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  1. KHAN Games

    Free ROMs

    Hi everyone. Since most of my games are now sold out, and I have no desire to really put them back into publication, I figured I'd throw a few of my games up on my website as free downloads. You can now download: Ultimate Frogger Champion 8-Bit XMAS 2012 Scramble E.T. Figured I'd keep Sneak 'n Peek a "you gotta own it to play it" type thing since it's become so infamous. As for the games I didn't put up. Sneak 'n Peek: see above. Study Hall: still for sale at retroUSB. Larry: will be re-releasing this year. The Incident: undecided on thi
  2. Update- the operation was on Thursday , things went well but I’ll be in the hospital for another week or so . They used a bunch of technics to drain the abscess it was the size of a softball which is much much larger then normal. They also put a JV drain in, they used a large needle to poke a hole in my stomach and inserted a tube it drains blood and other stuff out of the abscess in a small bag. They think my appendix burst as well so I may need another surgery to clean that up. i have strep and two forms of e coli in my stomach in the abscess... i know my spelling was bad in my
  3. Sunset Riders - best western game by Konami! (Mmm... there are one more best western game - GunSmoke by Capcom. But it's another story )
  4. Dear Sages, We're happy and excited to introduce some new Charms concept related to the Completion Threads on VGS. These will be rewarded to members who are participating in the Completion Threads by meeting the requirements stated to beat the games on the list. Each Completion Thread will have its own participation Charms representing the controller of the console played. Here's an update of the Charms (64x64 format) with all consoles and their golden/silver/bronze variations (the 00 is where the year will be). Big thanks to @CasualCart for making these up, they are terrific.
  5. Took almost a year off of Nintendoage. Hope all of you are doing well. Probably going to lurk mostly this time around rather than post as much as i did. But happy to see a lot of familiar faces(Names) here.
  6. Come to the dark side. Or do both. The poor side is kind of dark too.
  7. one of us is making observations and drawing conclusions and the other is name calling. maybe do some self reflection on your inability to think critically about this.
  8. complete loose US Virtual Boy set: complete loose US Sega 32x set (+Darxide Repro. also, top labels rule!): i know there's an argument that the 4 Sega CD/32x games need to be included, but i don't subscribe to that belief. How can a CD game be part of a system that has no disc drive?
  9. Super Famicom box Hotel unit. Problem with video. Sound works fine but I cant navigate through it, I did see some writing in Japanese once while messing with it. Front has obvious damage as I had to drill out the locks to get into it. They were a weird barrel type lock (not the standard barrel) but comes with two dual games. Hate to see it go but its a project I dont have time for. Comes with a power supply (not shown) 100$ plus actual shipping. Lot of OEM hardcases. 50$ shipped 11 clear 2 blue 1 yellow 5 clea
  10. Was checking out a property today and noticed it had a warp zone on it! A selling point I feel the realtor should have mentioned. I’ll update when I find out which level I end up in.
  11. Chewm-chewm- chewm... buda buda bu.. “ oh my god there’s turds down here!!!!”
  12. No offense intended, but this was very unsettling to read. I mean, so many of his policies do affect people personally and seriously, and the direction of our country and precedents set by this president/senate are gravely serious.
  13. Well we could always get rid of scary evil liberal socialist programs. Like... disability.
  14. Notice: Rules have been revised in the OP, see #9-11. Scoreboard will be reset. FYI: @Ausden @bertsampson @Bearcat-Doug @DefaultGen @driveshaft @ecmyers @JamesRobot @Richardhead @zi
  15. Your Nintendo pics do the same for me, so I guess that makes us even.
  16. it really saddens me to see that some people just profit off of the patch like that though, considering that it was released for free and explicitly not to be sold. that said, seeing the thing on a cart is definitely cool. I've been meaning to make one for personal use for a while now. I used to have a more comprehensive list of differences of this and the gameboy pokemon yellow at one point in time, I'll see if i can find that again and let you know. IIRC, there's quite a bit that actually differs (ways of getting legendary pokemons, items, gyms etc etc.)
  17. Hell yeah! Love me some pinewood derby! I remember one year when I was a webelo one kid literally didn't cut his pine block at all and wrapped it in wrapping paper to make a "christmas present on wheels." The mad lad was a genius, because he won all the best in show awards with such minimal effort.
  18. I appreciate it, but seriously there's no me here without everyone else on the team. The whole staff deserves praise! I'm not an overlord, just the guy that does web stuff.
  19. well as long as you bring it up, there's a lot to read into those things. the very obviously terrible tanner speaks to poor judgment, or a pathological need to hide his real self. age isn't really an issue, except he shows signs of dementia. the inability to properly apply the tanner is probably a sign of that too. and it's not just that he's overweight, but he lies about it, along with his height and a number of other things that people can make educated guesses on. all this in the man who represents us to the world and people here as some kind of savior as he turns the sc
  20. Got this just the other day. Chewed by a dog. Now not only does this cart have character on the outside, but on the inside too: Top left corner of the board is broken and somebody made a mess replacing the save battery. The cart didn't work when I got it but I fixed it by soldering a wire over the break in the board.
  21. The 32x set has 31 games? I feel like this is a completely missed opportunity
  22. One thing I've found is that video game related sites are particularly susceptible in general to DDoS and similar attacks. Not to say that this is the case here, but even VGS itself being a pretty damn new site has had its fair share already of attacks. The gaming community is full of great people, but also a fair few asshats that just hate seeing others enjoying themselves.
  23. You might want to consider putting a limit on the number of lives and loops you can use for this contest. It loops endlessly and the difficulty doesn't change significantly after the second loop. You can also score enough points on the last level to get an extra life, so you can just keep playing that level over and over until you reach 1,000,000 points (you stop getting extra lives after that).
  24. Sorry guys, just seen these. The site is down, seems to be a server issue. I have reached out, and they temporarily fixed it earlier. But it went down again. I am hoping they will have it fixed tomorrow, or monday the latest, but since it is the weekend they may not have someone available to remedy the issue. I will update you guys when i know more. As far as i know there is no need to panic, and it will likely be fixed by monday.
  25. @acromite53 that star force competition crushed me. I got better and better at it but @Gloves and @BeaIank destroyed any hopes, dreams or thoughts that I might get good at that game. some of those enemy wave patterns I just couldn’t figure out. Contrary to your technique I would pick up the auto fire but still fire semi auto (tapping the a+b buttons rather than hold one down).
  26. $6 Duck Hunt $10 Godzilla $10 Mothra $6 Blaster Master $12 Zombie Nation (on HOLD) $13 Yoshi (SOLD) $12 Q*Bert (SOLD) $10 Chaos World Shark $15 Ghost Lion Fairy $15 Monster Maker Dragon Tile $15 Gimmick $10 GI Joe $9 Error (SOLD) $10 Starship Enterprise $20 Rocket Knight $8 Metroid (SOLD) $6 Samus Helmet $12 Superman (Sunman edit) $12 Woodstock in Balloon
  27. Thanks. Yeah i know about the whole situation. But yes i was actually kept on after the buyout to strictly continue the manual sorting that the database requires each day for new listings being pulled in. Now that things have settled down a bit, i was able to reach out to the appropriate people and get some of the issues fixed. The collection tracker is working as it should, and the lists are populating correctly for each system which were two of the issues i seen brought up here the most. I am working now to audit a lot of the known "problem titles" and clean them up, as certai
  28. If this thread doesn't already exist, shame on us. Just like Squidward, Gloves has always been there for us when it was convenient for him. He is the Overlord this community deserves and the Overlord it needs.
  29. I don’t give a shit. It’s bloated and it’s a hole for crony and lobbyist contractors. It’s ridiculous and there is no good reason for it to be as excessive as it is. I’m disappointed that people are so one-note on this. And this. The highest marginal rate during and post WWII was 90%. (And that was a true economic boom period, unlike what we have going right now where rich get richer but poor and lower middle get poorer, majority of new jobs are low quality and low pay, etc) If that is a big scary number to anyone, they fundamentally do not know what it means. It is not 90% of an
  30. I vote for a 20% pay raise for all admins and mods. Thanks for everything you do.
  31. @ninjistar yessir, this is definitely the same game. I’ve never really played past gen1/2, which is why I think this game appealed to me. (After gen 3, I started to get lost, and the process seemed to lose a lot of appeal). Those were my favorites, and I have a CIB red that I received as a birthday gift many moons ago... I thought this would make a cool addition to that set. I think the simplicity (but ingenuity) of gen 1 was perfect, for me personally.
  32. there is a english translation patch for this in romhacking.net that also sheds some light to the differences between this and the real pokemon yellow game. It appears that this is basically a mixed version of some gen1/gen2 stuff while still for some reason being called pokemon yellow. I've played this a while with the patch and have to say it's fairly well made for what it is (and even has post-game content!)
  33. @ninjistar is selling me a platinum gamecube for $$
  34. Now that looks sweet as hell. Had no idea this was a thing.
  35. Looks very slick! I hope there will be a non-Kickstarter way to get a copy.
  36. I wanted to mention the one-handed Ascii Stick Super L5 controller, but being exclusive to Japan, I guess it isn't technically for the SNES. Also - shout-out to the Fighter Stick SN. I just got one of those this year and it's awesome. I recommend it to anyone who likes the NES Advantage because of it's nearly-identical controls and build. -CasualCart
  37. Project Dream, from Rare aka the prototype Banjo-Kazooie SNES game.
  38. https://connect.gocollect.com I hear these guys have some pretty good features...
  39. There are unique times or periods of the year where game values spike. Examples: Castlevania games tend to spike in price in October and games that prominently feature a celebrity will spike if they hit trending national news (like Moonwalker did when Leaving Neverland was released).
  40. December is awesome for selling. January is always sluggish. Then tax season hits and it picks up for six to eight weeks with higher than usual prices. At least this is my experience over the years.
  41. But it isn’t totally accurate, they could have kept the original Japanese word instead if they wanted to keep it “accurate” or use a less loaded word instead of making the language more politically charged. The translation community has an awful track record with this, they have been pushing an agenda for awhile to bait a fight. Act smarter than everyone then claim ignorance about their intent while doubling down. Just another dog whistle to rustle the jimmies of trolls who promote hate speech while hiding behind cries of “censorship”
  42. Here's what I have going on with my current NES collection. Each shelf has it's own lighting, which gives everything a nice look.
  43. I've been working on a complete boxed 64 set for a little while and am slowly getting there. So far here's a pics of most of the games.. more soon
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