear to be an easy answer. The only workaround is to copy and paste some text that is single spaced, then edit it. The formatting should carry over. No promises though. Another option is to use bullets. They tend to appear single spaced on mobile. Just Like This Alternatively, sometimes I will post on mobile and then come back and edit it later.
  17. I cought a coelacanth on a nook miles island the other day when it wasn't raining, so it's possible on those at least.
  18. OptOut


    Hey @DreamCuPS I also live in Taiwan, just like my pal @fcgamer! Sachen and IGS are pretty good representatives of the can-do attitude and industrious nature of Taiwanese, lol! Have you heard of IGT soft tho? It's not an old company like Sachen or those old bootleggers, I think they started like in the last decade or so. I only got one game from them so far, Cross straight independence on famicom, but I'm looking for others... I'll show you a pic when I get the chance. They are a REAL throwback to he Sachen style, the game is hilarious and stupidly difficult, and full of glitchy fun,
  19. Dark Star was really a student film that gradually expanded to a full length feature over a 4 year period. I think the final budget was around 50k . (I have a high tolerance for low budget films (one of my favorite directors is Roger Corman) since you can't expect them to always look as good as a bigger budgeted one). If you view (as it were) Dark Star in that light (again as it were) and treat it as an off kilter comedy it is doable/
  20. The last concert I went to (November 2019) was Ensiferum (metal)(Finland), with the aforementioned Kalmah supporting. If I never see another concert, I can be happy that that was the last one. It was great. The singer in Ensiferum was previously in Norther. I had tickets to see Einstürzende Neubauten (industrial: noise)(Germany) in October, this show was just cancelled due to the pandemic.
  21. Using eBay as a sole metric for rarity is like using the “Waffle House Index” as a sole metric for disaster severity. Also, if we’re using eBay then we’re not even tracking rarity anymore, but “availability”. This would make games like Firehouse Rescue, which to be clear is in fact rare, appear to be rarer than something like Bonks Adventure, Dinosaur Peak, or Little Samson which are generally more glamorous rare titles. Though, despite what I just said, availability is the only metric that really matters anyway since eBay became a thing.
  22. I have a soft spot for handhelds. I can already play those games portably a couple different ways, but yes I'm still interested in it. Like you say, it's neat to see something like this come out and it would be neat to see those games on a shelf. I don't know if I'm going to pre-order it but I'll definitely look at what people say about it when it comes.
  23. I spoke to WATA directly and they stated because it is an authenticated autograph the signature on the box will not affect the grade itself. The reason why it graded a 9 is because of the minor wear. It has a significant bend back crease and some light scratching. That is why I contacted them first. If the signature were to affect the grade I wouldn’t have graded it to begin with and the only reason they were willing to grade it is because I had proof through PSA. WATA is apparently coming out with some sort of signature series of their own but I don’t know details.
  24. Alien was fantastic, of course. I am def watching Natural Born Killers tonight.
  25. Imperium is beat! I've included some boss pictures throughout the game. Most of the game is knowing which gun to use at what time. I play chicken for most of the boss fights and use the third weapon which always shoots in the opposite way your moving. It's slow for the fight but helps me to stay alive. The lazer is my least use gun. You would think it would be the strongest but I've found it to be the weakest.
  26. I have these two PlayStation retail cases/racks for quite some years now at my store. The large case is the 6'x4' display you would have seen at Sears or some other department store. I believe the rolling cart was an EB Games display. I've decided to do some rearranging and I am going to put these up for sale. Any PS collector's out there that can give me an approximate value? Much appreciated.
  27. How about a tall recipe box or index card box? Not sure about the dimensions, but that general style could work. You'd also have to invest in individual bags for each manual. It could be nice for alphabetizing and flipping through the manuals.
  28. Is it just me or are quarantine Wata mail days just a little better than normal? So much goodness arriving today....Moving some, keeping some, enjoying them all!
  29. Pickups have slowed down for obvious reasons, but I got tired of not seeing Sonic 3 (the game I’m most nostalgic for out of the original 3) on the various Genesis collections/Mini, so I grabbed a CIB copy off of eBay. Much disinfecting later, it’s on the shelf. I didn’t have Sonic 3 on the Genesis as a kid. I had a copy of those weird PC releases. I had 3, CD, and Sonic R for PC. Does anyone remember those? They’re still around my parent’s house somewhere.
  30. I've been doing this before covid-19 hit even if a game looks minty new and clean. I still give it a cleaning inside and out.
  31. Feeling super annoyed right now because my order of Blossom Tales from LRG still hasn’t arrived but I did get some other cool stuff: One step closer to a complete physical Shantae set! And Slingo Quest has sentimental value. But I’m most excited about the SongPro. I’ve been thinking about writing about game collecting and I think I will start with this! Edit: I just realized my order of Blossom Tales is delayed because I also ordered Away which I wish I hadn’t ordered
  32. I just ordered my first ever game from limited run... Streets of Rage 4. There is no possible way I could have resisted that. This game looks incredible and the nostalgia will hit me hard.
  33. My fav director and a good number of my all time fav films are by Carpenter. I've often said the Russel Carpenter trilogy of Thing/Escape/Big Trouble is my fav film of all time. Top Tier: Big Trouble in Little China The Thing Escape From NY Halloween High Tier: Christine They Live Assault on Precinct 13 Elvis In the Mouth of Madness Middle Tier: Prince of Darkness Body Bags The Fog Star Man Someone's Watching Me Cigarette Burns Escape From LA Low Tier: Village of the Damned The Ward Vampire$ Bottom Tier: Ghosts of Mars Dark Star Memoirs of an I
  34. DreamCuPS


    I did not know a thing about Sachen till now, though Ive played Master Chu (not really a good game, but not the worst either). After this thread, I went for further research on that, and found out I knew some other of their games. One curious fact, maybe, is that at least two of them were released* in Brazil (I clearly remember Pyramid and Double Strike advertisements on game magazines from back in the day). I didn't imagine Sachen was Taiwanese, and the only other company from there I can think of now is IGS (which games I highly enjoy). *Back then, though Nintendo itself didn't release N
  35. I’m glad Ark is finally back :).......took you long enough!
  36. DreamTR's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors.
  37. I need to see what commercials are on my Dad's old VHS tapings before they get tossed. I know he recorded all the 90s Simpsons, and should have Alf as well, and all commercials would be intact.
  38. Picked up Metal Gear Solid OST, very good Not game related, but also Fifth Element OST
  39. A quick nighttime forest study from last night. Might as well end up in this game too.
  40. You should totally buy it. I can even have Francis send it to me and we can meet in the Dave's Market parking lot like old times!
  41. New gear day is best day Not videogame per say, but just replaced my preamp and main amp with tube amps! Been looking for an amp this size to fit on my tiny table. The separate power supply enclosure was also a nice touch. Replaced the stock tubes with higher end ones. Gold Lion EL34 and GE 5654W all 'round.
  42. Ahhh, the Collection Thread. Or as I like to call it, The "See honey, I don't have nearly as much as this guy" Thread. Saving marriages since 2019.
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