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  1. Thanks to @JERedmond I now have a complete Earthbound!
  2. @OptOut I collect Japanese promotional DVDs / not for sale discs. This is a promotional DVD with trailers, that was a pre-order bonus DVD for The Last Remnant, Xbox 360 version. The code on the pamphlet is for extra content that came with the pre-order. It's a neat item for sure, but it's relatively or moderately common in Japan and you can get it for not too much. Hopefully you didn't pay a premium, as you can get it from Japan for $5-$10. The Not-for-sale designation, or commonly in Japan "Hibaihin" [ 非売品 ] is used for a ton of different types of items, including promo's
  3. You're still employed! Although the liquor store is def an essential job.
  4. With all due respect, are you daft? The world is in the middle of a pandemic with no cure. Their entire business model is having a bunch of people crowd into a store to trade in plastic discs where the virus can live for days, and that's not mentioning the lack of cleaning supplies, medical personel to determine who is sick, or government policies in place to close all non essential stores.
  5. No but I mean they shouldn't HAVE to afford it. The country bails out airlines for billions, but can't support small businesses to let you stay home where you are safe and can't yourself infect others? Everything should be shut down except for absolute necessities. It's literally lives on the line, and with actual support we could save millions of lives.
  6. Gamestop was the worst company i have ever worked for in my life. For a myriad of reasons. They were so cheap they wouldn't give enough hours to put 2 people on for the first 6 hours the store was open and then also got mad if you locked up the store or left the front unattended. So you essentially couIdn't go to the bathroom for 6 hours without getting in trouble. I got chewed out by my DM because he happened to come by when i locked up for 5 minutes to take a shit one day. I told him it's his choice, i either leave the store unattended, lock it up for 5 minutes, or he gives enough hours
  7. Hey, they've been the smartest in all of this... They've been self isolating for months.
  8. 1) This is a thread about GameStop. 2) Caution should prevail here. All non-essential stores should be closed.
  9. Classic American big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes
  10. I've brought that up on the Gamestop reddit before and get met with "people can't just go out and find new jobs!" When yes,yes they can even in just other retailers they would get better pay/hours and much less stressed. But alot of them I think are either afraid of change or ignorant as to how to go about it. It's really kinda sad
  11. Hey dudes, just a quick one. Recently picked up this weird Japanese DVD of what appears to be game trailers for Square Enix games on the Xbox 360. Never heard about this before, naturally, and just wondering if anyone else knows anything more about it? It says Not For Sale on the back, so I am assuming it was given out for free, perhaps at a trade show or something similar? Also, what looks like reflections on the cover in the first picture aren't, the cover is kinda printed with a picture in the background that just looks like that. Any thoughts?
  12. So here's what the book looks like as well as the first few pages. I'd upload more but I hit the max. So no recipes.
  13. Started to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons today. This is my first time playing any game in the series and I'm having fun so far (2h30 played).
  14. Is that a serious question? Have you been living under a rock? How have you not heard of the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority, better known as WATA? https://www.gowata.org/
  15. MAde my own to fit the weird space I have to work with. I would like to re-do them one day and adjust spacing, add doors, lights, etc. Sorry for the blurry picture it's the only one I have at the moment and it's a few years old.
  16. I suggest making your own. Some 1x6 pine boards and stain and you can make whatever configuration you want. I did this because of the odd shaped area I store my stuff in. This way you can customize it any way you want, make it modular, etc. Just requires a drill, saw, and sandpaper.
  17. My NES and SNES controllers arrived yesterday. I'm impressed with how good they feel. It really makes playing the online classic games a lot of fun. The NES games were basically unplayable with a Pro Controller.
  18. Received International Soccer Superstar 2000 today to complete my US N64 set!
  19. Hey there ! This is my very first post here since NintendoAge closed, and I have some pretty cool and exciting news. But first, let me explain what it's all about... (you can skip directly after the pictures to get to the exciting part). For 2 years now I've been working on a WiFi project for the NES, to offer the possibility to make online games (and/or download new content, fix bugs, and so on...) ! First prototype was a module that plugs in the second controller port. You can check it in action in this video (English subtitles available): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK1
  20. This is what game action replay does, if you can find a working one
  21. Pretty sure the Everdrive N8 has save states. Back in my day we just left the console on.
  22. Good job bud, perseverance has paid off
  23. Good. Our governor has alluded to the same if businesses aren't taking employee's temperatures upon arrival (something he mandated a few days ago). It's pretty sad that Gamestop can't take the hint. The other stores that are staying open I can see (Lowe's in case somebody needs a water heater/plumbing/etc, pet stores for vital pet supplies), but there is nothing in that fucking store that is "essential".
  24. Nah. I was so young at the time I'm not sure if I even understood the concept of beating a game yet. I'd just wander around for a bit, kill a few octoroks then get bored and pop in Super Mario Bros. or Rambo or whatever other games my cousins had.
  25. Thank you! Anything Japan is usually from eBay, I haven't dipped into proxy buying or forwarding service. I hit the thrift stores a few times a week until as of late, so a lot of the cheapies are local. A lot is patience, I love the hunt and spend time on browsing be it online or in-store and very rarely buy to resell.
  26. I doubt even Reggie will be able to save them after this blunder.
  27. Wow, is that olive oil or what? Looks good, but bread, carb loading for sure, but might wanna eat a little protein No mouse meat tho. hehe.
  28. Jackal for the NES. $11 on price charting. Cant go wrong with that one. For SNES Super Mario World, $10.50 on price charting. For Genesis Sonic 1 and 2, you can get both for $15 total.
  29. I meant to post the picture initially, but forgot to attach it.
  30. Universities are closing for a week now where I am. Works out quite well for me actually, gives a seven day period to get all my assignments done early.
  31. I'll look them up eventually, when i get to it, right now N64 is my jam for the complete them all, so it might be awhile. But, i am intrigued!!!!
  32. Ah, that sucks that your parents' house was broken in to, I'm really sorry that happened. The Wii one is definitely my least favorite of the Zelda games, but it's still amazing personally. A lot of people have problems with the control scheme and the motion controls in that one, but, uh... between you and me I think a lot of that is user error, just saying But yeah, if you haven't played any of the other handheld ones, A Link Between Worlds is a must-play, Minish Cap is a borderline must-play, and Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are also borderline must-plays if you like Link'
  33. OK @ZeldaFreak I must admit, i am not as big of a freak like u lol. I haven't played all the games, so that is a biased opinion i stated earlier about LTTP being the best!!!!!! In honor of you, i will try to play more zelda games and make my opinion less biased. LOL
  34. Really glad to see some love for ALBW too. This may be a somewhat unpopular opinion, but as someone who's childhood contained a massive amount of ALTTP, I think ALBW surpassed ALTTP for me personally. I love that game so much, and it's easily my favorite 2D Zelda game for sure. I really need to play it, I haven't played it in... gosh, probably 4 years now. Time really flies.
  35. A leopard cannot change his spots!! If Gamestop dies, it dies.
  36. Round 2 of pics, the foodening
  37. Rest of the world doesn’t have to come to my place of business. The grocery stores are much more “dangerous” than where I work.
  38. Even as things are getting weird in the world, here's this week's gets. Couple off the Xbox set, jikkyou power pro baseball 10, SD gashapon Gundam wars (tactical rpg) that finishes off my Gundam cube stuff pretty much (there's always hardware haha) and zatch bell go go mamono fight Japan only rechargable battery set for the original GBA, very cool. Picked up Animal crossing today and have been playing for hours, it's wonderful. Pre-ordered from best buy and got the metal kinda sticker deal, which is super cute. I saw they had bell bag plushies but
  39. Yeah it was my first time playing through 2 and 3. I didn't find them too diifficult but did find 2 annoying for the same reasons Gaia listed. Played through 1 and 2 one evening and finished 3 the following day. You should definitely play through the whole series, I don't think you'd have much trouble other than the last few levels of the original. How many total games have you completed of the library? Hearing Crabmaster, Bronzeshield and table w/chairs talk about their goal of completing the entire library has inspired me to keep track starting this year. I am up to 110 completions now and p
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