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  1. Thank you SO MUCH Tyler (I don't know which Tyler it was hahaha). I was really happy when I saw Daisenpuu in there. Definitely gonna take it to work with me tonight. I really liked the other gifts as well, especially having one less NES game to go.
  2. Holy shit, Jone! I got home late tonight to find a box on my doorstep. Opened it up to see all kinds of awesome goodies! I've never gone for mystery boxes before, so I didn't know what to expect. All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for doing this! All this stuff has found a good home for sure. Thank you!!!
  3. My Santa is still a surprise for me but you have out done yourself. Zelda has been my childhood favorite game ever since my father taught me how to play. So this gift hit it right out of the park. I will add these into my collection and keep them forever. The imports help out greatly since I have not started searching for them all yet. Thank you again Santa.
  4. @Boosted52405was my SS, and he killed it with my gifts! Thanks so much!!! Also, try Japanese whiskey - it's the bomb!
  5. Another year, another awesome Secret Santa experience. Although my SS had his name on the return label, I’m not sure who he was on the forum. That’s ok, it is “secret” santa, after all. 2020 for me will likely be the year of SEGA collecting as I finish my Game Boy set and move on to the Game Gear, and Santa must have known! Not only did I get a nice lot of games that I need, but some awesome pearler bead art that’s framed, as well as pearler Game Gear cartridges, which I loved! Santa rounded out the lot with a few issues of Nintendo Power which was an excellent addition. I promptly s
  6. My secret Santa was @NEET.dreams I got a bunch of great games that I didn’t have yet. Also some great candy - not all pictured here because my kids tore into it! Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  7. My Secret Santa was Joseph from San Antonio . I don't know his Username on Video game sage. Many thanks to him for the Sega retros Pulseman and Alien Soldier . He also gave me Sega Ali Boxing (CIB) and Pitfall ( CIB ). This Secret Santa is a blast. Thank you , Captain. I had fun making Joe a 2nd gift that will arrive tomorrow. Powder coating made it late . Sorry. Merry Secret Santa to all. Jimmy
  8. Want to say thank you to @Splain for the games! I got my gift today, and it was awesome. Fighters Megamix for both Saturn and Game.com, and TMNT III! Thank you so much to @captmorgandrinker for setting this up as well!
  9. Treta Championship and I are hosting a Street Fighter V tournament aimed to introduce fighting games to women and help strengthen the female fighting games scene in the country; The Fight Like a Girl tournament will an offline tournament hosted in Curitiba, Brazil and will take place on January 25th. There will be prize money and trophies for the top 3. Women of all skill levels around the city have been invited to participate. With luck, we will have some off state players too. It will be streamed live at Treta's twitch channel. I will be helping run the tournament and co
  10. That's pretty rad. I always enjoyed playing video games within other video games. Videogameception!
  11. My SS gifted me an awesome Herschel Walking Dead figurine, PS3 Walking Dead Game, Wii Zelda TP, and a super dope Resident Evil beanie I am not sure who my SS was, but thank you if you see this!!!
  12. Some GameStop are closing due to there revamp so I was luckily able to save these two bad boys from a horrible faith
  13. Here’s all of my gaming Christmas goodies. The Art of Atari book blew me away. I can’t recommend it enough. There’s a lot of general history in there as well and some cool pictures of various hardware. My Master’s thesis was over pollinators/native bees, so someone was being a comedian with the Bee Simulator gift. I’m genuinely excited to try that one out.
  14. Glad you enjoyed the box, bunch of random things I've accumulated over the last couple of years. Thanks again to all for entering and sharing your stories!
  15. @RichardheadI was your SS!! I hope you enjoy everything. Animal Crossing is such a great game and one of my absolute favorites from the system (plus you can hack custom NES roms into the in game nintendo)! It also seems like a lot of people got Nintendo cards this year?!
  16. Finally made it to my parents house to reclaim my childhood collection (what’s left of it). My brother is also giving me all of his stuff because he prefers emulating and hacking games on PC (he’s keeping a few strategy guides though. I just have to pack everything and ship it to myself. The cardboard boxes need serious restoration, this will be a slow project and I will post updates as I go through everything. Also the NES bag is filled to the brim with loose NES games. Will reveal all the stuff you can’t see when I go through them at my house!!! p.s. can someone identify this NES
  17. I finally got a copy of Mega Man for the Game Gear, which came with a copy of the manual. It was an auction ending on Christmas Eve and I manged to get the pair for cheaper than just the cartridge. It arrived yesterday. The front cover was torn off and the seller didn't mention that it was filled with his original, childhood art on almost every, single page. I need to make a post dedicated to the manual alone. It was my initial intent to restore the manual, sell it and try to recoup the costs but after I saw all of the art the seller had drawn when he was probably 6 or 7, there's no w
  18. The batteries work because I changed them! I figured they were on their way out so I made sure that new ones were put in there. Glad you liked them!
  19. EDIT: See my post below for pictures of the finished restoration! ----------------- I just added this beautiful Sega Genesis store kiosk to my collection! This style is known as the "Sports" variant, and typically comes with a white "Sega Sports" poster as the front artwork. From what I've seen, they don't usually come with the DS-16 cartridge switcher, so it's possible this unit was custom ordered or modified sometime later (DS-16's were supposedly made available for sale to retailers to upgrade their already-owned kiosks). Picked this beauty up off craigslist just a
  20. I was part of something like this on the previous forums back in 2010-2011. Basically it’s random bits of games, accessories, promo materials, magazines, game art, etc for many systems. As much as we could fit in a usps large flat rate box. if anyone is interested please chime in here and we can go from there. the only charge to anyone is the low price of the flat rate box. It fizzled our on NA because people just lost interest but honestly it was really fun to see what others got and where the box went.
  21. That is a lot of awesome stuff. If you haven't played Celeste yet, you are in for a real treat. One of the top ten games of the 2010s for sure.
  22. The only thing missing is Sonic 2 for both the Genesis and the Game Gear.
  23. Circle-swaps. There could be one thread per circle, maybe, and they could be themed. As in, this is a small priority box filled with Game Boy boxes. This is a medium box with Genesis stuff, etc. Maybe even a media mail box filled with manuals and magazines!
  24. Clearly... But not being a slob in the kitchen and taking a few minutes to just clean up after a meal is a life skill everyone should have. Effort level to do so is low, and it is one those tasks that is a disproportionately big relief to have done for the amount of effort required, so the payoff is satisfying.
  25. Heck yeah man! Thank you so much. I enjoyed opening those gifts
  26. Dear SS, I have your box but I’m celebrating Christmas 3 different places. You’re under the last tree and I’ll open it before the year end!
  27. OH it was you @DefaultGen, I just remembered which Tyler it was hahahaha. Thanks again
  28. Yes, I love me some Dark Souls, I have the sword for the figure too, just forgot to put it in the photo. Very awesome of you to do some research into more of my gaming interests! Thanks again for the wonderful SS gifts and hope you had a great holiday!
  29. I should hope you’d recognize your own drawing at least! Thank you very much, you did awesome!
  30. in the process or restoring the pan from the 1930s. The corn bread pan is from 1921 and it’s looking good!
  31. Got pretty spoiled this year! Falcon i got from the girlfriend for my birthday! Banged it out the first night i got it in 7 hours, lol.
  32. Anyone hit up Gamestop for their Buy 2 Get 2? I went to my local GS at lunch thinking I'd maybe find 4 to get but I found almost every 1st party game I didn't already own so I decided to splurge- as I don't foresee being able to get them any cheaper anytime soon. I may have to try and hit another Gamestop or two this weekend.
  33. Picked up this Wii U dev unit, finally arrived in the mail today. Looks like it came from Little Orbit in California. Unfortunately they didn't make anything too great... But still neat to find. Two games are saved to the unit, Kung Fu Panda and Adventure Time. Looks like both are final releases though. Also came with a physical disc for Adventure Time, but I haven't figured out how to read from disc yet. I'll probably end up listing it for sale since I'm not a game developer and could buy some PS2 heavies instead. Until that happens though I'm excited to have this on display! Alb
  34. It's a later print. Hangtabs stopped appearing on boxes around September 87. 5 screws stopped around December 87.
  35. I seem to recall this happening once and it went awol or something happened anyway, but yeah I would be down as I have some accumulated stuff and extras to thin down and rather send off to someone who might use or want it before I send them off to a donation place.
  36. Dang it, all of this old cast iron is making me need to go to Cracker Barrel!
  37. if you insist :P and to be real its just some of it. not all of it. i dont have a tons of space. and this bathroom isnt used much either.
  38. I tell you what, I am rewatching the prequils and they are a little different than I remember. One isn't as bad as I thought, I like the racing more than before, and really the racing background is important to why Anakin/ Darth Vader is such a good pilot in 2,3 etc. The little kid is still annoying in one, but maybe not as annoying as Anakin in Attack of the Clones. Whoever picked Anakin in 1 and 2 shouldn't be allowed to work for a big studio.. The first half of the clone wars ia really annoying. The second half is solid, but I might actually be moving this to my least favorite tri
  39. The number, letter, number date codes are usually YMW. Y for the last digit of the year (like you said). M is the month where A = January to M = December (I is skipped for clarity). W is the week of the month. This is the most helpful site I've found for date codes: http://telcontar.net/KBK/tech/IC_dates. When in doubt, use the "Part#, Chip Type" quick search on bootgod. So, applying that we get 1987 August week 2 and 1987 July week 2 (8733 and 8729). The latest being 8733. Your codes convert to 8647, 8646, and 8643. The latest is 8647, so not too far off.
  40. I run my website for my business and am willing to at least donate my time to help out here. I love the feel here and would love to contribute any way I can!
  41. Hay, send it my way next time you throw out. It’s so easy to restore. I have stuff from the 1920s and 1930s I have cleaned up and use daily.
  42. I guess I was your Secret Santa??? I'm glad you like the games. I played a bit of each before sending them off and found myself enjoying Raiden and Star Saver.
  43. Thanks to my secret Santa for a GC game I needed and a cool promo tshirt!
  44. I've been tempted to buy these on a number of occasions, especially the sweet, sweet Neo Geo Mini. However, the only ones I own are the non-functional Street Fighter X Tekken mini arcade cabinet/coin bank from the special edition (ugh, why did I buy this?) and this old mini Pac-man arcade from my childhood: I'm sure I'll end up with more. <_<
  45. glad you liked it! was trying to find/think of neat little Zelda trinkets and ran across that music box. as soon as i saw it, i knew that it was exactly what i was looking for. glad you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas @WalterWhiteJr. and another voice of thanks to @captmorgandrinker for getting us up and running this year!
  46. Glad to do it! I wasn't planning on doing it again this year, but with all the kerfluffle with the NA stuff, I knew we needed to get Secret Santa off to a great start here on VGS. It'll be a different Santa next year, but I'll always offer a helping hand to future Santas. Also thank you to all of you for shipping things on time and only having to chase after a couple of you.
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