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  1. Madden 64 Elway injured his hip in the beginning of the playoffs so I essentially only rushed the ball the entire postseason.
  2. Madden 99 done That one suuuuucked...
  3. Hard to say these days...... you couldn’t get it for 10-20k 5 years ago. I don’t think the new money has any desire for games such as SE which may keep the price down. Lol a sealed Mega Man sold for more than a sealed SE.... that still has me puzzled.
  4. Good luck on your search, this is a very special item! I was only recently made aware of it, I think if more people knew about it it would make significant waves on the US N64 collecting scene.
  5. ugh.....hit a snag on that one.......continuing tonight.....wrestlemania 2k in the works as well.
  6. First week of March is over, here goes: Ordered from fangamer, mainly for the flip grip but cheap 5$ cutsey undertale shirt also came with a button, and bonus napstablook sticker, child drawn mr.saturn postcard (which are both adorable), some cheapy bags and PS3 games from the thift. flip grip rules d00d More cheap thrift hauls, 5$ Wii u pro controller, the ever ubiquitous Wii fit Most excited for the sd2sp2 adapter (gamecube serial port card reader) that finally came in the mail, will be playing with that probably this weekend. Happy hunting folks, till next weeeeekkk
  7. @TDIRunner unknown. In the past, Analogue would change items from Sold Out to Discontinued eventually if that was the case. However they were never quick about it. They rarely answer questions on social media anymore. Best bet is to email them. They will answer those. https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. 21203 if i remember right this is a 1992 12 03 box. contents should have the following Tray will be: plastic Super Mario Manual: DMG-MQ-USA Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet: DMG-USA or DMG-USA-1 Nintendo Power Insert: GP-DMG-USA or GP-DMG-USA-1 Poster: Nintendo poster but i have not been able to confirm what that one is.----------Added 3/7/20 jvoss Reg Card: not confirmed.----------Added 3/7/20 jvoss Plastic bag Dust cover: with "Nintendo" and "Made In Japan" cart data: embossed maybe a 22 or 23 are the common 09 or 11 are uncommon 00 or 12 are rare pcb should have a DMG-BEAN-02 however a DMG-BEAN-10 for embossed 00 or 12 the chip will be DMG-MQE-0 dates from 9240-9247 if the box is retail.... as far as i can tell. hope this helps
  9. 2 of 3 done lol oof last one was a bit much with the alcohol
  10. Just beat Bucky O'Hare for the first time tonight. It was ok. Not sure how I feel about games with infinite continues that drop you off exactly where you got a game over. It makes 1ups completely irrelevant. I did use the continue like 40 times. Is the game too difficult and unbalanced so they added infinite continues to balance it out? Bad game design? Or did I just suck because it was my first time playing? Idk. It was one of those games where there are SO MANY cheap deaths and patterns that you have to know beforehand. So, not so fair on first playthroughs. Maybe I'll feel different if I play it through again. Sorry, I meant HIDDEN GEM HIDDEN GEM HIDDEN GEM HIDDEN GEM HIDDEN GEM HIDDEN GEM eh.....
  11. I knew stunt racer 64 was calling your name! Welcome back to the fold
  12. You'll be wishing you had it on handheld as the kids make PC time more and more unfeasible
  13. Yeah probably. Needed a Runescape break.
  14. You guys are Kings, taking out them sports games.
  15. He could have taken the 1,000,000 bought some bitcoin, and turned it into 360,000. Smh.
  16. According to the N64 Group I’m in on Facebook the original release does not have the text on it and the text was added later, possibly in an attempt to make it more appealing. No idea how accurate that is but wanted to share here what I found outside of the forum.
  17. Yes. It got one more bid and sold for $360,000 with the buyers premium.
  18. Scientists is funded! Still a couple more hours on the clock.
  19. I honestly think it was a mistake to have the thing listed so long on the site. I understand wanting to garner interest, but it also seems to have burned the hype and passion buyers. People realizing they had bid obscene $ on the thing.
  20. Most of my portables are stored on display. The rest are in drawers that are similar to the drawers that store my controllers.
  21. If this is true it is just wrong on so many levels. Kinda like Zombieland was prophetic on this topic, https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/coronavirus-outbreak-may-have-unleashed-panic-buying-of-hostess-twinkies-and-ding-dongs-210034011.html
  22. Needle exchange programs prevent the spread of hepatitis and HIV, which are incredibly expensive to treat over a lifetime. Even if one has zero experience in mental health, healthcare, or addiction, AND a strong moral opposition, the economics are clearly in favor of needle exchange programs. FWIW, needles can be sold OTC in many states. Masks do nothing to prevent a person from acquiring a disease. Bacteria and viruses can be too small to be "caught" in them. A mask prevents spit/droplets from contaminating the area around a sick person. Masks are only useful for the already sick and in sterile environments (clean room, surgery, etc.). A full respirator and hazmat suit would be needed for a healthy person to not contract a pathogen once contact is made. The run on hand sanitizer, wipes, and other supplies is somewhat laughable given the amount of air travel and likelihood of asymptomatic carriers. More than likely, this will have to run its course with the already clear lack of containment. FWIW, if you are sick, please stay home. Disclaimer: Not a scientist. Not a physician. Just another guy on the internet. Do not use my words to influence your decisions.
  23. Recent pickups: I’ve been pretty into Famicom recently. Unfortunately I can only really play the games that don’t require reading much Japanese. Famicom - Samurai Pizza Cats (Cart is legit, Box is repro, and easily distinguishable... dimensions are not exact, flap folds are wrong, etc., but I thought the art work was awesome and it looks great in my collection, so I’m happy for now). I got the game for only half of what I’m seeing them sell for, so this felt like a win. The game was imported from Japan and the seller included a personalized note with the game, which was a nice touch! ** If anyone knows where I can maybe find a manual for this game, it’d be greatly appreciated! They seem to be relatively hard to come by. Famicom - Great Battle Cyber -CIB (Got this imported from Japan for about 20% less than I see them going for). Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad and Gundam were some favorite Saturday morning shows for me as a kid, so this one has some nostalgic appeal for me. Fun Fact: in the US, we got the TV show called Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad, which was a western translation / adaptation of Gridman: The Hyper Agent. The show was *supposedly rumored to be* somewhat inspired by Ultraman. I wonder if anyone remembers this show! Atari 2600 - Pong Sports- Cart Only. This was the biggest win of the week for me! I’ve been hunting this one for a year or two (my cousin had it when we were kids and I hadn’t seen it since), but I couldn’t justify paying the 25-50$ I see them selling for online. I snagged it from a local Retro store that had it on their self for only 3$!! Not sure if pricing was intentional, or an oversight, since this game is not as common as many other Telegames carts ... either way...That’s a win! Famicom - Transformers: Mystery of Comvoy - Cart Only. Another favorite show as a kid. Famicom - Bomberman - Cart Only Famicom - Family Stadium ‘87 - CIB (as far as I know lol). This was one of the Namcot hard clamshell cases for Famicom games. The inserts include the manual, mailer card, stickers, and the Namcot Catalogue for other clamshell games. Pretty good looking set.
  24. After some back and forth we managed to work it out. I ended up just keeping the game and closed the return. (Apparently when you start a return for item not as described it auto locks their account, i was under the impression only a claim did this) I'll take it as a lesson learned on my end, and hopefully he feels the same way. I can always resell it instead of making him take the return if i really don't want to keep it. Despite us arguing here, we actually had a much better and constructive conversation privately. Thanks for all of your opinions on the matter, it was appreciated, even if you disagreed with me, it never hurts to have a bunch of points of view. Because it was so divided here with about a 50/50 split it seemed, it made me think more on it and switch my take on it. I genuinely wanted to do the right thing, which is why i even bothered to ask here at all. Otherwise i would have just returned it, not posted here about it and moved on.
  25. A few 3 screw and no-hangtab copies have been found but nobody can really explain them. Yours is probably $2000.
  26. There are some people making cool romhack improvements to some games. Ultima Exodus was one of the latest. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4949/ I would love to see more like this. Another game I wish was better was Xenophobe. Conceptually it's awesome, but it could have some much better controls and more interesting level goals.
  27. Bought more wonderful pieces. Very happy with your work! +1
  28. Sentimentally would be my original teal Game Boy Color. It’s the first gaming anything I ever received that was mine and not my older brother’s. Second would be my GBA SP that my mom gifted me as a kid. Rarity-wise, probably this boxed copy of Exocet for Atari 2600. What I think is cool about Atari collecting is that it was the Wild West and you could absolutely have these fly-by-night programmers who would pump out games that were only for sale in their region, sold door to door, etc. In this case, the company Panda was in Charlotte, North Carolina pumping out games that were rip offs of other games, renamed and relabeled, etc. It’s very rare to find any with the box, and even rarer to find the manual (which I don’t have and am told it was basically printed on receipt paper, so few have survived).
  29. it has to go to my ASCII showcase for the Gameboy. It's not the rarest thing in the world but it is a real gem. I have another one I'm looking to hang on the wall once I find the right place for it.
  30. Marvel vs Capcom 2 my first misprint And My sealed copy of GT 3 a spec
  31. @Reed Rothchild Okay, I will try that game again. But it's really noticeably harder on normal, so I might take a while. Only got to level 7 so far. In the meantime I have beaten Aero Fighters. I really like this one, but it's very difficult as well. This game might also be a good contender when people complain about shmups on the SNES not being fast enough etc.
  32. Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun and Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers are both done. I would say that these games are at least a bit more interesting than Thomas the Tank Engine and the presentation is relatively nice thanks to Mario and friends. They also do have a fair bit of clear sound samples and upbeat (Mario) music. However, the content is overall still very meagre and I can hardly imagine children learning much from these games. Maybe very young preschoolers up to the first year of elementary school? But then again I'm no expert in pedagogy. Anyway, I did every mini game in these games and only took one exemplary photo each. I couldn't stomach the final and third game in this series, which I will do later or leave to some other brave soul. Space Invaders was just to quickly wash away the bitter taste of these edutainment games.
  33. Finished Final Fantasy II. Time was 13:05 at the last save before the final boss. I think the game took me about 40 hours the first time I played it, but doesn't take nearly that long if you know where you're going.
  34. Contra iii The Alien Wars completed on hard difficulty
  35. I finished up with Kirby's Dream Course . It's a really great arcade sports game.
  36. Just finished Hagane. It kinda reminds me of Megaman X in that its super fun, difficult, and has a cool new jump function that you have to use so much it makes your thumb hurt.
  37. I beat Super Valis IV and have thereby finished the whole Valis series. The fourth game looked mostly pretty decent, even if most levels were a bit dull and repetitive, and it sounded quite good. The controls feel more responsive and there are more subweapons which come in handy during certain encounters. So it might seem like this game is a major step forward, but unfortunately there were a few design choices that dragged the game down a little. I have already mentioned, that the levels were repetitive. In some levels I didn't mind it as much since they were nice to look at and decent to begin with, but the seemingly never-ending, always the same looking castle interior of level 2 or the overly long psychedelic hallways of level 6 weren't particularly great. The levels are also rather long consisting of three areas before you encounter the boss. And if you die at the boss you have to repeat the whole level over again, which is a huge pain. In the earlier Valis games you had several lives and were set back to the beginning of the current area or maybe directly in front of a boss with a few power-ups at your disposal. You only had to redo the full level if you lost all of your lives and something like this should have been implemented here. But they didn't. I guess it was because they introduced some strange kind of timer. At the bottom of the screen is an HP bar of the boss and it gradually fills. So ideally you'd want to rush to the end as fast as possible, so that the boss doesn't turn into a horrible hit sponge. But if you rush you will constantly run into enemies or miss critical jumps, which obviously sucks. But even if I learned the level and made my way through it relatively quickly, the bosses were still quite the hit sponges (the later ones easily take 50+ hits). This didn't matter so much with some of the earlier bosses since you could use your powerful items or spam long-range shots at them. But the later bosses had to be hit from close-up with your sword and some of the patterns were too random for me to really master the boss encounters. And then there's the final level. This one was awful and frustrating. It was basically a short buss rush with three out of six bosses and of course they chose the most difficult ones. In-between were short areas where you could refill your (now useless) subweapons or gather health refills. After that it was time for the final boss. This one may not have been all that difficult at first glance, but he takes an awful amount of hits and after he has lost about half of his health, he will use his special attack. He is literally throwing blue balls at you. And when they hit they draw some hit points off you and restore the boss by a large amount! And his blue balls have different patterns, which makes it difficult to evade them since you never know quick enough which trajectory they take. Due to that the defining factor regarding whether or not I won or lost was whether I was able to avoid getting hit by his energy draining balls. I once had him almost dead, but then messed up, got hit a few times and he almost had half of his max HP back. This was so frustrating and that boss encounter alone almost ruined the whole game for me. Did I already mention that after dying you always start at the beginning of the level? Well, that means that you have to beat all previous three bosses as well! It's like in Joe & Mac 2, but with power-ups and much, much harder bosses. Also, one life only. And what was the reward for this? Our heroine saved the day and returned to Yuuko during a short credit scene and that's it. The Valis games were never rich in story, but they still at least tried and always had one or two good moments in every game that had an impact on me. Here it's really just go and defeat bad guy, then the final boss is like "I will kill you" and Lena says "No, I will not die. Not before I restore love and peace to the world". No joke. Anyway, despite some gripes and room for improvement this was still a decently fun game and I'm happy to finally have experienced the whole Valis series. This game may have felt a bit unnecessary and tacked on since the original story was finished after the first three games, but at least it's not the awful monstrosity that is the hentai reboot of this series.
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