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  1. I've to date not done it myself, but can definitely sympathize. My dad was a heavy snorer, especially if he was sick, so when things got pretty terrible, he'd sleep in the living room, fairly frequently stretching out in the floor (versus staying on the couch or in a recliner). As such, he kept this absolutely obnoxious portable alarm clock radio on our entertainment center to make sure he woke up in time to shower, get ready, and go to work in the morning. The entertainment center already had all of its spaces filled by the time my parents got me an NES, so "my" space was in the floor, rig
  2. On more materialistic matter, we've been talking here and there about a possible return of the trophy made carts. Is that something you guys would like to see for 2020?
  3. Just using my regular search terms and won this old homebrew gem on eBay. Anyone else remember this one?
  4. Great finds at Goodwill today, I haven't had luck like this in a few years with thrift stores. All were priced $5.99 except conker which was $9.99 I guess whoever priced them knew the value was higher for it but not exactly how much(?) Would be interesting to know their logic behind it
  5. There will be, yes. And it will go unclaimed because you all are uglier than Godzilla fighting King Kong.
  6. Some faves that came back from Wata as well!
  7. Thanks to another VGS member for the great deal on this one!
  8. So, I've decided to give my gameroom an overhaul over the next few days. If you've never seen my collection, everything PS2 and back can be seen here: Pics of my Switch collection are also attached. So, the point is to get them all together in one room. I will be posting pics as we go. I already started clearing the wall which will get the most attention. That will be in the next post. I hope it turns out like I think it will. Need to maximize space.
  9. Hey All! Glad to be back to what seems to be another great forum that most NA users have migrated to. I have to say, I’m completely disappointed with the way NA fell into oblivion after the purchase by Jeff Meyer of GoCollect. As an IT professional and Collector myself (although, probably not up to the level of Collector that most of you are here), I’m frankly sickened by the horrible rollout of his new “website”, (if we can even call it that)... one of the most unprofessional displays I’ve seen in years, and I’ve seen A Lot! I work on Wall St as both a trader and an IT professional,
  10. It's being worked on. Normally I can hide things from the general populace, and work on it in the background. It'd take a bit of extra work to do so for this feature so I basically said fuck it, let em see. You can't really DO anything with it right now, but yes, long story short is that something is in the works. I'm working out some kinks now, slowly but surely.
  11. One of my friends mom calls me for every little thing she needs done, recently put up and probably eventually take down her fake christmas tree, last couple have been oh my daughter and son in law are coming up can you move stuff for me to clear out sleeping space, i want to spend more time with them and dont want them to have to do it. Then next week oh my son, my friend, is coming the mattress you put on his bed can you move it back into other room so he has a place to sleep and doesn't have to move a mattress when he comes in. Of course i messed with my friend a little with that one, in our
  12. Great suggestions, but let’s get real. Color A Dinosaur is the game to play this year. Also, how about Crystalis, Willow, Zombie Nation, and Sweet Home for the Halloween entry
  13. Yes. Very yes. This is actually what got me to join the contests in 2015. I had hoped this would be a thing again! I'm willing to help contribute in some way as well to make this happen. As for games.... [ redacted rant, nearly unintelligible due to staring at screens all day ]. List below: Felix the Cat Breakthru Paperboy Contra Force Kickle Cubicle Millipede Whatever gets picked, perhaps we can include a game or two that hasn't been played in the contests before?
  14. I’m also high as shit. Watching the Flash...
  15. Yes it’s taken me this long to get even a resounding last place score worth reporting, no I don’t want to talk about it! edit: now you’re asking, did he update his score with the most de minimis improvement? Is he that desperate? Yes on both counts! 110,091 Skier 111,081 Skier 127,143 Skier 480,697 Skier
  16. Conclusion of the hometown haul, I think! The surprise 9th box arrived today via UPS. Normally I would sort through everything and take out the dupes before showing you all but this pile will take too long. Anyway more than half of this is games I didn’t already have.
  17. I love this recording! They uploaded this recently in 4k. Incredible performance!
  18. My mom just came to visit and she brought up more Nintendo Powers
  19. Here's what I have going on with my current NES collection. Each shelf has it's own lighting, which gives everything a nice look.
  20. Over at SegaAge I ran a thread focused on confirming as much information as possible on Sega Genesis games and the contents of CIB games. A lot of it was pulled from my own collection and from years of watching eBay auctions. Over time, I've pulled in lots of great info from other members and the project has continued to evolve and improve: Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IKheEp9_Ww1YFwj_1MvMF_1Vw8Ed6nksmDy9-BfA9nQ/edit?usp=sharing In its current form, there is still a lot of data I'm transitioning over to the new format, which will allow for greate
  21. Great Buyer. Multiple transactions with no problems. Highly Recommended.
  22. Games knocked out last night and this morning Jungle book ( not jumpy or laggy at all) Kung fu master (fast and fun) Last action hero (the shading was a little much to deal with at times) Lion king (levels just as fun and challenging as I remember as a child) Mortal Kombat (slow and clunky) Mortal kombat II (way better gameplay and more entertaining) Mortal Kombat 3 (Game made me sweat haha)
  23. Got the Pegasus boots in Minish cap this morning. Still trucking along in this game.
  24. Hello! I'm Cris, and could be great if I can join it! Here's a reference of the stuff that I can do. https://viridiankurisu.bandcamp.com/
  25. "Hey remember that weird intermittent problem I was having with my laptop that I forced you to work on at thanksgiving but I couldn't replicate? It's acting up again. I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff!?" - One person in every family.
  26. May be a long shot but is figure I'd ask. Anyone have experience or know of a good 8mm film scanning service? I've got a bunch if 50ft 8mm reels. Ideally I'd like it scanned in 2k. I've seen online sites offer lowest price $30 for 2k. Locally I've seen $35 each reel. Either way it's going to be expensive unless I want to film the wall.
  27. I have some knock off Kallax cubes...from idk where...I think one was from Big Lots, and can't remember where the other one is from... Anyways, I had a plan to get rid of those cloth bins because they suck for DVD sized cases. But all that wasted shelf space... Then I saw a collector I follow on Instagram/Youtube post his room tour (SeeJayAre) and saw he had some shelf inserts in his real Kallax cube shelf. A little digging around and I found what they are but they would only work for me if my shelves were the same size as Kallax and if I was storing CDs...which I'm not. So, a little
  28. Just so everyone knows. I did include a nice fresh beef jerky stick for the next rider to catch some nourishment off of while sorting through what’s there.
  29. I love the cube bud, I need to get one again and start getting some games. Nice lil collection
  30. See list below for minty doneness! amazing tater (didn’t like this one as much as I did in 2014 but still a must play) Batman: return of the joker Batman: the animated series (Might as well finish off these for now) Days of thunder (always loved this game for no reason lol) Double dragon (Kicking a$$) Double dragon II (My favorite of the three due to the replay ability in my opinion) Double dragon 3: the arcade game (First time playing this one, will revisit after) Elevator action (trippy game!) Felix the cat (enjoyed this one somehow, played the po
  31. Philosoraptor has done a great job explaining things so you should follow his advice for sure! I played competitively all the way up to the Regional amd National tournament level from 2008-2014 and have watched the game and its tournaments/competitve scene from afar ever since. I was also a Pokemon Professor for a while. Feel free to PM if you ever have any specific questions or want advice about how to get into League or Tournament play.
  32. Eh, at this point, it wouldn't make much sense for them to modify what's in Expanded for quite a while. EX cards were a thing from mid-2003 to late 2016. It wouldn't make much sense to remove the legal EX cards from 2011 and newer because the format would be so similar to Standard with just GX cards. I guess they could just take out the Black & White-era cards and leave in the XY-era cards and newer (2014 and newer), but I don't see much benefit in that either. Standard is the format that's typically modified every year. The easiest cards to run in a deck are colorless cards or ca
  33. The train will leave the station within the next 2 hours! END BEEF INCLUDED! Also, I’ve included quite a few uncommon common games in this box. I left out the paper to sign for now since it’s just myself so far. Next person up can start that.
  34. Hello and welcome! I shall join in the bandwagon and also say I do like your potato as well lol
  35. Hmmmm, I will have to learn Fami if this is the case. I use MML/ppMCK for all my NSF tunes. The multiNSF exporting and |:loops:| I can create to save space are really nice Any chance you could point me to the version of Fami one should be using these days? Just the latest release or some fork out there?
  36. I'm glad you like them. Those were a fun project. I still have a few pics of the building process:
  37. I'm going out of town for work this weekend through Saturday, so I only got to work on it while the kids were in bed. I did get the Wii U collection settled and in a place where it can actually be seen, so now all three full sets are in full view as you walk in (NES, N64, and Wii U). I also hung a few signs and installed some LED lights. I'm happy with it, but I wish the red popped more in the cabinet and I'm considering putting another strip facing up to light all the stuff on that top shelf. If anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it. Here are some pics.
  38. If you can't assess your collection while using the toilet, you're not doing it right.
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