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  1. Can we ban the Colorado contingent for tone deafness?
  2. What I really want to know is how this will impact the retro game market. I am gonna have to ask Jim from Go Collect.
  3. Without getting into whether or not he should have been impeached, I'm not going to discuss. HOWEVER, one thing I would like to point out is that it seems that our representatives are not interested in the interests of the people, but rather the party they associate with. If you look at the count, not a single republican voted yes on whether or not Trump should have been impeached yet nearly every democrat voted yes. So this vote seems to me to be more of a party thing rather than if Trump actually did anything wrong. That's the real tragedy of it all...
  4. Michael Nesmith giving some sage advice to Ringo.
  5. I just wanna know why it’s called the Fab Four at 4 and they play that garbage throughout the day. Monkees or die!
  6. Whatever happens with Trump we really need to dial down this whole Democrat/Republican thing. It’s one thing to have opinions but blindly following a party is downright dangerous. It’s fine to be affiliated but god damn use common sense and form your own opinions.
  7. Lol, I really appreciate hearing that. In the past 25 or so years, the idea of impeaching a president has become more and more pervasive. The shortest explanation of it for someone out side of the US is that it's the first of multiple major steps to removing a president. But, with that said, our government was designed so that it would be difficult. Removing a president (regardless of party) is essentially going against the voting will of the people, so something has to have had a MAJOR change since a president has been inaugurated for it to be justified in removing him from office. You can't say that it's without consequence. There will probably-certainly be no direct consequence for Donald Trump, but considering that a large percentage of the American people and, arguably, the majority feel that this is a political sham, the likely biggest consequence will be that the seriousness of impeachment could be lost in the future, and impeachment proceedings might become more frequent as a way to politically game the system, rather than legitimately raise concerns regarding highly illegal content engaged in by a seated president.
  8. One year my nephew that lived with us and I found the hiding spot. we tore open all the presents and played every game we got that year while my parents were away. We cleverly re-wrapped everything. When Christmas day came around we acted surprised and my dad let us play every game that morning. At the end of the night he commented that it was strange that none of the games had cellophane. We played dumb and that was a mistake. We got a thorough tongue lashing and punished for lying about what we did.
  9. I went with commercial steel. Found these from a bookstore going out of business. Got all these and then some for $250. 4 foot sections just insert into steel uprights. Only 4 uprights hold all these to the wall. The LED lighting was a nice touch too.
  10. We all worked in a music store for years. That makes us certified verified bonafide experts on the subject of the Beatles being terrible
  11. What is the republican talking point for the charge of “obstruction of justice”? ”abuse of power“ is debatable. But not allowing people to testify, is 100% prove-able AND impeachable. What is the spin on that? I never hear any actual conversation from republicans on that, just how this impeachment is a sham. I guess that says a lot about where they stand on the matter, dont actually argue the facts, just attack the process.
  12. President Trump can silently stand doing a T-Pose during the entire election next year and will still comfortably win.
  13. Agreed, also Clinton's charges were BS. The Republicans did tons of investigations for no reason until Clinton perjured himself. Trump commits crimes on the regular.
  14. Beatles? Maybe a 3. Now, The Monkees? There's a band for you. They were a major influence on The Beatles.
  15. Very good stories so far. The story I'll tell is from Christmas 1996. As much as I would have wanted an N64, I knew they were too expensive for my family to buy and I don't think I even asked for one, despite having talked so much about how cool they were. (I ended up getting mine Christmas 1998.) Getting more SNES games was much more obtainable so that's what I asked for. I was getting into RPGs at the time and I was especially enamored with EarthBound. I was able to play it from a rental but it was hard getting anywhere serious in just a few days. Sometime that fall I was shopping with my mom and I found EarthBound when they were being clearanced for $20. I brought it over to her and she bought it and held it back for Christmas. So I already knew I was getting it. I definitely remember poring over every ounce of coverage of EarthBound in Nintendo Power for weeks leading up until Christmas. The day finally arrives. On Christmas day we open presents at home in the morning and then go over to my grandparents' house for lunch and more presents. I got my EarthBound (thanks Mom!) that morning along with some other games. I got even more games at my grandparents' house. I know I got a second-hand CIB copy of Final Fantasy III I was very excited about. I think in all I ended up with seven SNES games, don't even remember the others. But there was one more game I know I asked for that I didn't see. I was pretty sure I asked for it and my mom passed word to my grandma about buying it. My grandma definitely would have bought it for me, I figured. I didn't want to seem ungrateful for all the good stuff I already got, but I quietly asked my mom about it anyway. She thought for a bit and said yeah, I did mention that to her, let me go ask your grandma. Next thing I know I hear my grandma laughing. Sure enough she bought that game for me, stuffed it in a drawer, and completely forgot about it. She handed me a brand new copy of Donkey Kong Country 3. Chances are I benefited from her forgetting about it. Even with no N64, that was a very good Christmas and those games kept me occupied for a real long time.
  16. Bottom line is, what Trump did was unacceptable. It doesn't matter if he's actually removed, it's important that he's rebuked for his terrible behavior. We can't have a president enlisting foreign leaders to make up conspiracy theories about his rivals.
  17. But the SMB3 flute is still useful, even if you’re not looking to make it “easy”. Let’s assume it’s 1990, your a casual gamer, and you want to play through all of SMB3 and get your monies worth. It’s a long game if you play every level and doesn’t have a battery save so each time you play, you start from scratch. With warp whistles, you can play through each level and world, cut the game off after world 4, and later just get a warp whistle to warp to stage 5 where you left off. If memory serves me correctly, that was the point of the whistle. It’s not cheating to use it. It just allows you to get back to where you left off last time with little overhead or needing to spend and hour or more to get back to that point. warp whistles are cheating but they definitely can be s time saving tool for the average, but competent, gamer.
  18. For being a major political party in one of the largest democracies in the world, the Democratic Party is absolutely terrible at politics. They have burned through every bit of political capital they had to push impeachment through the House, knowing full well that not a single Republican in the Senate will support removing Trump from office. I dislike Trump, I think he's a terrible human being and a worse president, and he absolutely committed a crime. Even with all that, I believe impeachment was a mistake. The Democrats will leave this entire process looking like fools and set Trump up for a repeat win in 2020. Trump being impeached means nothing to his base and will actually galvanize them to get out and vote purely out of spite. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party tears itself apart as the moderates and progressives become more adversarial every day. This country desperately needs a third major party.
  19. I think it is going to be a tempest in a teapot. One of two things are going to happen -the Senate is going to just dismiss it out of hand in a perfunctory manner. Or the Senate will do a lengthy procedure where they can seriously embarrass the Democrats and how this all went down. In either scenario I think the Democrats have damaged themselves vis a vis a good chunk of the populace (not the true believers in the base - what used to be called yellow dog Democrats) that will quite possible manifest itself in the 2020 elections.
  20. It kind of bothers me that Billy bookcases are the standard cheap IKEA solution. They have another line of shelves, Bestå which come in a 20cm deep variant which is completely perfect for DVD or CD case sizes, as well as NES, SNES, MegaDrive, and most other console formats. It saves a lot more space in a room than a Billy shelf, and you don't get a ton of awkward empty space on your shelf which will eventually end up used for a mess, or games stored in double layers (ugh). Unfortunately the ~190cm tall version of the shallow frame variation isn't a part of the lineup anymore - at least not around here, and they are getting really hard to come by. You can get a similar result from stacking three 60cm ones, but that requires a lot more wall attachments and wastes a good amount of shelf space. For bigger items however, the 40cm deep variant is still super useful. I'm really proud of my storage solution for arcade PCBs using one of these, though unfortunately I've run out of space again since:
  21. I really enjoy this forum. Reminds me of the old days :). Sealed cardboard hangtab Raid on Bungeling Bay w/improved photos.
  22. Yeah, my copy of Hollywood Squares came sealed with a blue manual in a black box. I actually had to track down the black manual variant separately...
  23. I collect grudges. People wrong me and I hold on to it forever.
  24. Chambord Castle built for Francis I of France (too bad for the part in reconstruction).
  25. I think we can all go home now. It survived a house fire. Yes it works.
  26. Black Friday(ish) haul. Finishes off my 3DS collecting.
  27. Christmas of 20... 06? Let's say 20XX. I asked for and received a Nintendo 64 with Castlevania (forget which one). The day after Christmas I went and picked up a brand spanking new copy of Ocarina of Time. Then a big snowstorm hit. It was almost too perfect. Trapped in the house, no homework, no chores, just gaming. I remember starting to play in the morning when it was really coming down and before I knew it it was dark outside (still snowing). It was one of those marathon gaming sessions you only really get when you are young with no responsibilities and you're a bit dizzy from just staring at the screen for so long... Good times man...
  28. I don't need an entry, but my NES story to share- We had gotten the Atari 7800 for Christmas a few years before (or maybe the year before; I could have sworn we got it Christmas '87 but maybe it was '88). I wanted a Nintendo, so I saved the Christmas money I had acquired to go buy one Christmas 1989. My Dad took me to Toys R Us to go get one, we bought it, got it home, and he hooked it up. The controllers did nothing, unless you wiggled them in the ports, then they reacted. Dammit! My Dad mentioned he could probably fix it with some solder, but since it was new it really should be working out of the box. He must have noticed my crestfallen look (I figured I would have to wait a few days to make a return trip) and we actually went back to Toys R Us right then to return it for a new one! Second one worked fine and I played Mario Bros and Duck Hunt for the rest of the day.
  29. I can't even play original GBAs, let alone GBCs and GBs. They were always garbage that we put up with because of the good games and convenience.
  30. Also Reddit. So, lots of reputable sources, with many insightful comments from the crowd to provide context. Most of the talking points from the right are misdirection or willful misinterpretation of facts. They do not argue in good faith. Without getting into minutia, the president strong arming an ally country to damage his personal political opponent is pretty clearly abuse of power. Obstruction of Congress comes out Trump directing basically everyone loyal to him to ignore lawfully issued subpoenas. I haven't seen any convincing defenses against either of those.
  31. I would have to disagree. Using items for their intended purpose shouldn't be an issue. If you managed to get a cloud or a P-Wing, the point is to help you get through a spot you would rather avoid.
  32. The reason people were so surprised in 2016 is because they didn't pay enough attention to the polls. The actual polling wasn't that off.
  33. That's the only conclusion I've been able to draw, too. How about allowing coalition goverments, making room for a potential multi-party system in the first place? This two-party structure really feels like a comic book version of democracy. Like several people have been saying here, this whole "with us or against us" thing is harmful to politics.
  34. You weren't there. You didn't see the size of that butterfly.... you wouldn't understand.
  35. This is getting to real for a new GG collector. Well, at least I'm glad I negotiated down a euro seller for a decent copy of Pete Sampras to kick off my collection.
  36. I take this back, I forgot Doom Eternal got pushed back to next year. I choose Doom Eternal.
  37. That's a great price, if I didn't have it I'd jump all over it.
  38. Through the 90s and 2000s my Uncle owned a game store called the Game Den. I had just gotten an N64 the previous year, and I really wanted Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 for Christmas. I specifically mentioned that game, and was obviously hoping that he would give that game to me, since he always gave me a game I wanted for Christmas. So, Christmas Eve rolls around, all the family had come over and it was time to start opening presents. I remember eagerly awaiting the present from my Uncle but didn't see one under the tree. They told me he left it out in the laundry room and to go get it. I go out there, and obviously see a loose N64 cart wrapped in gift wrap. I bring it back out to the living room, open it up, and...... Saw the second hand copy of Bass Hunter 64 that he got for it. Obviously I was pretty disappointed. In hindsight, it was a pretty hilarious joke, but I didn't think so back then. p.s. I do have a shipping address in the US.
  39. The feats of strength and airing of grievances
  40. 1 point
    Platinum in Hatoful Boyfriend on PS4
  41. Haha ok! In the last few years, I've made cinnamon twists, donut bread pudding pie, brown sugar maple biscuit pie, cranberry banana bread, mint chocolate chip pancakes, pumpkin monkey bread. I love testing out new recipes I've found with my family, but they like the simpler things I made ages ago. My dad compared me to those classic rock bands whose fans hate all the new music they release and wish they would just stick to their old hits.
  42. It was Early December 1991. I was 11 years old. Some presents were already under the tree. One of them I was pretty certain was a Super Nintendo. Long story short I was home alone one day long before Christmas Day and opened it and played it for a bit then carefully wrapped it back up and pretended to be surprised on Christmas morning. I will show myself out......................
  43. I remember saving up for Double Dragon 3. I would call once a week when I got my allowance to see if the price changed, I made they guy tell me exactly what it would cost with tax. It was expensive, something like $32 at the time. Once I finally had enough saved up it was half change to the penny. The guy at the counter loved counting it all out!
  44. Variants (Very WIP) Soundtrack CDs, insert variants, movie tickets, NFR, etc. This list is pretty bad. Some of these aren't variants. Use this as a reference at best. 25 to Life (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) AND 1 Streetball (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Advent Rising (Play and Win $1,000,000) Aeon Flux (With Movie Ticket) Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding (Not For Resale) Atari Anthology (85 Classic Games! badge) Azurik: Rise of Perathia (Not For Resale) Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood (With Bonus DVD) Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home (With Bonus DVD) Batman Dark Tomorrow (With Limited Edition Mini Comic) Blood Wake (with Mini Strategy Guide) Brute Force (with Mini Strategy Guide) Call of Duty 3 (Target Exclusive "Official Mini Guide" - Not listed on cover) Cars (Exclusive Unlockable Cheat Code Inside) Cat in the Hat, The (With Movie Ticket) Cat in the Hat, The (Put on the Hat and Play as the Cat sticker on celophane) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (With Movie Ticket) Chicken Little (With Movie Ticket) Crash Nitro Cart (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Crash Twinsanity (Free 12 month EGM badge) Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (Not For Resale) Curious George (With Movie Ticket) Darkwatch (Sealed with t-shirt) Doom 3 (Demon with chaingun “Cut. Stuff. Display” insert art) Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (Xbox 360 Compatible sticker on case) Destroy All Humans (with Mini Strategy Guide) Driver Parallel Lines (No sticker over “Only on Xbox”) Enclave (Free Official Hint Book Inside) Eragon (Bonus Inside! Eragon Movie Ticket) Eragon (Bonus Inside! $5 Concession Cash) ESPN NHL 2k5 (French Canadian text, Maple Leaf behind “NHL 2k5”) Fight Club (With 12 Month XBL Subscription) Finding Nemo (With Movie Ticket) Forza Motorsport (Not For Resale) Forza Motorsport (Includes Xbox Live Arcade) Fuzion Frenzy (French Canadian variant “Pour les fous d’action”) Fuzion Frenzy (Not For Resale) Freestyle Street Soccer (Blockbuster Exclusive badge) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ("AO" ESRB Sticker) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (“Second Edition”, hot coffee removed) Halo: Combat Evolved (Game of the Year, No “Only on Xbox”) Halo: Combat Evolved (Game of the Year, Foil cover) Halo: Combat Evolved (Game of the Year, Not For Resale) Halo: Combat Evolved (Not For Resale) Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Jade Empire (Mask guy with sword “Cut. Stuff. Display.” alternate insert art) Justice League Heroes (Exclusive Cheat Code Inside) Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (Special Collectible Card Free Inside) LA Rush (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (Bonus Lara Sticker Included) Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude (With 12 Month XBL Subscription) Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events (With Movie Ticket) Mace Griffen Bounty Hunter (With Bonus Soundtrack CD and mini comic) Major League Baseball 2k6 (Free World Series Moments DVD inside) Mechassault (Not For Resale, cardboard sleeve, French Canadian?) Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (Bonus Strategy Guide Inside) Mortal Kombat: Deception (with Mini Strategy Guide) Midway Arcade Treasures (Promotional Copy Not For Resale) Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (Promotional Copy Not For Resale) Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (Promotional Copy Not For Resale) NARC (Big Hit $19.95 Friend Prices badge) NASCAR 06: Total Team Control (Walmart Exclusive, Sticker only) NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup (Walmart Exclusive, Sticker only) NBA Ballers (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) NBA Ballers (With Stephon Marbury trading card) NBA Ballers Phenom (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) NBA Live 2003 (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) NFL Fever 2002 (Not For Resale) NFL Fever 2003 (Xbox Live Beta Version) NFL Fever 2003 (Go Live! Nov. 2002 sticker) NHL 2k6 (French Canadian variant with Toronto Maple Leafs player on cover) Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee (Not For Resale) Outlaw Volleyball (With Bonus Soundtrack CD - Guy holding ball cover) Outlaw Volleyball (With Bonus Soundtrack CD - Guy posing cover) Peter Jackson's King Kong (Free Movie Ticket Inside) Pirates of the Caribbean (With Movie Ticket) Project Gotham Racing (Not For Resale) Project Gotham Racing 2 / Xbox Live Arcade Combo Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Rallisport Challenge (with Mini Strategy Guide) Ratatouille (With Movie Ticket) Robotech Battlecry (Free Inside! Robotech Episode 1 DVD) Robotech Battlecry (Free Inside! 12 Page Hint Book) Robots (With Movie Ticket) Run Like Hell (With Bonus Soundtrack CD) Shrek 2 (with Baskin Robins Coupon, listed on back) Shrek Super Party (With Free Watch) Sonic Riders (Includes Exclusive Sonic X DVD) Sneakers (No “R” Exclusive Badge) Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (With Bonus Dark Horse Comic) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Not For Resale) Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (with Mini Strategy Guide) Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter (with Mini Strategy Guide) Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Tetris Worlds (“Promotional Offer. Not For Sale” as opposed to the NFR LE Package text) Steel Battalion (Second print w/ blue buttons on controller) Stubbs the Zombie: in Rebel Without a Pulse (No “Only on Xbox”) The Bard's Tale (With 12 Month XBL Subscription) The Chronicles of Narnina: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (With Movie Ticket) The Da Vinci Code (With Movie Ticket) The Haunted Mansion (With Movie Ticket) The Hobbit (with Mini Strategy Guide) ToCA Race Driver 2 (With Bonus Disc of Colin McRae Rally 04) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (with Mini Strategy Guide) Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (Bundled with skateboard deck) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Not For Resale) Total Overdose a Gunslingers Tale (With Bonus DVD) Van Helsing (With Movie Ticket) World Championship of Poker (Free DVD Inside) World Championship of Poker (With Fundamentals of Poker hint book) World Championship of Poker 2 (With Fundamentals of Poker hint book) X2: Wolverine’s Revenge (With Movie Ticket) Yourself Fitness (With 200+ Health Tips text) Zathura (With Movie Ticket) Notes: The GTA:SA AO sticker isn’t really a retail variant, but the retailers like FYE who didn’t pull the game from shelves after Hot Coffee put these on copies. You can see them on either the case or the shrink wrap. There are definitely at least a couple of non-variants on this list. I believe every NBA Live 2003 and RLH had a soundtrack for example. Will need to remove these. The 50 Cent preorder vest is the same as the PS2 version Driver Parallel Lines has a black sticker covering the “Only on Xbox” badge. Some copies exist without this sticker. It wouldn’t be hard to “fake” this variant, but it’s technically a variant. Rental Variants (Very WIP) Pay attention to any black cases you find in the wild and don’t immediately replace them with green ones, they might be correct. There are numerous exclusive inserts for Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Rental inserts often have pre-release box art different from the release art. This is not my expertise, there are MANY more than this. Super_nintender on Instagram is the man with these. GTA3 and VC are the most interesting IMO because they otherwise don’t exist as individual releases. Consider this a sampling rather than a checklist. 50 Cent: Bulletproof (Less angry 50 Cent) Blitz: The League (No XBL banner, center guy has hair) Conflict: Vietnam (Slightly zoomed out) Dead or Alive: Ultimate (Single disc Blockbuster case, Ryu on right) Dead or Alive: Ultimate (Single disc Hollywood Video case, Ryu on left) Grand Theft Auto III (Individual Blockbuster case, “PS2” style art) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Individual Blockbuster case, “PS2” style art) Halo 2 (Darker, zoomed in art) Showdown: Legends of Wrestling (Green eyes Hulk) Spongebob Squarepants: Lights Camera Pants (Logo changes) Tony Hawk's Project 8 (Skater missing from background)
  45. Another one on film. A Texas creek in the neighborhood. I used to collect fossils down here.
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